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Found 1 result

  1. For the last few days or so, I have been feeling really not-myself. To start with, I have a really horrible cold which keeps me up at night by the box of tissues, and cannot speak at all. Ever since I have caught it, everything at all physical I do (even walking up the street!) results in me breaking out into a nasty hot sheen of sweat... And I don't usually sweat at all (unless in ballet class!) I suppose the extremes of 27 degree sunshine at sports day to the flash floods and Terrential freezing rain this week haven't helped. Anyway, it doesn't seem to get better I usually do about 2.5 hours of ballet practice at home on days I don't do class, but also recently my big right toe has become throbbing with pain(from the ball of the foot to the nail)... It started excruciating but on,y when flexed, but not it is a dull ache constantly. I have festivals this weekend and really wanted to get loads of hard practice done, but I have started to lose my concentration and just stand there in another world. I'm also scared because at pointe class yesterday my ankles felt exceedingly wobbly... Maybe that is just my pointe shoes dying though... They are very old.. there has also been lots of not very nice drama at school and home... And I just feel like I want to go unconscious for the rest of eternity! What should I do? I have summer school very soon (end of July to mid August) and want to be top of my game for that, so I wanted to keep up a hard regime of daily practice over the first week, especially as I have the festivals. I've worked very hard on my technique and I just want everything to be perfect! sorry for the ultra long post, thank you in advance, ArucariaBallerina P.S I am still adoring ballet, sometimes I'm scared by how much I love it... Family were looking at me very strangely as I started crying while sat in the splits wat hing the final R+J pas de deux.... And in English when I cried listening to the music from the Nutcracker where the Prince does his mime about the Mouse King and Clara's ballet shoe rescue...
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