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Found 1 result

  1. On November 27, 2021 I was lucky to see a fierce Shale Wagman debut in Balanchine's Rubies, as second part of the famous Jewels ballet. Shale partnered Carrolina Bastos who performed this for the first time as well. Both were on fire, and had a good chemistry. I loved their witty, sexy flirts, performed with great energy and flexibility. From my point of view, this piece fits like a glove for Shale, since with his experiences in all kinds of dance long before he took lessons at he APG school, he knows how to switch on also "jazzy moves" for Stravinsky's tunes. Again, my first thought was: gosh he OWNS the stage. The jumps, as high as flexible. Twirling like a red flash while turning and crossing the stage. And the looks he gave Carrolina - challenging, enjoying, loving, and flirting, all was there for this witty sexy Rubies couple. I also liked the part where he literally kicks his feet at the other male dancers and chases them across the stage. Thunderous rounds of applause were the reward for this awesome debut. Lots of Bravos, the loudest coming from some rows behind me where Shale's Mother screamed. She had come all the way from Canada to see him finally perform at Bayerisches Staatsballett. I had the feeling everybody gave their best with the applause and trample to spread love, energy and gratitude to these wonderful dancers, actually for all 3 parts of Jewels, since only 25% tickets were sold due to Corona restrictions. I would also like to say some words about Emeralds and Diamonds from this night. Vera Segova debuted in Emeralds alongside Vladislav Dolgikh. She was very delicate, elegant and performed the soft elegiac tone in perfection. Vladislav was a good partner for her. A detail that catched my eyes: he has a wonderful way to point out his feet and to set the foot on the floor so elegant and soft, it made me think of Hallberg's beautiful feet. They were wonderful together. Bianca Teixeira, Antonio Casalinho and M. Fernandez performed the Pas de Trois. A good trio, both in technique and synchronicity, led by by A. Casalinho. Madison Young and Jinhao Zhang were the Diamonds solo couple. Madison Young is just as elegant as soft especially in her port de bras, as you want yo see it. And I want to see her Odette! Soon hopefully. As for Jinhao Zhang: he is a perfect partner for her, presenting his ballerina in the best supporting way, and performed superbe jumps and maneges in his solos. Since I saw the performance on Sunday again I can also report another debut: Elvina Ibraimova debuted as Soloist in Rubies. Her performance was much more energetic and eye-catching than Prisca Zeisel's the night before. Some general remarks: every evening, some 30 anti-vaxxers demonstrate in front of Bayerische Staatsoper since it's a prominent area with a square. They make a lot of noise with speeches and music. They did so while we entered the building. It made me so furious I wanted to scream in their faces. Also on Sunday morning was another demo not far from the Opera House. The performances are still going on, with 25% tickets to be sold. But the dancers are very concerned. It felt awkward to get a test to enter a theatre. To present your vaccination certificate, personal ID and the test to strangers (at entrance). No, I am still not used to it. But I would present them my first tooth I lost as a child if it would get me into the theatre. I was beyond grateful for some beautiful hours, keeping the madness outside. I knock on wood and pray that they can continue to perform. Link to Shale's Instagram post about the debut. Sadly, my own pics and videos are a mess. I was too nervous. https://www.instagram.com/p/CW08rqIsvOM/?utm_medium=copy_link
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