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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Everyone! Are there any other adult beginners on here? I’ve been going to ballet class once a week since September having never danced before in my life and am really enjoying it. Just wondering how long it takes to get any good? I’ve got better at the barre work my teacher has been doing in class but I’m still embarrassingly bad, especially when it comes to centre practice. I’m much worse than all the other ladies in the class who have returned to ballet having danced as when they were younger and I’m getting fed up of being the worst one. We are doing rad intermediate syllabus. My teacher is trying her best god bless her, she’s really taking time to explain things but there’s so much to remember and I keep mucking it up. I practice with you tube videos a few times a week in between classes but progress seems so slow. Feeling like I need some moral support or maybe just a stern talking to telling me to stop being such a whiny baby and practice more 😂 Sometimes I actually feel bad for being in the class with all these better dancers, but I’m too stubborn to quit, besides I actually love going to the class despite how rubbish I am 😂. I am really trying to improve as I don’t want to let the rest of the ladies in the class and my teacher down but I’m still sooo bad 😂 Has anyone else on here felt similar as an adult absolute beginner?
  2. My name is Laëtitia Lo Sardo and I am delighted to offer this Body Conditioning/Pilates class on Zoom. Every Monday 10am - 11am on Zoom. I am a former First Soloist with Birmingham Royal Ballet and a qualified ballet teacher with Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), and Pilates has been a part of my daily routine for over 22 years - since I had my first injury as a professional ballet dancer. The class combines Pilates and strengthening exercises that I have learned, executed and taught through my 17 year dance career and 22 years Dance teaching career. The class is open to anyone who wishes to maintain and strengthen their overall body, core and flexibility. No previous experience needed. There is flexibility for everyone to work at their own pace within their own abilities. For those taking ballet classes, this class is particularly beneficial to develop and strengthen your core, balance, turnout, posture, gluts, general strength for Demi pointe and pointe work and to improve your power in allegro. If you can’t make it, recordings of live sessions are also available. Classes are on a drop-in basis so you can join us whenever you can/wish. Your 1st trial class is FREE, so come and have a go! For more details, contact me on: Email: lklosardo@hotmail.com Insta: laetitialosardo www.laetitialosardoballet.com
  3. I've always wanted to do ballet ever since I was young but im really shy and struggle with social anxiety and overall just have low confidence in myself , I rather blend in with the crowd. I'm 15 around 5'3 and I'm 43kg (not the healthiest weight) I work out at home but really don't have any muscle or anything it's just to tone my body I guess. I was wondering would i be able to start ballet , also some words of encouragement from people who also suffer from social anxiety and low confidence on how they managed to start maybe? Thank you!
  4. Hello, a very late starter here, not even an adult 'returner', and about to turn 48, but I am coming at this from having spent many years as a keen adult recreational ice dancer albeit that was more ballroom-on-ice I suppose ... and the secret about ice skating is you just kinda stand there half the time whilst the ice moves underneath you, but don't tell anyone. Have attended four different adult classes - albeit sadly very briefly for one reason or another, mostly just either life getting in the way or the class being above my beginner level - in Peterborough/Cambridge/York but though one or two of those classes I would be half-interested in returning to, I feel what I'm truly looking for has yet to be found despite hours if not even months trawling the internet. It seems to me classes all follow the same format of exercises at the barre, then a move to the centre of the floor where little routines are done, and then off you all go home till the following week. The barre exercises I quite like, but the floor elements are just plain depressingly frustrating because they're so intricate and fast like a magician's slight of hand so, unless you somehow just instictively already know how to do it all, you're just left feeling like you're wasting your time and there's no point carrying on. Like you're left behind, it all started without you and nobody is going to tell you where you need go to learn what you need as a prerequisite for the class you're currently in. What I'm still hoping to find, to the point that it's elusiveness is making it an obsession to prove it must must surely be out there somewhere (and on top of that be within a 30 minute drive on a Monday or Wednesday daytime ...!!) is a class where there is some kind of structured tuition/course/programme to really focus on the basics and where all the centre floor routines are completely off the menu for some months or even a year or two until all the names and mechanics and the stretches and the stamina and everything of the 'ingredients' are second nature and done to a reasonable standard and you THEN have something to build up from. Any ideas please? In the unlikely event somone knows of something in the York / Leeds / Harrogate areas so much the better! Are there male ballet teachers, out of interest? Not fussed either way, but so much is of course women orientated it might be handy to know things from a male dancer's perspective.
  5. Hello. This is is my first post so not sure if I’m doing it right but here goes.... I am a mature adult taking my RAD Grade 5 exam very soon. I am worried about my facial expressions! I am used to performing on stage and also competing at another discipline, however, I asked my teacher if I am allowed to smile during the exam and she said yes but not a full smile or over the top. Can anyone tell me what I should do. Am I allowed to smile with teeth showing or reign it in to more of a grin? It’s stressing me out as I don’t want to look miserable or worried but also don’t want to overdo things, I absolutely love dancing and could smile all the way through but not if it’s going to cost me marks. This is my first exam since I was little so I am really nervous but also so passionate, I really want to do my best. Sorry it this is a stupid question! But thank you in advance for any advice best wishes Farli.
  6. For those who may be interested, Danceworks are once again running an Improvers Ballet Course for adults taught by Dmitri Gruzdev, who has formerly played leading roles in the English National Ballet and partaken in several touring works during his extensive dance career. The course is aimed at those who have attended ballet classes in the past, such as beginner or other improvers classes, and are looking to improve their level towards intermediate. Students may have attended ballet classes, a beginners course or another improvers course in the past. Each class will consist of barre and centre work, improving placement and posture, building up strength and flexibility and learning new steps. The course will run from 21st August - 9th October 2018, every Tuesday from 18:30-20:00. Minimum age is 18, open to both men and women. For more information on the course, Dmitri or to book, click here. For more on all things ballet and dance on our general website, click here. Thank you for reading, have a lovely day!
  7. Hi, I am new here but I have been doing ballet as an adult for more than 10 years on and off. I am just wondering if there are any intermediate semi-private ballet class in Birmingham I can join? Or anyone around Birmingham would like to share a two hours private ballet class with me? Being able to share would make the class much more affordable while still benefiting from individual attention!! I would really want to get much better but feel i am getting loss in large group classes. anyone interested, please PM me
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