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Found 25 results

  1. At Balletic Leeds we are offering new ballet syllabus classes for adults. You can choose to learn for fun or take your ballet exams with us. Classes are are as follows; Wednesday Fearnville Leisure Centre LS8 3LF 7 - 8 p.m. Grade 3 Absolute Beginner 8 - 9 p.m. Grade 4 Beginner Higher grades are coming soon plus a ballet flexibility class. Register your interest using the contact information below. https://www.balleticleeds.com/ balletic.leeds@gmail.com https://m.facebook.com/Balletic.Leeds/ 07803293542
  2. Hi I’m looking to buy the ISTD imperial ballet dvd for Advanced 1 & Advanced 2 and the Cecchetti DVD for Advanced 1 & Advanced 2 Ballet..if anybody has either of these to sell I would be very grateful😊
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm curious.... DD is currently qualified BBO grade 4 (distinction) and working on grade 5 (not en pointe yet, as she is 11). How does that compare to RAD? Are these grades essentially similar levels, or is BBO 4 comparable to RAD 3 or 5? Thanks,
  4. Hi, just after some information . My daughter has just taken her intermediate imperial classical ballet exam with ISTD . We are currently looking at the possibility of changing schools as my dd is taught alone at her current school as there are no other students at same level. The school we are looking at teaches RAD and said my daughter would need to take the intermediate RAD exam. I was wondering why ? Is ISTD intermediate not the same level?? Or is it a requirement of RAD to have done their exam before progressing??? ( I unfortunately was not at the meeting to ask questions my husband was a
  5. Just filling out a form for DD and it asks for "Method" I have no idea what this means, DD studies IDTA syllabus and RAD Vocational exams, what should I put? Our dance school is closed for another week, so I don't really want to bother the teacher on her time off, so thought I would ask your opinion
  6. Hi all, I wonder if anybody can help with this please and clear up a bit of confusion for us. I've been having a conversation with another mum whose dd has recently changed dance schools and is playing ballet catch-up, having spent several years at a dance school which didn't really do ballet, but concentrated on other dance styles/competitions etc. She's now very keen on ballet and dancing at a Cecchetti school, and her mum has asked my advice. But we are both confused by the whole grade/standard thing, and aren't sure whether she's on the right track or doing enough classes at the ri
  7. Hi there Im after some advice please So my daughter was in a grade 2/3 ballet and tap class, with her teacher teaching from the Idta syllabus. due the principal leaving my daughters ballet and tap teacher left too, the new principal then decided my daughter was to be put in an intermediate ballet and tap class (shes 12) although she hasnt done any grades in between this nor done any exams. she teaches this class. She has also said, any of the intermediate class need to consider joining the pointe class, my daughter didnt think she was ready, also some of her friends that have never done ball
  8. Does anyone please have a list of the idta ballet glossary up to intermediate? Many thanks
  9. Hello everyone, my dd is 13 and mainly does non-syllabus work (Vaganova, Balanchine and English) for four hours per week all at intermediate level. She also takes ISTD grade 5 ballet for one hour. She also takes other sales of dance such as modern, jazz, tap, musical theatre and contemporary. She is on pointe too. However, recently she has been wanting to take more ballet exams as preparation for vocational school auditions. We have phoned other local dance schools and decided on which one we like. She is going to do a trial class in their inter foundation and intermediate class. By wh
  10. My DD1 is 11 and has been doing ballet and tap since she was 3 and modern since she was five. In may she is doing her grade 2 istd ballet and in july she is doing her GRade 3 istd modern. Also she is studying for her Grade 2 istd tap. At the moment she does 2 1/2 hours of ballet a fortnight. 1 3/4 hours of modern and 3/4 hours of tap a fortnight. Are these grade average for her age? PS: she is quite a serious dancer.
  11. DD has recently taken an exam in ballet in grade 3 istd though she has said that she messed up her free work and wanted to know how many marks free work counted towards for her final mark, does anyone know the categories and amount of mark for the grade 3 ballet exam?
