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Found 3 results

  1. So geesh, apparently I have followed enough studios that Instagram spams me with ballet posts. But here is what I just cannot believe… I see so many school posts where the entire student body has extreme hyper extension. We are talking 8 and 9 year olds whose feet are 10cm off the floor when sitting with their legs straight and extended. Same with turnout. The entire class of little ones has 180 degree turnout….and demonstrates it with absolutely no effort. I know ‘Instagram vs Reality,’ but are there really schools that are this selective? I always thought extreme hyper extension and full turnout were quite rare. And if this really is a genetic gift, it seems quite improper to highlight these children while peddling stretches that claim to deliver the same results. Ha! If I am confused, I’m never letting my little dancer on Instagram to get ballet spam. I cannot think of a quicker way to disenfranchise her love of ballet.
  2. Hi, I was very disheartened to see a picture posted on World Ballet Day by a 16+ Vocational School on Twitter, showing one of their years in a pose at the barre. Out of the 10 pupils shown, 8 have obviously sway back legs from some degree to another. I've also noticed recently that when watching ballets by many companies, I am struggling to find a female dancer without sway backs. My DD is studying full time and has a straight leg line. She works incredibly hard both in school and when she gets home, is top of her year and would love to audition for one of the top vocational schools for 16+ training, but I am worried that they just won't give her a second look because she has no hyper extension. Does anyone have any advice as to whether she has a chance in the ballet world, or whether there are any exercises we could try to give the illusion of a more sway back leg? Thank you
  3. Hi! I read a looong chat/discussion about hyperextended knees in ballet, what they are, how they affect they dancing and how to strengthen them. I think I remember it continued on to a 2nd chat because of the length. Problem is; I can't find it again.. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks xx
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