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Found 2 results

  1. hi, so i’m a competitive dancer that dances minimum 8 hours a week. about 4 months ago, in between my third and fourth toe started to hurt. this lead to swelling on top of my foot, in the affected area and my ankle, as well as pain in the top of foot, metatarsals, big toe joint and ankle. there was no bruising, but i’ve lost a bit of mobility in my metatarsals. because of this, i went to the doctor, who sent me for an x ray (which came back fine) and referred me to physiotherapy for extensor tendinitis. after twice a week for 8 weeks, physiotherapy didn’t do anything except make it worse. over christmas break, i took 3 weeks off, which didn’t help much. it still hurt when walking and was constantly sore and throbbing. my doctor then sent me for a bone scan (was which also came back fine) and referred me to a sports medicine clinic. the clinic hasn’t responded and it’s been almost a month. i recently went to a podiatrist who told me he didn’t really know what it was and “to rest if i felt i needed it”. are there any ideas as to what this could be? or how i can deal with it? our first competition is in a month. thanks, sarah
  2. Hello. My DD (13) who is a full time ballet student, is facing a bone marrow edema (a step before stress fracture) for the second time in 2 years' time. The injury is on the most common part, the 2nd metatars of the foot. She has not gone through puberty, and she is growing fast. She has a thin body and her bones are definitely more thinner compared to her peers. She definitely has a very good diet, does not lack calcium. Only D vitamin is low. And we are supporting this. We have seen doctors, gone through physiotherapy last time after the treatment weeks (off from ballet) but we are keen to understand why this happens this often to her. She has recently achieved an audition abroad, she is an aspiring student but these pull-backs affect her emotions and her performance as well. Any similar experiences, how you have gone through this, and any specific reasons why some face it more than others? Thank you
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