  12. Does anyone know what age you can do your intermediate ballet exam?
  13. HI, Does anyone have any copies (in any way, shape or form ) of any of the RAD DVD's from PPID upwards? (except Grades 1-3) I used to have copies of them all but I haven't taught the RAD grades since I moved house a couple of years ago, and I seem to have lost them all in the move :-( Now I will be starting to teach the work to exams and I'm lost! I'm looking for copies or cheap versions of the originals please, I can't afford to buy them all at the moment (I have the G1-3 which I bought recently after seeing a bargain on ebay!). Thanks
  14. Hi I am new here, I managed to take primary and grade 1 RAD when I was a child but then gave up ballet because it clashed with brownies when we moved house. I have 2 daughters both of whom do ballet, tap and modern (1hr ballet, 1hr modern and 30 mins tap) they are 5 and 7. 7 year old will shortly be doing 1hr tap a week. Could I ask a little question about different exam boards etc. my knowledge of ballet is limited and I doubt my girls will become amazing dancers but I would like to know more about it all and be able to answer their questions and support them as they need me to so seem t
  15. Has anyone's child been on one of the RAD syllabus days just prior to taking an exam. If so, did they find it useful/worth the trip? It doesn't include the variations - there is a separate variations course but at the other end of the country.
  16. t_rose


    Hi, DD's teacher wants her to do rad inter foundation in march, but this means that she won't let her do idta intermediate exam (exam session also in march). If she doesn't do idta exam then, may be year or more until anyone else ready to take it. She didn't do inter found last march as wasn't on pointe (but was ready apart from that). Think we'll say no to rad exam, but is it still worth doing the class (teacher has said won't move up without doing exam). DD is in yr 9 & wants to audition for sixth form MT courses, so in approx 2 yrs. What do we do?
  17. Hi Everyone, I am new to here and really need some advice for my 14 year old daughter. She is currently studying the AAD syllabus and is looking to change dance schools. She is currently in year 10 at school and wants to study dance at college when she leaves school so wants to go somewhere that will give her some great training especially in ballet. I have got her a place at a dance school from January studying RAD grade 6 but after doing some research I'm not sure if this will challenge her enough. There is a dance school nearby that teaches BBO also many teach NATD and ISTD. Can any
  18. Hi all, I was wondering if any one knew the Classical Ballet Syllabus and could send me a copy? It would be amazing Thanks
  19. I'd be grateful to know what peoples thoughts are on this... According to RAD regulations (on their website) there are minimum age requirements for their exams. However, hearing through word of mouth, it seems that quite a few children have been entered successfully for exams despite being a year or so younger than the required age. Is that an old policy? Is it better to wait until your child is the right age? Maybe there are reasons for this. Or is it better to keep moving forwards?
  20. DD doing the inter foundation exam intensive next week at the RAD (26 August start) and wondered if anyone else was attending... Also got her exam date as Monday 1 sept... Don't know anyone else there so looking for some friendly faces for her and possible someone to have coffee with/kill time for me!!
  21. I've done my advanced II with IDTA and I'd really like to do the RAD solo seal, but I'm not sure if they'll accept my qualification with IDTA instead of RAD. They're not worth the same points at UCAS, so any pointers would be helpful, thanks in advance. Also, would you recommend any other awards?
  22. Hi all. In case any dancers are near ...my dd's old Dance School are running a syllabus based ss for grade 5 to advanced 1 week July 14 to 18 and primary to grade 4 during 18 Aug to 22Aug. All exam bases to prepare for exam work specifically so only good if you are doing ISTD work. Great standard and high up teachers within the ISTD. If you want further info you can pm me or call the principal direct on 07850 084797. Just tell them u saw it on here. I did ask the teacher before posting this and she is really happy if students attend who are not part of the school as long as they are already
  23. Im sorry not been on here for a while...can I ask when can you take the last exam in the old syllabus. My dd teacher seems to think it will run over to next year but I thought it was the last lot of exams next term. Sorry if this has already been covered
  24. I'm moving to North London in July and i'm looking for RAD grade 8 ballet classes, does anybody know of anywhere that does them? Thanks!
  25. Hi all, I've been searching for adult syllabus classes in the south London/Surrey area but I'm having difficulty finding any. Most seem to be located in central London (which isn't really ideal for me due to work) and the ones in my area don't seem to do exams. I'm happy to do any dance syllabus. Thanks for any help anyone can give me! Natalie
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