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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I am from Germany and my daughter (17) will be audition for Laine Theatre Arts in April. Coming from Germany and English not her first language it would be really great to know how the day works in more detail and any tips as she is already nervous!! also she has less singing and acting training so any tips for that would help- 1) how do you mark on sheet music your chosen 16-24 bars 2) what do they do in the acting workshop? thanks so much for any help!
  2. Dd is faced with a decision between Laine and Rambert. She slightly preferred Rambert, but employment prospects seem to be better for Laine (although mostly non-classical, they do have 3 graduates in the current run of Bourne’s Cinderella, including the lovely Cordelia Braithwaite). Does anyone on here have any experiences of Laine that they could share? Does anyone have any knowledge of Rambert graduate destinations in 2017? We are yet to hear from RCS - which may muddy the waters even further!
  3. Does anyone have any information/guidance regarding accommodation for Laines students going at 16 ? I know they like them to live with host families for the first year but do Laines sort this out or do we the parents have to arrange this ?. I know I will get this information soon but wondering if anyone has already been through this and knows the ropes .... Thank you
  4. My daughter is considering this option for summer school this year. She doesn't want a purely ballet focus, so would welcome any opinions/advice from anyone who has experience of this course. Thanks
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