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Found 6 results

  1. Yesterday, Staatsballett Berlin began its new season with presenting the modern piece "Plateau Effect" by Jefta van Dinther. They performed at "Komische Oper" Berlin, an opera house which used to be home for a so-called "Tantztheater" for many years, long time ago, supported by the founder and first intendant/General manager Walter Felsenstein. So presenting the piece here, which was rather theatre than dancing imo, was somehow a nod to this legacy, but I am not sure if it was intended. If it was, then certainly a nod with a twist. When I left, I was upset, a bit angry, and clueless, so I didn't stay for the premiere party although the audience was invited. This piece is mostly about fighting between 10 dancers and a huge piece of textile and ropes. In the beginning, the textile/curtain hangs behind the dancers, one of them singing (who? The cast sheet didn't say that. Or was it coming from the off, and he was just moving his mouth?). I think it was in English, but I am not sure. Maybe because he sang with an accent, or because my English is bad. The dancers then began to pull/move into/partially disappear in the textile more and more, until they all had been swallowed by it and the "curtain" is going up and now the chaotic fight begins. The textile was for me a symbol for life. It can absorb you, swallow you, spit you out, but also inspire you to build a home and get along with other people/society. A symbol for the need to work together, and for failure when we don't pull on the same/correct rope. When we don't work together, the tent/home cannot be finished. It falls apart. The textile also seemed to be a living being for me, at one point, it was breathing and crawling slowly across the stage (moved by an invisible dancer of course). The people (dancers) desperately tried to tame it, but failed because they didn't communicate or work together. They ran wildly across the stage and created rather chaos than logical purpose. They finally managed to wrestle/pull it down, and wrapped it tightly with the ropes, then it was pulled towards the ceiling and looked again like a (dead) being, e.g. the long neck and small head of a dinosaur. Or an umbilical cord, or a giant snake. Yes I had some weird associations, watching this. 😨 So actually, it was an interesting concept, because the best art always makes you think, contemplate, reflect. What put me off though were a) the stroboscopic effects (I had to close my eyes several times) and b) the "waste" of dancer material for about 45 minutes of the 1 hour piece. Sorry but I think it doesn't take dancers to run across the stage like mad, fummeling wildly with the props (pulling ropes and textile like bloody beginner cadets on a ship who have no idea what they are supposed to do). So, if art has the duty to make you think, I am okay with that. However, it shouldn't take 45 minutes to point that out without actual dance onstage, when dancers are onstage. Less stressful running and pulling, and more dance I say. I am all for dance theatre, as long as the dancers dance. Hats off to the dancers who gave everything they had. I felt they were misused. Last season, Staatsballett danced "Half life" by Sharon Eyal. It was also a contemporary piece, with many monotone movements over a long time, so not easy to "swallow" but it really sucked me in EMOTIONALLY. Compared to "Plateau effect" I would say Half Life touched me deeply, whereas Plateau Effect left me empty. Heart vs Brain?
  2. Hello there Folks, New here to ballet forum so hello to you all! So I run New Works Ballet Theatre, a new ballet company based in Bristol, with the intention of bringing more ballet to the South West of England and beyond, brand new inventive ballets and retellings and creating more jobs for professional dancers. The company also runs an Associates programme, which I am expanding on. Are there any young dancers out there looking to train more professionally who would be interested? The programme teaches not only ballet and contemporary dance, but also a variety of different dance workshops, choreography, ballet history, sports science, nutrition, how to run a company and put on productions to name but a few. Also the Associates regularly perform with the professional company and in their own productions. I really want the training that the youngers receive to be a gate way of training into the company, would anyone be interested in that? We have just started work on our Winter production of Little Mermaid. xx
  3. Hi, has anyone had any experience with the Irish Youth Dance Festival?
  4. Ab [intra] is the first full length work made by Raphael Bonachela, choreographer and artistic director of Sydney Dance Company, in 6 years. In the program notes, he says he wanted to capture the movement from his internal creative process to the externality of performance. That may well be so, but I did not experience it in that way. It is a wonderful work, deeply human and engaging, but that narrative, if narrative it is, escaped me. The dancers start scattered across an unadorned stage before individually exploding into action; all sharp, often turned inward angles, staccato and sudden. In pairs and more commonly threesomes they interact and twine together, but do not trully engage, breaking apart and walking off without a backward glance. Against this are two gloriously soft and sensual pdd, the dancers twined round each other in ways impossible to describe, angles rounded and gentle, the dancers completely engrossed in one another. Between these two pdd an anguished and contorted male solo that was swept away by all 14 other dancers dancing mostly individually but at times coordinated. The motionlessness of the dancers before, as I said, they exploded into action made me think about the difference between stillness and motionlessness in dance. Last year, as half of another wonderful program, SDC presented Full Moon, by Cheng Tsung-lung, Artistic Director of Taiwan's Cloud Gate 2. (In the interest of transparency, I should confess that for me Cloud Gate is one of the great dance companies of the world, and Cloud Gate 2 is not far behind.) Anyway, the stillness of Cheng Trung-lung's dancers was utter stillness, radical, complete in itself, with no reference to the possibility of movement. Those dancers who were still were dynamic in their stillness, drawing the eye like exclamation points. Dancers in ab [intra] generally started motionless, but this was a stillness that carried within it the suggestion, or promise of motion. I don't mean to suggest that one is better than the other, but the comparison leapt to the eye, given that it was the same company, the same theatre and even the same time of year.☺. Sorry if all that was way too obscure. The take home is that ab [intra] represents another triumph for SDC. They travel a great deal. If they are dancing near you, drop everything!
  5. Hi everyone! We have some spaces left to see Phoenix Dance Theatre’s pre-show company class at Northern Stage (Newcastle-upon-Tyne) on the afternoon of Thursday 10 May. For more information and to sign-up, simply click this link and send us a message! https://bit.ly/2w85rGw NB: This is not a commercial venture. Our core team of volunteers have organised this event to benefit our members and the local dance community. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I will be keeping an eye on this thread, but to ensure a timely reply I suggest sending a message via our Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/NorthEastDanceCooperative More information: To find our more about Phoenix Dance Theatre: www.phoenixdancetheatre.co.uk If you’re not familiar with Northern Stage or how to get there: www.northernstage.co.uk Kindest, Angeline Founder, North East Dance Co-operative
  6. Here in Budapest there's quite a growing contemporary/contemporary ballet scene. Here's a review/piece on one company that I've gotten to know, Inversedance founded by Zoltan Fodor. They have a broad rep that includes adult peformances and kids shows (this article is on the latter). I've been really impressed with them, and not just because I train with them either, so I encourage you to check them out and give this a read http://jelterps.blogspot.hu/2016/05/Inversedance.html
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