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Found 4 results

  1. Hi - does anyone know if dancers can audition for upper schools such as Tring and Elmhurst at 17 - one year after GCSE or have they missed their chance if they don’t go immediately after GCSE?
  2. Hello everyone! I was wondering if anybody could help me with a few worries that I have about dancing and I know they aren’t the biggest problems in the world but I’ve been struggling with overcoming them recently. While at summer school, I developed shin splints which has meant that since I’ve been back at ballet I haven’t been jumping. My physio is currently easing me back into jumping but I’m so scared to try because I don’t want to feel the pain that I felt when I kept on pushing through the pain at summer school! Does anyone have any ideas on how to overcome this fear? Also, I am auditioning for upper schools this year and while I don’t expect any places one can try! However, I’m only in RAD Intermediate (with 1 ISTD Advanced 1 class a week) and I really lack confidence in auditions (and an invitational class at my studio) because of it. I was supposed to take my exam in a few weeks but even though my shins are nearly fully recovered, it obviously wouldn’t be a good idea! Does anyone have an experience with overcoming self-confidence doubts and expressing their love for ballet in auditions? I’m sorry this is so long but I knew that everyone here has lots of experience and the help I’ve received in the past has been wonderful. Thank you in advance! 😊 BalletBear x
  3. Central School of Ballet first and second year leotards for sale in good condition. Please message me for further details! 😊
  4. Hi there,have had a quick search and getting more confused! Can somebody tell me what opportunities there are for DC at aged 16? Looking for ballet really plus perhaps contemporary. Plus do they have GCSE entry requirements? When is the best time to audition please? Like I say,I have searched and looked on websites but I am getting confused between diplomas and three year courses and whether they are to start at 16 or 18. Thanks.
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