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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone! Apologies if there's been discussion about this before but I have a couple of questions about hair please! My daughter does ballet after school several times a week (our childminder who doesn't know how to do hair drops her off), and when we have time in the mornings I usually do her hair bun. Sometimes this lasts until the evening, at other times it doesn't (when for example they've had to change for P.E. at school etc). This term they'll be starting swimming at school so there will be no chance that her hair will stay neatly in a bun after taking off the swimming cap. Luckily, her ballet teacher isn't too strict with regards to hair (unless it's for shows/exams). However she does insist on having the hair up in some sort of bun for health and safety reasons if their hair is really long to avoid injury to other children when they're doing turns/pirouettes. Might anyone have any suggestions on an easy way for a 9-year-old to do their own hair up? I feel a bit embarassed about having my DD keep asking other mums to kindly keep doing her hair. Separately, I also wanted to ask what everyone uses to keep the hair nice and neat without overloading with hairgel and hairspray products when their child does ballet several times a week. I found that when I use most gels and hairsprays, it flakes and looks awful when it's time to let the hair down afterwards so I have to wash her hair each time. Also wary of using too much product with nasty chemicals. Does anyone know of a good natural hair styling product? Thanks so much in advance!! xx
  2. I have a ballet show coming up soon and I get to wear a sparkly crown, however, it weighs around 230g and I’m not entirely sure how to attach it to my head! It has 4 little metal loops underneath and was supplied with 4 bobby pins (ha!), I’m thinking of threading elastic or wires through the loops, criss-crossing in the middle to give me more to attach pins to, but I’m still not sure how to get it to stay put securely enough to withstand chaine turns, releves and a fair few pas de chat! Has anyone else had to do something similar? Any advice will be most appreciated!
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