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  1. SCS d26 needs a good home. Face value £10. Send a PM, leave a message. thanks
  2. SCS D4 (standing) - face value £10 needs re-homing. Casting: Juliet: Lauren Cuthbertson Romeo: Matty Ball please leave a message and & PM me if you want this ticket. thanks Peter
  3. SCS D14 (standing) - face value £10 needs re-homing. Casting, (if the same as 9 Feb): Juliet: Hamilton Romeo: Hirano Mercutio: Serrano Benvolio: Donnelly Paris: Clarke please leave a message and & PM me if you want this ticket. thanks Peter
  4. Spare Romeo ticket D9 stalls circle standing Cost £10 Lauren Cuthbertson and Matty Ball Anyone interested please contact me asap Thanks Jules
  5. SCS D16 - face value £10 needs re-homing. Magri/Richardson debuts please leave a message and & PM me if you want this ticket. thanks Peter
  6. I'm looking for a central Stalls Circle Standing or central Balcony Standing ticket for Romeo and Juliet on Thursday 10th February. Any leads please let me know. Many thanks in advance.
  7. I now have one, possibly both, of SCS D30 & D46 for Saturday 5th February which need rehoming. Face value £10. I will return to the Box Office on Friday morning if no takers.
  8. I have 1 x SCS RB Romeo and Juliet: Saturday 5th February 2022, 7.30pm (current casting Naghdi/Ball) that needs to be re-homed. Face value £10. please leave a message here & direct message me if interested. thanks Peter
  9. I’ve got a ticket for tomorrow night 7.30pm - lower slips - £10 ono forgot to return it to box office so any reasonable offer accepted.
  10. Stalls Circle Standing D49 for 10th Jan 7:30pm performance. Osipova/Clarke Face value £10 and it’s an e-ticket. PM me and leave a message here if interested thanks
  11. Spare ticket for Romeo 12 Jan 7:30 D9 scs standing £10 Takada and Campbell Day before my ski trip.. can't go now anybody interested?? Please contact me asap Thanks Jules
  12. Johan Kobborg announced tonight on various social media that his production of Romeo and Juliet will be at the Royal Albert Hall on April 14th. The cast is not announced, but I think we can suppose at least Alina Cojocaru and Sergei Polunin will be confirmd. I am crossing my fingers for Nikolas Gaifullin as Thybalt.
  13. Selling 1 ticket for RB Romeo & Juliet Thursday 13th January 7pm - Nunez/Bonelli Amphitheater A8 lower slips £10
  14. In anticipation of the Royal Ballet's Autumn season which starts on Tuesday 5th October, here are some rehearsal photos to whet your appetite! William Bracewell and Fumi Kaneko certainly seem to make a lovely pairing - which is good as I am seeing them on the 9th! https://www.flickr.com/photos/royaloperahouse/albums/72157719943466395
  15. I saw both performances of this double bill yesterday. I really enjoyed Rosie Kay's reinterpretation of Romeo and Juliet for the modern knife-crime age. It was full of life and the dance movements incorporated hip hop and contemporary. The set consisted of what looked like giant tv ariels and satellite dishes. The lighting was excellent - the stage was dark but you could see all the dancers. There was a gorgeous duet in the middle of the piece for Juliet and Romeo, full of the tenderness and yearning of youth. Fabulous! After the interval we finally got to see Birmingham Royal Ballet performing Edward Clug's Radio and Juliet. The seven dancers (one cast for all 4 performances) were, without exception, absolutely fabulous. Some of the choreography for the men's ensemble was great. Again there was a lovely duet for Juliet and one of the Romeos (Yaoqian Shang and Tyrone Singleton). The music was by Radiohead. Sadly despite the abundance of talent on stage it felt a bit flat for me compared to the vivacity of the preceding Rosie Kay piece. This was an interesting programme but if I am booking for Birmingham Royal Ballet I am sorry but I would like to see more of them and less of guest companies. (Rosie Kay - 75 mins vs BRB 55 mins). The last 2 weeks were an intriguing idea of presenting 3 different Romeo and Juliets but I think it was only partially successful. I await with interest to see what is programmed beyond Don Quixote in 2022.
