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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, Ive been trying to compile a list of summer schools for this summer that are in person rather than online. This may be somewhat optimistic - but I’m aware that some deadlines are looming so wanted to do some information gathering sooner rather than later! My dancer will soon be thinking about whether she wants to apply to vocational school and if so, which ones. I’ve therefore been restricting my searches to summer schools that have post 16 courses. I think this might give her a taster of the school generally. She’s not yet sure whether she wants to go down the classical route or aim for a more varied dance education. Just to restrict things further, I haven’t gone for any London locations - we’re not ruling them out but thinking that maybe next summer we will have a closer look at those as options. So far, our list for summer schools consists of: Elmhurst, Northern Ballet School (couldn’t find this on their website as the page link states it doesn’t exist, however when using google I came across the application form for this year), Tring, KS Dance Moorland (missed the deadline for this one). I can’t seem to find any info on whether Hammond is going ahead. Maybe someone has some info on this? I haven’t included RBS as I’m sure the deadline for that has passed. I was desperately hoping that RCS would go ahead this summer, but I received an email today that suggests it is online only, which is frustrating. This one was at the top of our list! Have I missed any others that are worth considering? I know there are a few amazing summer schools that aren’t attached to vocational courses - but we wanted to kill two birds with one stone really, and try and get a taste of a school whilst attending a summer course. Also if anyone does recommend any London based summer schools, please do suggest them. Any guidance or suggestions gratefully received!
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