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Found 10 results

  1. *Grishko 1001 in Coffee xs/36 *Mirella red tank size P, + detailed back *Capezio lilac size S + matching wrap skirt set * Lulli burgundy boat neck size S All £10 each inc postage Please let me know if you'd like photos and I'll email xx
  2. Bloch limited edition black cap-sleeved skirted leotard (It has a starry pattern on the front ruching) Age 9-10 £5 Brand new Dansez navy tank leotard (style 1403) (high cut leg and front gather, it is also the Moorland Associate leotard) Age 9-10 £8 Brand new Mirella sky blue camisole leotard with side pleats (style M242C) Age 14 £8 Tappers & Pointers black jazz crop top and leggings set size 2 £5 Bloch 'zenith' flat ballet shoes (worn for one class only) Pink, width C, size 3 £5 Brand new Bloch 'pump' flat ballet shoes Pink, width B, size 3.5 £7 Brand new Paperchase 'ballet dancer' double pocket pencil case £2 Pictures are available on request x
  3. Dd was very nervous about starting a new class earlier this week, and it turns out that she feels the odd one out turning up in her standard home clothes (usually a long sleeved dress, as it's easy to take off and she can wear tights and leotard underneath). Apparently all (I'm taking 'all' with a pinch of salt) of the other girls have Sansha dancewear. She does have the Bloch booties but rarely has a chance to wear them as we walk almost everywhere and they're not suitable for walking outdoors. I think the girls who turn up in those must come by car (and have some parents with miracle parking skills, or else a high tolerance for paying parking tickets!). Can anyone suggest one or two pieces of clothing which I could get her to make her fit in a bit better? It can't be anything tight on the legs as she hates the feeling of leggings over ballet tights. I've asked her to have a look and suggest some things, but she seems overwhelmed, other than saying that the brand is important.
  4. Hi all! So I am hoping to get some stuff from the Sansha sale and I'm not sure what sizes to get. I am planning on getting one of their Gaby warmup all-in-ones and some leos. I am a size 6 or 8 normally in clothes but also very tall at 5'10" ish - any advice as to which size would be best for me to order? Thanks! If anyone else has any Sansha size question please use this thread to ask each other as I don't think there is a thread currently on it.
  5. Hi, I am looking for size 18 performance ballet wear. I can see loads of sites in the US that cater for larger sizes, but very few in the UK. Does anyone know of a good source in the uk please?
  6. Hi Can anyone suggest photographers who are experienced in dance photography. We want one who will take great shots in their own studio for a couple of hours, and give us all the digital prints - not these where you pay £?? per photo. We wouldn't want any physical prints Ideally located in the Yorkshire or north of the UK - for use on social media, and our website Angel Dancewear Thanks
  7. Hiya, for my current fashion project i'm looking into how different brands promote and sell lingerie, my chosen brand is Capezio and I decided that Bloch is the biggest competitor. If anyone has any thoughts on the two and how Capezio could improve its lingerie section, your thoughts would be greatly appreciated Secondly, I'm wondering if anyone has any Capezio or Bloch packaging/carrier bags that they could photograph and send to me? I know Bloch used to do those massive canvas bags and I'm wondering if they still do? And I don't think I've ever bought anything from Capezio other than shoes that just come in a box, so I'd like to see what their bags and packaging are like too so I can consider this in my designs too. Thanks in advance!
  8. Dancewear brand Capezio is inviting dance lovers to come down to their Endell Street store this Saturday between 1-3pm for a special event called Dancing Windows. Grab a leaflet from one of the dancers roaming the Covent Garden piazza for 10% discount on items in store and head to Endell Street for the opportunity to see some of the world’s best youth dance talent in action, as live dancing window mannequins! Students from the BRIT School and the Susan Robinson School of Ballet will be taking to the windows to show off their moves ahead of their performances at Dance Proms 2015 at the Royal Albert Hall on Sunday. Capezio are headline sponsor of the event for the second year running. Dancing Windows will be hosted at Capezio, 33 Endell Street between 1-3pm on Saturday 14th November.
  9. Hiya, if you've ever purchased anything from Capezio, can you please fill out this survey for my fashion research? It is anonymous and should only take about 5 minutes, thank you! http://freeonlinesurveys.com/s/3bpffTlm
  10. Just letting off a little steam after I had the most insulting experience in class last night. I recently sent one of my teen improvers for her first pointe shoe fitting at Planet Dance in Batley and she got a lovely pair of shoes and has made a great start on her pointe work. Having natural banana feet, she killed the shoes fairly quickly, so I sent her to the local dance shop to order a new pair and didn't think any more of it. So imagine my fury when she turned up to class last night with no shoes, telling me that they had refused to sell her any. Not only that, but the owner of the shop informed her that I am a 'bad teacher', because I have put her up on pointe too early and that she is not strong enough for pointe, because she hasn't been doing ballet for long enough. I can honestly say I have never been so mortified in my life! Now I'm left questioning myself about whether I have done the right thing? The child in question is the last in her class to go en pointe, because she was a late starter and has only done ballet for just over a year. However she is 15 years old, nearly 16, and is physically strong and well developed for her age. She has taken to ballet well and already has excellent core and leg strength and is solid on all the basics of technique. I've also taken the time to improve her ankle and foot strength before approaching pointe work, hence her being the last in the class to go up. I made the decision to allow her to start pointe, because I considered that on balance, her age and physical development, paired with her technical standard, meant it was not necessary for her to do a prolonged period of pre-pointe training. I also understand that bone ossification in the feet is usually complete between the ages of 14-16yrs, so it's not the same as working with a 10/11 year old with under-developed feet. Until now, nothing she has demonstrated in class has convinced me otherwise and I thought she was progressing well, but this little episode has shaken my confidence. Have any other teachers experienced a dance shop refusing to sell pointe shoes? I do know that the owner's wife has her own dance school in town, so a part of me wonders if there is an ulterior motive to his actions. I have always considered myself to be a thorough and 'safe' technical teacher and I'm just looking for a little reassurance I suppose. Thanks for reading, comments welcome.
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