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Found 9 results

  1. 2 Pairs brand new Freed Soft Blocks/Demi Pointe Shoes. Size 4 maker V width xx. £25.00 per pair. Payment accepted via BACS.
  2. Hi, does anyone know if it's compulsory to wear soft blocks for inter-foundation? (RAD)
  3. Dd is doing her Intermediate exam soon and has been told she will need soft blocks. Can someone explain what they are please? She didn't need them for the IF exam. Do they wear them all the time instead of soft ballet shoes? I have heard that Freed's are the best. Thank you.
  4. Dd has reached this exciting milestone and has been asked to get her first pair of soft pointe shoes over the school holidays. It is literally all she has talked about for the entire 2 weeks we've been on holiday in France... We are home again now, so no excuse now for me to not take her now ???? She returns to ballet classes 1st week of September is now too early to buy in case of growth? She is going through her puberty growth spurts early, so grows quick at the moment? She is 11 and a half hears old, size 4 feet, narrow very bony thin feet, with a thin ankle, also many (trainers usually...) shoes aggravate/rub her heel badly easily so quite awkward feet to fit shoes in general..., her toes aren't similar length, her big toe and second toe longer. And a very high instep on top and flexible foot, any good brands that flatter this as it looks very pretty would be sad for her to lose the line in the wrong type of shoe? Oh and one foot half a size bigger than the other, how does that work hopefully I won't have to buy two pairs ???? Any advice/reviews of soft Pointes/pointe shoes /or first Pointe shoe stories too would be so so appreciated, thank you x We are Manchester based.
  5. my dd is only on her second pair of pointe shoes and I don't want to deshank her first ever pair of pointes so I need to get a new pair. So are they soft blocks fitted like pointes and are they about the same price or more expensive or cheaper?
  6. Opinions on pre-pointe/Demi pointe shoes? Dd is 10 (11 in July) desperate to be on pointe. Teacher wants to start with these.
  7. Hi everyone, DD is looking for her first pair of soft blocks and we will need a lot of help from the fitter as we are very much novices in this game. I have read a few other threads but interested in recent experiences of similar fittings in London or nearby. DD is very small and will be looking for shoes in a 1 or a 2 if that makes any difference. She doesn't have great arches and her toes are quite long and feet narrow to medium. As I say, we will really have to rely on the fitter so recommendations would be very welcome. Thank you!
  8. Dear All, Newcomer dad here. Some thoughts please. My daughter is 10 y.o. and has been dancing since aged 4 or so. She is doing grade 4 or 5 level ballet (not exactly sure) and her teachers are ex Royal Ballet and Moscow Ballet. She is 5'4" now, size 7 feet!, and has been invited to start dancing en pointe. My questions: Too young or OK? Her teacher says already that she won't be a professional ballerina because her feet are "wrong". How does she know and what is it that she sees? Therefore is it worth her going to pointe classes? Also, will doing sports "interfere" with her dancing development? She is a talented netball player, and is good at athletics. (PS I am a doctor so I know about anatomy, growth plates, epiphyses etc, etc). Thanks in advance for your thoughts and opinions.
  9. what is the true purpose of soft pointes and what techniques are they used for? Why soft pointes and not soft shank pointe shoes? I've never had a pair of soft pointes, was always put straight onto pointe and so it's always alluded me. Also I apologise if this has already been done, I tried searching for the topic but it just kept coming up empty so either the search doesn't work on my phone or there are no topics which seems unlikely.
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