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  1. Hi, anyone know of any routes to try source accommodation for a 15 year old DD to enable attendance at ENBS Spring course - & possibly other things over next year too. Ideally to stay with another attendee so travelling to course with another/others. I cannot be there due to work commitments. As course is non residential I am trying all routes to make it possible.... have exhausted friends & family so am now asking the lovely Forum Family to see if anyone out there has the solution as am sure this is a common issue? Mobe thought I had was contributing to the AirBnB or similar cost of another dancing family booking accommodation or a commuting distance attendee whose family may have a spare room they would be happy to rent in bed & board basis? Hope it’s ok to explore this here... Thank you
  2. Hi, My son is due to start ENBS in Sept. We have looked at various places to stay but all prove very costly. Do LYH accept students under 18 years of age ? If anyone has any information on hall, hostels etc id love to hear from you.
  3. Hi, I’m writing as my last hope to see if anyone has experienced being accepted into the final of a school (this occasion ENBS) and haven’t received an email back with an answer (even though refusals and acceptances have been given?) If not, does anyone have any idea what to do? (I have emailed and the response is it has been under review but that has been for one month now)
  4. Hello, My DS was offered a place at ENBS, he has 17 and we are looking for a place to live in London, or a student with a similar profile to share a room (from september). We are living in Toulouse, France. Any idea, or suggestion? I only sent a mail to the Holland house http://lhalondon.com/holland-house/ for the moment. How can we contact the new students in ENBS, they should have the same problem? thanks
  5. Hello, My DD was accepted and is considering attending this program this fall and we are wondering if anyone has any feedback.... We are from the U.S. and we are not sure if the program is established enough to warrant her going there. Any help will be greatly appreciated it. Does anyone know if ENB will move this Fall or if the classes will take place in the old location... By the way my DD is 17 but will turn 18 by August.
  6. Wondering if anyone could answer a few questions about The English National Ballet School? My dd, who is currently in year 11 at a vocational ballet school, has recently been given an offer for the 3 year course at ENBS. We were delighted at the offer and we're now in the lucky position of deciding between a few 6th form options. These are a few of the questions we have about ENBS....we have read through their website from top to bottom but were still in the dark about a few things... We'll phone the school and ask them too in due course, but it would be wonderful to hear from anyone with first hand experience of the school. What kind of hostel arrangements are there for first year students? Do the students feel safe walking to the school and walking about in the area near the school? Is there a canteen at the school? Do/can students opt to take A levels somehow/somewhere else because the school itself doesn't offer them? Is there any information about the postponed move to London Island where the ENB company is? Is the school still going to move there, and if so when? Are there just 2 studios in the school building? Do students find this restricting in any way? How would current students describe their time there - friendliness, quality of care, quality of teaching, pros and cons etc. etc We also have a few questions about the DaDA - does it just cover the tuition? - is there any funding available for living costs? Any answers to the above would be most welcome! Thank you!
  7. Please ask questions about Upper School/6th Form auditions in this thread. Do also make use of the "search" facility (top right of the forum pages) in case your question has been asked before. :-) I apologise for not tagging all Upper Schools but tags are limited in number. If anyone has questions or info about auditions at schools not listed, please do post anyway. Thanks, Spanner
  8. I'm going to stay at QAH this coming year, and I wonder if any of you have any experiences with it? Thank you
  9. Hallo everyone, can you give me an opinion about ENBS? What is the differences between RBS? I saw the live streaming for the ENBS anniversary and i have to say that they seems very good the students there. I have a friend that she was accepted last year that was very skinny, but now after 1 year she seems more curvy...do you think that the their training is so strong that you will have more muscles legs like a gymnast? I heard that the students are very happy, and they work a lot...how many places normally they give to students to go to the company? What is it the youth company? are they the best students from the school? or is just a separate group related more with the company? My daughter she applied and we did the final examination on saturday.....and we are waiting for the results... thanks for your help!!
  10. Hi, can anyone offer advice about options for obtaining funding /part funding towards fees/accomodation ) for full time ballet school vocational training in London. Information about applying for student loans also. Thanks.
  11. Looking at this & rather confused....maybe I have missed something Am I right that for selection process you can choose to either send in an audition video or attend alive audition? For latter it states that you must write preferred date/venue on application form & refers you to audition page on website for dates. These dates seem surely to relate just to entry for Full Time Training? Or are these for Summer School also? From people's past experience, by roughly what time do people hear if they have been selected for SS? I imagine it to be a case of the sooner accommodation is booked, the cheaper it is..... And are there are scholarships/funding routes at all? Ever hopeful
  12. Does anyone know the costs of attending the Royal Ballet Upper School or the English National Ballet School please? Tuition and accommodation? Are there grants/loans available to help pay?
  13. Can anyone help tell me more about Hammond upper school? I’ve seen lots of posts about it and read the website but would love some more informal feedback. I’ve found this forum to be a treasure trove of lovely people and useful supporting information, so thank you to everyone who posts! I am doing research on upper schools. Happy to share whatever I learn about dates and so forth.
  14. Hi, i was wondering if anyone knows anything on ballet upper school open days, as I could only find information for royal and tring?
  15. hi, I'm currently 15 years old (year 10) and i'm starting to look at vocational ballet/dance schools to apply for when i'm 16. (Upper schools/6th Forms.) I'm a serious dancer, and i particularly love ballet, although do modern/jazz too. I train more or less daily alongside gym/pilates. I currently do festivals as-well and my mum coaches me for my solos (she's an ex dancer) I don't currently take any grades, but in class we've worked through the RAD advanced 2 syllabus and one of my teachers has suggested me taking the exam, so i'm around that level right now?? Anyway, I just wanted to know any info about dance schools... such as auditions, the standard, what it's like, personal experiences and also any way i can improve my training in advance for full-time training! Thank you!
  16. Hi, Has anybody heard back from ENBS re: Spring Intensive yet? Just wondering when they will send notifications out and if by post/email...or even if you get to hear anything if it’s a No? Applied for DD so fingers crossed. thanks😊
  17. Hello my name is Sabrina I need a room with cooking facilities from 15 to 28 July during ENB summer school. Can you help me?
  18. Hi, I am doing a summer course at ENBS this summer during the period 15-27 July. Looking for a roommate, ideally another student in the ENBS summer program. BR, Mathilda (age 16)
  19. Hi everyone, This summer (July 16-July 27) I’ll go to ENB summer course, there is someone that will take part to the summer course who’s looking for a flat to share in the school area?
  20. Hello, Are there anybodies who are doing the summer course to the ENBS on July?
  21. Hi all, Hoping someone can help. Does anyone know the times for the workshop on the 23rd October? Can't find any details. Trying to work out day trip or overnight stay for an early start. Thank you
  22. Hi need some advice dd keen to audition for central & Elmhurst, feeling concerned that if offered a place how do they cope at 16 with cooking, cleaning etc as well as studies? Seems very young & surely at that age would need house parents for guidance, does anyone have dc at these schools? Thanks 🤔
  23. Results are in from Saturday's auditions. Heard of a DD with a yes for finals.
  24. I auditioned for this and was wondering if anyone also did. I went to this Summer intensive 3 years ago and it was great. Hoping someone can tell me when they recieve their replies and if they are going ( possibly we can meet up). I looked for a topic on this but couldn't find one, so I just created one.
  25. Hi, can anyone tell me whether we receive letters from the ENBS pre-lim auditions if it's a no? my dd auditioned on the 23rd Jan and we haven't heard a thing so am presuming its a no?
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