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Found 3 results

  1. My daughter is currently at vocational school and has bunions. She has physio and rehab to help and wears a specially fitted toe spacer. She has tried numerous brands of pointe shoes (Grisham, Russian pointe, Bloch) but to date has not quite found the right ones to make her bunion feel comfortable and give her the confidence to do her pointe work. Does anyone have any recommendations as to a particular brand that may be good for her to try. We are going to Freed on Wednesday and will also have a look at Dancia as they stock many different brands but any advice would be appreciated. thank you
  2. Guest

    Painful bunions

    Does anybody else get bunions that hurt. Mine don't bother me when I'm dancing it's only when I'm not that they begin to hurt, especially when I'm in school. Does anybody have any suggestions of what I could do?
  3. Hi all, I'm a ballet teacher and literally in the last couple of weeks have discovered my left foot has a bunion. I believe this is a combination of some poor dance teaching I received when younger, as well as the fact that my left foot is bigger than my right so I (foolishly) jammed it into a shoe too small for it because my right foot fit it fine. My question is, how is this going to affect my teaching? I'm worried if I can't demonstrate properly, I won't be as successful as dance teacher as I would like. Is it going to get so bad I can't dance at all? Will I not be able to teach? Should I not go on pointe anymore? What can I do to prevent it getting worse? I have read that bunions are specific to a foot type and as such are prone to them regardless of what you do. Also that it's not "if" they get worse, but when. It's not bad enough for my GP to want to do anything about and I can't afford a dance physio. Any advice would be so gratefully received! I am worried!
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