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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I'm just looking for some advice. My daughter almost 11 has expressed an interest in becoming a dance teacher. She isn't quite sure what she would like to teach yet but we want to help her in any way possible. She's been dancing since 6 initially just ballet & tap and now takes classes in modern, acro, contemporary & street (although she doesn't really enjoy street so is thinking of giving this class up). A couple of the girls she knows at dance have applied and successfully got into various associates and I'm just starting to see how the costs can increase and wonder how much it will cost if this is the career path she really does want. If in a couple of years she still wants to be a dance teacher do we need to look at her doing different types of training ie associates and is one associate per year enough? Also one of the older girls applied to CATS a couple of years ago, should we consider something like this? Or would additional lessons all year round and one off workshops be better. Thanks in advance.
  2. Not sure if this is the right place to ask so apologies if it isn't. My dd is interested in 'behind the scenes' jobs in dance. How can she find out more about opportunities available? I know the Royal Opera House does apprenticeship schemes, does anyone have any experience of these? She is currently Year 12 and would like to start working at 18 rather than go down the university route. She's got a strong dance background plus she's good at English and is quite creative. I've suggested maybe a marketing job for a dance company. Any advice please? Many thanks.
  3. What to do after graduating ballet school? Which are the options besides to audition in a ballet company?
  4. I'm researching my options for next year and am struggling to find anything that I am really passionate about other than dance, so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of careers in the dance world (preferably ballet!) that don't require lots of dance experience? I haven't been dancing all that long, 2 years for grade 4 modern then 2 1/2 years of ballet where I could have taken my grade 6 at the end of this term. I know teaching requires at least intermediate which I am about to start but I am unsure of my skill as both a dancer or teacher. I would love to find something related to dance as I am dedicated (perhaps too much so) and would prefer it to studying politics at university!
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