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Found 11 results

  1. PLEASE HELP It’s the first time my girls are in festivals and I’m really struggling to find tarantella costumes for them both. Can anyone help and point me in the right direction please? (Age 9 and age 13)
  2. Hi, does anyone have a child that is currently a Junior associate that also does dance festivals? Just wondered how you find it and whether you have spoken to RBS about it? From what I understand its kind of looked down on to do the festivals, so I presume it's not a good enough reason to miss any sessions. So far my dd has put royal over festivals and hasn't missed any sessions, however becoming increasingly difficult when she is now in groups and has duet partners etc, Any advice or similar experience?
  3. I admit to not being desperately keen on long Greek sections however I've seen an advantage to them now: I wondered why dd knew so many classical references that appeared in her set text Shakespeare- from watching Greek sections apparently. My lack of knowledge clearly indicated I'd snoozed through them!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  4. Hello, I'm looking for help with music ideas for a classical festival trio entitled Electricity. I'm struggling to find anything that I like or anything that is suitable. The music needs to be of a classical style with no vocals. Hoping someone can help! Thank you
  5. I'm worried about the music we've chosen for E's first competition. I just read the rules for an upcoming festival. There, it states: "Music must be a legitimate copy – if you copy music from YouTube or illegally download it will not work on theatre system due to copyright software." We have three numbers. Two of the songs are from cd's/downloads I've purchased. The third is a YouTube download because it's an old song and not available on download (that I can find). All three songs have been cut by a sound engineer friend to make them the right length. I'm very concerned about this copyright software. I've written to both the organisers of the festival, and also to my sound engineer friend, but haven't heard back yet. I'm stressing out that the songs will be considered illegal and I don't want any drama for my daughter's first competition. Would the sound engineers' files be considered legal downloads? (i.e., are they considered a "new work" or can the software tell that changes have been made?) Am panicking now. Can anyone advise me? Thank you *I posted part of this in another question but really need some advice and didn't think anyone saw it
  6. My daughter is 7, and has been in ballet classes for 4 years. She's very keen, and has started asking about doing competitions. Her dance school specialises in another style of dance, and those students often compete, but not the ballet students. She adores her teacher, works hard, and has been in two recitals. So is there any harm at giving her a turn at competing? It's something I have no experience in. Her teacher said she'd help with choreography and extra training, and she'd be competing under our school's name. Part of me says it could be fun, and give her a bit of a chance to push herself a bit. Another part worries that it's just part of a huge money-making industry and it won't really help her in the long run. I'd really appreciate some guidance, thank you.
  7. beautiful red tutu with gold detailing, pancake style/hooped skirt and boned body with flesh coloured elasticated straps for sale in london/hertfordshire area the tutu was made for a 15 yr old who has outgrown it at 17 and a half but would fit anyone from a tall/ slightly larger 14 year old to a small 18 yr old! - red and gold headress included -proper fabric tutu carried included - perfect for festivals or shows it was originally about Β£350 pounds and is in near perfect condition am open to offers from Β£125 pounds upwards & and questions feel free to pm me
  8. Does anyone know what these adjudicators look for at dance festivals, are they looking for great technique, are they looking for potential, are they looking for steps beyond there age group, just ask out of interest, as we have been to festivals before and watch, thinking we know who is going to win, as they have the best technique, ( well our opinion. ) then some else wins with really hard steps in, any ideas would help, or is ita question that we will never know the Answer?? Thanks
  9. Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone knows of a good dressmaker in London who has experience with ballet costumes? OR: Someone who rents out good quality ballet costumes? I need a giselle-style(act 1) costume for a festival , one with a lot of movement in the skirt (i.e no stiff-netting)... anyone know of anything? I've been searching on the internet for hours and hours , trying to find something suitable... but no luck! I would love something similar to Miko Fogarty's costume (sorry, I don't know how to add a link), though I don't think my budget-Β£150- would permit it . Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks.
  10. Hi I just wondered my dd is off to the Hammond in Sept does anyone know if she would still be allowed to dance at the festivals if she wanted to, and other Easter/Summer schools. I know some of the children take part in NYB during the summer hols any advice would be gratefully received. Many thanks
  11. Hi everyone, At a recent festival i was doing the 'classical ballet' section and there was a girl in a flowy short dress, barefoot who did a lot of greek style arm movements and even rolled to the floor at one point, correct me if im wrong but does this really come under classical ballet where the rest of the girls are in full boned tutus and pointe shoes? This has happened a few times and there's always confusion between 'stylised' ballet, 'modern' ballet and 'classical' ballet especially nowadays when they often merge in professional works. Also when people enter a lyrical in a modern section or vise verse. Im 16 so when i do festivals i'm in the 15+ group, which is often extremely large (30+). the rest of the age groups go up year by year so why do they cut off there? you can make big improvements in a year or two especially on pointe and i dont think that its especially fair that i can be against 21 year olds, thats like me against an 11 year old. Would love to hear peoples thoughts on the age groupings and categories and any funny stories you may have! Thanks!!
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