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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, feeling quite new to all of this. One of my daughters took the CBA audition for age 8-10 on the 23rd of October. They mentioned at the audition they'd aim to have results with us within the week. It will be two weeks on Sunday. Is there anyone who has heard results from this audition? Thanks!
  2. Hi, My daughter has recently auditioned for both these associate programmes. We've just heard that she was successful in her BBO Scholars audition and are still waiting to hear from Tring. If she is lucky enough to be offered both, she will have to choose as the lessons clash. Does anyone have experience of either? Or both? Which would you choose? We'd be grateful for any insights and/or advice. Thank you
  3. Anyone who has registered for Tring Park’s Classical Ballet Academy Audition this November - please can you advise if you received any confirmation upon registering or have had any communication about the audition from them? All I received was a third party payment email receipt but have had nothing else. Have tried emailing them with no joy. Thank you
  4. Is anyone else auditioning on 7th March for TPA? My 13 year old dd is very keen but I wanted to find out how competitive it is to get a place. My oldest dd was at TPA for several years and had a great time and found the training to be top notch. Little dd is probably less able than her older sister (generally gets Merits for dance exams) and I want to manage her expectations.
  5. We seem to have RBS, Elmhurst and Hammond audition threads going but no Tring. Does any one know when the preliminary results will come out?
  6. Hi, just wondered if anyone has attended the Tring one day intensives for junior classical ballet? Are they beneficial, what should we expect ? My daughter is 10, going up to idta grade 4 soon. thanks X
  7. Hi all Was hoping I could gain some knowledge in the world of Associates. DD attended Move It last weekend and was scouted for a free audition for LSC Associates. She’s very keen on the training there however but it’s over an hour to get there. We live much nearer Tring Park so we’re also considering auditioning for Associates there? DD also thoroughly enjoys Tring’s holiday courses. If anyone has experience with either programmes it would be great if you can share. Also I believe TPA is after school and on a Saturday - should she get in can she just go on the Saturday or is it firmly encouraged to go during the week as well? Thanks!
  8. Hi everyone My DD attends normal school at the moment and takes dance after school - she’s year 10 at the moment. She’s very keen to attend a vocational school for sixth form - but me and DH have agreed that A Levels still have happen! We’ve all agreed that Tring Park is probably the best option (although we’re open to others) and I was hoping people could share their experiences of life at tring, specifically the environment and the 6th form dance course. Thanks!
  9. This appears to be new and will, I imagine, be of interest: http://www.thestage.co.uk/news/2013/04/ballet-theatre-uk-and-tring-park-school-set-up-joint-touring-company/ It looks like quite a bold venture in its planned associations, so here's hoping it does well.
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