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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I wonder if anyone could answer a few questions for me please. I have searched the old threads but haven’t found what I was looking for. My dd is interested in auditioning for the dance course and is currently in year 11. She is pretty academic and we want her to do 3 A levels alongside- is this actually doable? I find it hard to comprehend how you can give 100 % to either area, there are only so many hours in one day. We live within driving distance but it would be complicated to get her there. Do you think boarders settle in more than day girls, would they feel excluded? If you are a boarder are you able to come out during the week to attend other classes elsewhere as long as you are back at a certain time? Are there lots of new starters in the 6th form or do the majority come up from the lower school. From the website it says the audition dates should be published in September but I can’t seem to find them. Lastly I have looked at the funding information. Am I correct in thinking that Tring can offer a 10% scholarship plus a further bursary which is no longer means tested if your income is over £90k. Sorry for all the questions. Thanks
  2. Hello I am writing to introduce you to Kings International Ballet Academy. Located in Leicestershire, It is a purposefully small academy of Classical Ballet, limiting numbers to 16 in each year so that each student receives individual attention - we follow the Russian method of training. We are able to offer a levels/ academic qualifications as an optional extra , plus a teaching diploma , as well as a comprehensive student enrichment programme providing the student with vital performance , choreographing and teaching experience plus we offer student exchanges to New York, Cuba, Switzerland and many other destinations . We have a very different approach to the training of our Classical Dancers and we have the support of International Ballet masters and mistresses who visit the Academy at least once a term during years 1 and 2 and whom are resident with the students during their important graduation year. Thus enabling our students to build a working rapport with these influential people prior to auditions. It also enables our students to begin their career as Performers not as students. It bridges the gap between training and being a professional working dancer. We are currently auditioning in Portugal but we do have dates left in Wales, Switzerland, Ireland, Malta and Birmingham . We have purposefully kept our fees very low to enable students to access our training and we located the academy in Lecestershire because of its amazing quick links to London but also provides excellent access into Europe and the accommodation is so much more affordable than in London . Have a look on our website and don’t hesitate to telephone if you have any queries. kings International Ballet academy
  3. My dd is currently in Year 10 and is thinking of auditioning for full time training at 16. I am a bit clueless about the various schools and the process and hope to get some advice on here from you knowledgeable people! Ok so firstly when should she start looking at schools and when are the auditions? Do the schools have open days? She has done ballet since the age of 3 but has also added in modern, tap and jazz in recent years and enjoys these as much so she would like a school which teaches dance other than ballet. She is thinking of Ballet Theatre UK and Northern Ballet but I have no idea about these schools and what they offer. Where else should she look? Do schools offer A levels alongside dance training? What is the quality of education like? She's a bright girl currently in at an academic school and I would like her to get some A levels too. How competitive is the process at this stage and is there anything special she should be doing now to prepare? And finally if it doesn't work out and she doesn't get in anywhere, are there opportunities for full time training post 18? And would Dance A Level be useful?
  4. We are starting to think now about what dd wants to do in two years time. After our visit to Move It it dd is a bit clearer in her mind & several of the musical theatre colleges she is drawn towards take students at 18 though there are a few that take at 16. She is however quite set on taking A levels in particular science (she does not want to do Btec) The list of places we know about are Tring, Hammond, Abbots Bromley, Arts Ed (but only maths no science) Are there any other that we arnt aware of. Alternatively any schools close to local dance schools offering advanced classes in sufficient quality/quantity who would be sympathetic to the workload?
  5. Just wondered if any of you have experience of on line A levels. My DD is starting at vocational school in September. She would like to try and continue with A levels on line possibly only one as we are aware of how demanding she will find full time dance school. Have any of your DC had success with this. If so any recommendations of providers etc. and is the support offered good enough? i would be interested in your experiences. DD is interested in taking biology which at least relates to what she will be studying at vocational school.
  6. Do studnts have to take A levels alongside their dance studies if lucky enough to gain a place in the sixth form at Elmhurst?
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm writing with the latest news from AEDA. AEDA launched in September 2013, the school is based in the heart of the UK in Nottingham's Creative Quarter and housed in privately owned, purpose built and beautifully refurbished facilities. September 2014 saw our first intake of full-time vocational students to our ‘Performing Arts Professional Programme’. Alongside our talented cohort we have also made new appointments to our teaching faculty, including; Bolshoi Ballet Maestro Gabor Menich, Allison DeBona and Rex Tilton from US based company Ballet West and Jon Orton previous vocal coach at Stage Door Manor (and tutor to Lea Michelle). The school aims to set a new national standard for the delivery of vocational training, taking into account all elements of health and wellness, whilst in pursuit of professional technical excellence. Full-time students choose to embark on bespoke training in either Classical Dance or Musical Theatre and are supported by an incredible teaching faculty. A Level subjects and other options for 'Post 16' education can be combined with either course. Student numbers are limited and each student is offered an individually designed schedule. The school also operates; Easter and Summer Intensives, Private Tuition Programmes and a 'Pre-Professional Programme' - entry by audition only. Scholarships and bursaries are available and auditions for entry in September 2015 are now open. If anyone has any questions about AEDA or would like to arrange a visit to meet with us, please let me know. Kind regards, Carmen
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