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Found 5 results

  1. Hi My name is Greg from France. My girlfriend beguin to study dance at age 17. She is 20 now. To help her get better and to have a professional experience I want to offer to her a summer training in a dance school in Moscou (Russia). Because she is not a professional dancer I don't think she can enter in a great school like the Bolchoi. So I want to know if any of you know a dance school in Moscou (or in St-Petesterbourg) that accept international student for a summer training ? I really want to help her to be better in dance that's why I think this experience can create trust in her. Thank you for your help ! You are awsome !
  2. 'La Bayadère meets La Fille Mal Gardée' With Maria Alexandrova and Vladislav Lantratov, Principal Artists of the Bolshoi Ballet and Students of London Russian Ballet School 7.30pm 26th April 2019, Cadogan Hall Book Tickets Maria Alexandrova and Vladislav Lantratov in Raymonda for 'Romantic Revolution', London Palladium, September 2017 An evening of Classical Ballet with Contemporary Asides LRBS Young Lambeth Performers will perform on stage with the Bolshoi Artists. Over 130 children from Lambeth will attend the performance for free. Join us and the Principal Artists of the Bolshoi Ballet in an evening of La Bayadére, La Fille mal Gardée and contemporary asides.
  3. Hi. Wondering if anyone has experience or advice on going to see a ballet/folklore performances in Moscow? School trip next year (July) as part of GCSE History for my son and his year group (yr10), have been given the opportunity to go to the theatre one evening. None of the boys are dancers but they are used to the theatre and it does seem an excellent cultural opportunity which would be too good to be missed. I only have experience of ballets at the London Coliseum. Not even sure if July is the season for Russian ballets or more likely to be an evening of Russian Folklore dancing. Therefore would there be an issue of language? If any of this makes sense. Thank you. Ps. Yes, I am jealous and would love to go myself. 😉
  4. For those of you who have followed my daughter’s training at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy from the snippets that I’ve posted on here or from elsewhere, you might be interested to know that she has just completed her final year, state exams, after four years of very hard work. I also thought you might be interested in an insight into the Academy's approach to exams. Below is a link to video excerpts from the duet exam and there are other posts on her blog with videos and photos from the acting, character and ballet exams. https://talaleeturton.wordpress.com/2016/04/23/final-year-duet-exam-ballet-bolshoi-academy-2016/ I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Moscow for some of the exams. They are held on the Academy’s stage or in the studios infront of a 12 plus strong committee, Artistic Directors from the main Moscow-based companies and an audience of parents, students and others interested in the Academy. The exams are a celebratory event and a real opportunity for the students and the school to showcase what they can do! I felt very privileged to be there. The four years at the Academy have been a fabulous experience for my daughter – alongside the training, she has learned lots of life skills, not to mention now being fluent in Russian. She’s also learned about many other cultures and languages as a result of the international environment she’s been in and has taken great pleasure in teaching her fellow students Northern English (Yorkshire ) while she’s been there!! She officially graduates at a ceremony at the end of June and has academic exams (in Russian) and a competition between now and then but it does feel like a milestone has been reached and one that she is immensely proud of.
  5. I am thinking of holidaying there -- despite the visa hassles-- just to see the Mariinsky and Bolshoi perform in their home theatres! Has anyone here been lucky enough to do so? How is it? Is it different to seeing them perform at Covent Garden? I notice the Mariinsky tours the UK much more rarely than the Bolshoi...
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