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Found 8 results

  1. As New - the original Flexistretcher - bought for £65, selling for £40 WHY FLEXISTRETCHER IS DIFFERENT - Unlike stiff nylon straps or flimsy elastic rubber stretch bands, the Flexistretchers resistance has been measured carefully to provide progressive stimulus to the muscle without sacrificing control. You will not find this combination of stretch and support found in any other product. The unique design allows it to be used in full body stretches such as arabesque but with its full adjustment can be used on smaller body parts such as hamstrings and shoulders. THE FLEXISTRECHER IMPROVES FLEXIBILITY AND STRENGTH - Using the Flexistretcher allows you to simulate specific dance or sport movement and patterns concentrating on improvements in execution and mobility. Utilizing the elastic resistance increases strength in a safe manner. Training with elastic resistance provides resistance throughout the stretch or exercise eliminating the possibility of cheating your way through the movement. HOW TO STRETCH WITH FLEXISTRETCHER - The key to stretching is to engage and active stretch based Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF). The PNF stretching techniques employ the concept that muscle relaxation part of the stretch is fundamental to effectively enhancing flexibility and deepening the stretch. A popular PNF technique is the contract - relax where the muscle is stretched contracted relaxed and then stretched further.by using gravity.
  2. Safely designed footstretcher for sale, only used a few times before starting at ballet school, so not needed anymore. Bought new for £125, selling for £60 for quick sale. THE-footstretcher™ is designed to stretch your feet safely* and properly. Exclusively available in the UK through selected trusted outlets, its patent-pending design releases pressure from the heel and the achilles tendon as you stretch. It also stretches your foot in the correct position (winged line) on and off the floor to help you feel your lines in different positions. 60 foot exercises and 6 foot workouts ranging from easy to hard are also provided to strengthen your feet. With a twist of the hand, THE-footstretcher™ also becomes a foot roller and a muscle massager. Furthermore, it features a thumb-like end to help you release your trigger points. Its detachable design and light weight allows it to be very portable, so when you are finished stretching, exercising and massaging you can simply put it in your ballet bag and bring it anywhere with you.
  3. Please could anyone help point me in the direction of something useful online about how stretching can actually be bad for some people? I remember reading something a few months ago and am now struggling to find it but I need to speak to a dance teacher about how I don't want a child forced in stretches as I really don't think it is going to help her and I actually have concerns about it. She doesn't dream of being a dancer in the future so I can't see it is necessary anyway. thank you
  4. I hear about 'facility' all the time in the ballet world and would think they are talking about body proportions/headsize/neck/feet etc just wondering if anyone has ever had direct feedback wrt their childs 'facility' in either a good or bad way ? Obv in an audition they are looking at this but also flexibility and I also wonder what are the 'standard tests they do ? is it just splits? touching toes? taking shoes off to look at arch ...just wondering about what goes on actually in order to perhaps guide my child in her approach to auditions/ flexi training and also try and have realistic expectations towards there bodies. How much stretching is done by your 10 year olds in class/out of class? How tough are they at RBS on flexibility at RBS auditions- do they do a physical assessment ? thanks x
  5. Just wondering what the forum's opinon/expereince is of the various online (or in person) flexibility courses? Would you recomend any? Are any better than just setting aside time to stretch regularly? Are there any secrets for the inflexible adult dancer ?
  6. Hello! My daughter keeps trying to contort herself into more and more extreme stretches but I get concerned about her pushing too hard or doing herself some damage. I asked another dance mum and she said she uses a flexibility app with her kids. Can anyone recommend anything she can use to ease into things safely? Thanks x
  7. DD has just got a Gaynor Mindon flexibility band but doesn't really know what to do with it. Can anyone recommend a DVD or YouTube link, I don't want her to just have a go and risk forming poor habits or injury. She is 12 and very flexible but needs to build strength.
  8. hi all, i m new at this, i wonder if any of you good knowledgeable people can help me out .. i have a 9yrs DD who's loves ballet - i was wondering of any one knows of any GYMNASTIC coach for one to one lessons. to help with flexibility and strength , around the london and south east areas
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