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Found 14 results

  1. Is anyone else waiting on results from Moorland for 2022 intake ? Xx
  2. Has anyone got any experience with it? I don’t know much about it at all!
  3. I haven’t seen a thread on Moorland so I thought I’d start one. My ds has auditioned for year 7 entry and earlier this evening I received an email offering him a place. I won’t be able to accept without financial help so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the bursary audition.
  4. Hi to you all. I have to say Moorland School in Clitheroe Lancashire have a Lower and Upper School at their Moorland International Ballet Elite Programme. This is well worth putting on your audition list, it is also a very caring place to do your dance training and the teachers are so lovely and encourage each student to help them fulfil their full potential.. This is well worth putting on your audition list, I recommend it very highly xx. moorlandballet.co.uk Auditions are now running P.S Also do Associate Programmes. This School is of Fabulous and the training is of A Very High Standard.
  5. Sorry for starting a new thread but I didn’t want to post in several and am interested in hearing about all vocational schools. What are the chances of being offered a vocational school place into Year 10? If you are not successful for scholarship funding (or are ineligible) can you still be offered a place if you can pay fees?
  6. Thought I would share this on for any boys! Mr Kidd is an incredible and inspirational teacher x
  7. Hi everybody, My heart is so full it could burst I just wanted to tell you all, who have been so helpful and supportive over the 4 years I have been dancing, that on Valentine's Day I was offered a full-time place at Moorland Ballet Academy, which was my dream ballet school (although relatively unknown by many, as an associate I can testify that the teaching is AMAZING!) However, the fees are very expensive and my family just cannot afford it all Although we have been recommended for a bursary, does anybody have any ideas about fundraising or any organisations or grants that could help? My academic and dance schools have offered to help in any way they can which is amazing. But I'm sure you knowledgeable people will have suggestions! Love and best wishes (there is always hope!) S
  8. Hi, Does anyone have any thoughts / experience on full time ballet training at Moorland school, it has some mentions on this forum but they do seem to be only about summer school courses or are a few years old. I know it’s a small school but can it train to the standard as Elmhurst or Tring ? Thanks
  9. Hi all, All my ballet kit is sorted for my Moorland Associates programme from September, but also on the list it asks for Contemporary tights, Character/Spanish skirt and Character/Spanish shoes. I wondered whether any of you experienced, lovely people had any recommendations for brands, style and such like? How does sizing work? And for the shoes, is it best to have low or high heel? For ballet shoes I wear size 2, for outdoor shoes I wear 2.5 and for tap shoes I wear size 3, so what size would character shoes be? My parents would like to allow me as much growing room as possible as they cost quite a bit, but obviously buying too big would be uneconomical too. thank you in advance, Love ArucariaBallerina
  10. I thought I had decided on which summer school to do, until a kind member suggested OPES! Wow. It looks great to do up to 3 weeks of ballet! In weeks the English school system can do! So, could anybody tell me what OPES is like? RBS is my first choice of course, but I thought I had decided on Moorland. Can anybody tell me what Moorland SS is like too? I feel like I'm going to end up doing a week at Ballet West, a week Moorland and a week OPES, but I doubt my parents would agree! Thank you!
  11. Hi all, Does anybody have any information about the Moorland Ballet Elite Associates? I've heard about it, but nothing on the website. A girl at my dance goes there weekly (I never seem to catch her to talk to her though). Is it still running next year? Any reviews at all? Thanks! P.S Moorland Ballet and School has an Open Day Saturday 18th
  12. Short notice but there is an open day at Moorlands this coming Saturday: OPEN DAY SATURDAY 18th MARCH 10.00-11.00- School is opens to view 11.00-12.00- Moorland Students Ballet demonstration 12.00-13.00- Q&A with Moorland Ballet Directors 13.00-14.00- Moorland Students Ballet demonstration 14.00-15.00- Q&A with Moorland Ballet Directors Please send any enquiries to lkidd@moorlandschool.co.uk Details here: https://www.moorlandschool.co.uk/od/
  13. meggy13


    Does anyone have experience of Moorland Ballet Sixth Form?
  14. DD is currently in year 8 but would love to audition for a year 10 place at a vocational schools though my husband and I aren't to sure whether this is a good idea yet. I seem to hear lots about the top vocational ballet schools in UK on this forum and less about others so I was wondering what other vocational schools are there in the UK that take from year 7? (Ballet only please)
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