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Found 2 results

  1. From a Ballet Alert posting re: the British Born American resident choreographer who is an RB associate, one of the RB's dancers and a star principal from NYCB: It looks like the American In Paris revival is taking shape, with Wheeldon at the helm as choreographer and director. The show will premiere in Paris, with hopes of a Broadway transfer in 2015. Robbie Fairchild is in the workshop in the lead male role. Leanne Cope of Royal Ballet will workshop the Caron role. I'm not familiar with Cope, but Robbie Fairchild seems like the PERFECT choice for this project as far as the dancing goes. My only other candidate for the role would be Woetzel, but I suspect that he is now too old for this role. Robbie can certainly dance the role, but I have no idea whether he can act. It seems like for a big budget musical on Broadway, they would need someone who is a "triple threat". http://artsbeat.blog...adway/?ref=arts Now have a feeling that more than a few Balletcoforum members may be doing a spot of shopping next Xmas in Paris .... for, one suspects, (well, fingers crossed if project plans and castings remain steady) good reason. (Just by the bye, I have been told that Mr. Fairchild is well known amongst the NYCB dancers for 'singing all over the place' .... and from his stunning performances in FANCY FREE there is, I think little question that he can, in fact, fit this particular GI's bill, stepping up for Wheeldon much as another NYCB Robbie - (La Fosse that is) did for Robbins on Broadway!) Cope - certainly from a dancing perspective - seems inspired casting for the Caron role. (Who knows, perhaps she'll take the 'Cooper route' in her future career!)
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