  16. I just watched - for the first time - and reviewed Roméo et Juliette. I think it's absolutely stunning and think it's worth treating yourself to this weekend
  17. Really liked the film, Hayward as glorious as expected (the camera clearly loves her) and the rest of the cast looked very good as well. Clever 'staging', though there was a bush that really needed pruning since it took centre view in a couple of scenes. The set and costumes are deliciously opulent. I was very happy to hear that Michael Nunn and William Trevitt are hoping to make more ballet films. I'd love to see Swan Lake filmed, though judging by the comments about mime and natural settings, that is unlikely to be a contender.
  18. I've just been catching up with the former Channel 4 (I think) documentary showing Birmingham Royal Ballet and a local youth organisation working over a couple of years with a group of disadvantaged local teenagers to put on a very special performance of Kenneth MacMillan's Romeo & Juliet at the Birmingham Hippodrome. Part 1 should have disappeared by this morning, but the other three parts are still available (Part 2 until tonight): https://www.brb.org.uk/ballet-hoo Really fascinating to be reminded of how so many of the participants managed to cope with the discipline required simply to show up to the classes/rehearsals week after week, develop a new sense of self-belief and take action to improve their own lives. I'm looking forward to seeing the performance footage (including breakdancing, I seem to recall!) at the end of it all. I'm sure we discussed it at length on the old ballet.co.uk forum, but as it was back in 2006 I imagine that's irretrievable now, so I'm starting this new thread in case anyone wants to discuss it again.
  19. I really enjoyed this last night. From the one previous time I've seen it (on DVD) I'm not a huge fan of Nureyev's choreography. But thought the performances here were great. I was completely gripped by act 3 in particular - Cojocaru was incredible. But also something about the whole atmosphere made it feel even more intense than usual. This was another filmed version very clearly not meant for public viewing, with bits of the action apparently only available from what seemed to be some kind of security camera. Another angle showed the full orchestra playing while the dancing and the action unfolded in front of them. For me at least, this unexpectedly added an intimacy not usually present when watching filmed ballets. Perhaps more of a sense of being there. Another video I feel lucky to have been able to watch. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DvZS5LJQwqo
  20. Tonight, the Royal Ballet of Flanders opens a run of a new Romeo & Juliet, commissioned by Director Assis Carreiro from former RB Principal, Slava Samodurov, using the Prokofiev score. It opens in Gent then moves to Antwerp where, all being well, I hope to catch the final Matinee performance on 1 March. There is a link to the English-language version of the company website here: http://www.balletvlaanderen.be/?page_id=4144〈=en〈=en I see that there are to be 3 sets of Lead castings - one of them from the junior ranks of the company, and it is that which is likely to take me across the Channel. In terms of relative size, RBF sits between the large companies (eg: Bolshoi, RB, ENB) with large R&J productions and the very small-scale version made upon Bern:Ballett by Cathy Marston in 2009, so I'll be interested to se how Samodurov's version works out. I'm hoping that we might have some Forum members over the Channel who may see it and, if we do, I encourage them to offer an opinion here.
  21. Well, I'm afraid it wasn't a flawless broadcast of Raymonda today at the cinema I went to: in addition to numerous (and seemingly regular) gaps in the audio (and often video) of about one second, we had two long losses of picture and sound, one in each of the first two acts. One of them resulted in the screen becoming more horribly pixelated than anything I'd seen since the motherboard on my new laptop failed about a decade ago I hope others fared better. Technical issues apart, I'm afraid I found myself nodding off several times during Act I: not sure to what extent that was due to the very dark set. The third act is quite different in many respects from the Raymonda Act III which the Royal Ballet are currently performing, in particular due to the lack of solos for the supporting dancers - presumably these were given earlier in the ballet, perhaps in the bits I was unable to view. Certainly, the only additional solo was for either Clémence or Henriette, which I thought was a bit odd - I did entertain the thought that one of the dancers might have injured herself and so her solo was simply omitted without comment. It has to be said that it looks a lot more expansive on the Bolshoi's far more spacious stage.
  22. With a month to go, I thought a topic for news/comments, pre-performance, might be useful. I am pleased to see from social media that on 20 February Steven McRae began rehearsals at the RB with Akane Takada, her debut as Juliet being set for 28 March.
  23. Just received a tweet announcing a new filmed version of the the above starring Francesca and Bracewell as the lovers, supported by dancers from the RB. Being shown by Curzon chain on December 16th , I guess to tie up with release of Cats. Looks great, hope for DVD eventually. If there was any doubt this will rocket Francesca’s career to greater heights.
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