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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I just wondered if there were any parents of kids doing the boys finals next week at Elmhurst? Specifically auditioning for year 10.
  2. Hi everyone thought I would start a thread as I don't think we have one for Hammond this year...just wondered if anyone has heard from Hammond recently about the finals? They said to keep an eye out for emails. I don't want to book a hotel until I know the date they have given me is definitely correct? I lost money booking a hotel for preliminaries just before they cancelled them so don't want to make the same mistake x
  3. With the New York Youth America Grand Prix finals upcoming next week, it’s good to see a UK boy in the male soloist finals. Joshua Fickling (15) is competing in the senior men’s soloist finals which is a brilliant opportunity, he is a student of Moorland International Ballet Academy. Good luck to him, and any other UK students who may be dancing.
  4. Lema

    Hammond final

    Hi just wondering if anyone attending the audition on Monday received and information on what the children need to wear and take with them, we received the schedule but there was no mention of what to wear?! I assume just the usual convertible tights, leotard, waist elastic, ballet shoes and hair in a bun...but do they need any dance trainers, jazz shoes, leggings etc for the other classes? Thank you
  5. Hi all Can anyone enlighten me of what happens at upper school finals ? Tring, and Elmhurst Do they have to do their solos again at Tring ? Is it the case of everyone on a level playing field or do they take into consideration their first audition and have the details of that in front of them ? Are they now looking for that ' something special ' wow factor ? Any insight would be greatly appreciated Thanks Frederick
  6. Can anyone tell me - if your DC is lucky enough to be offered a place at one of the vocational schools (lower schools) for full-time training ......what actually happens ? Do the schools inform you fairly quickly of the results and how long are you given to formerly accept a place...... do they put a time limit on when you have to accept for instance. What happens then if the child has further funding auditions in the following weeks for which they'll have no idea of that outcome, but it might be for a school they prefer or feel more suited too ?? I just wondered if all the schools allow all results to be known before you have to make a decision. This would be of course a wonderful position to be in and indeed wishful thinking, but I'm sure there must be talented DC out there that have been in this dilemma ????
  7. Now we have got over the stress of waiting for the Royal email dragon to rouse itself etc etc etc, DD has started to ask - what will I have to do at the final auditions for Elmhurst and Tring? Can anyone who did these last year enlighten us?
  8. Does anybody know or remember if ENBS Final audition takes place in the morning or in the afternoon? Central Preliminary audition for Overseas applicants is in the afternoon of the same day and that worries me just in case... What do you think? Too risky? Thanks
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