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Found 12 results

  1. I felt the company was a lot stronger in the Ashton works than in Balanchine's, but I suppose that's to be expected? There is definitely some young talent to keep an eye on, though! Here's my review of Program 2.
  2. Perm Opera Ballet have an stream of their performance of Balanchine's Serenade and Ballet Imperial
  3. Greetings! Long time lurker who has finally decided to contribute due to the fact have recently moved to Stuttgart and so finally have a chance to see ballet on a fairly regular basis. Last weekend I went to the “Shades of White” programme at Stuttgart ballet and thought some of you might be interested in my (completely novice) view of it. The programme consisted of Concert for Flute and Harp, choreographed my Cranko, music by Mozart The Kingdom of the Shades from La Bayadere (Markova version) Symphony in C (of course by Balanchine) I thought it
  4. A writer for The Traveling Ballerina was in Fort Lauderdale last weekend, so decided to see MCB's A Midsummer Night's Dream; she also reviewed the performance. Personally, I absolutely adore the original Balanchine version so probably would have a difficult time accepting this one.
  5. I had the fortune of being in New York to see two of NYCB's programs and I wrote reviews on both of them - Jewels and All Balanchine. I would love to hear your opinions, especially about Symphony in C because it's a ballet that I wanted to like but just didn't. Do I give it another chance?
  6. New York City Center, as part of its 75th anniversary, has announced a series of events throughout the coming year. I noticed from October 31 until November 4 a series of performances dedicated to Balanchine - the City Center Years (City Ballet were resident at City Center for 15 or 16 years before moving to State and Balanchine created many works for the company on that stage). There are several participating companies listed including the Royal Ballet (others include, as well as NYCB, Paris, Joffrey, Miami and the Mariinsky). As the Royal are due to be performing Mayerling and Ba
  7. So I have been invited to dance a solo at my schools presentation evening, and wanted to do the Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux girl variation which I learned at Easter school (I have no Balanchine training, but I do love it!) the only problem is, the only music I can find to download is either extremely fast (47 seconds) or painfully slow (59 seconds). Which would be better? Also, is it a good idea to perform en Pointe? The only thing I would have to adapt if en Pointe would be the 'lame ducks' (posé turns en dehors)... I'm not confident with them being doubles if en Pointe. It is in the
  8. Paris Opera Ballet and The Bolshoi are to collaborate with New York City Ballet in 5 performances next summer, 20-23 July 2017, to celebrate 50 years of Balanchine's trilogy Jewels. POB will dance Emeralds, NYCB Rubies and the Bolshoi Diamonds. Later in the run NYCB and the Bolshoi will swap. Each company will use it's own costumes, so Lacroix for POB, Karinska for NYCB and Zaitseva for The Bolshoi. Should be a fantastic treat to see this!! http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/30/arts/dance/celebrating-balanchines-jewels-with-an-international-flair.html?smid=tw-nytimesarts&smtyp=cur
  9. The Balanchine Foundation has established its own YouTube channel. The contents look very interesting. Lots of interviews but also coaching sessions. When you see the short section of Violet Verdy coaching a section of a pas de deux from Emeralds you may get an idea of what has been missing in some of the performances that we have seen at Covent Garden. All in all it looks fascinating.
  10. While watching "The Four Temperaments" last night, it struck me once again just how few of Balanchine's works have made it to DVD. Sure, a few of his full-length works are available - Midsummer Night's Dream, Nutcracker and Diamonds spring to mind - but as regards his shorter works, it's very few. The main output is those TV recordings from, I think, the 1970s (or possibly 80s?), but there's no Serenade, no Apollo that I'm aware of ... It surely can't be down to lack of demand. Is the Balanchine Trust resistant to producing DVDs, perhaps, or NYCB?
  11. Just time before I go out to set up a new thread for the run of Jewels starting this evening. Please post your thoughts here.
  12. Picking up on Alastair Macaulay's comments about the Royal Ballet's recent performances of Apollo the other day, in which he states that "Like every Royal Ballet “Apollo” I’ve seen since 1976, it’s musically slow and dynamically sluggish." and calls the performance a "reverential ritual" (http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/25/arts/dance/wheeldon-ratmansky-and-balanchine-at-the-royal-ballet.html?_r=1&), I was wondering how other companies dance it, particularly, of course, NYCB? Is anyone able to compare? Unfortunately, I don't think there's a DVD of the ballet available.
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