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Found 6 results

  1. I’m selling two Ballet Theatre UK Associates Leotards in Rose (colour for Senior A/B) in adult small: Chest- 81-86cm/32-34inch Waist- 63-71cm/25-28inch Hips- 81-85 cm/32-32inch Girth- 145cm/57inch Both have been worn however in excellent condition Happy to send photos £15 each or £25 for both + postage
  2. Saw this in Tewkesbury last night and really enjoyed it. I last saw this production in 2011 and thought it was good then but was slow in places, whereas last night was slick and well danced and acted by all the dancers. Sarah Mortimer was wonderful as Gerda and Claire Corruble Cabot was a magnificent Snow Queen. I also enjoyed excellent comic timing from David Brewer and Charlotte Eades but then I would! Full tour dates are on Ballet Theatre UK website. But one of my reasons for posting is that there are lovely programs AND cast lists! So I can retire from posting such information on Ballet.co!
  3. Fantastic costumes and fantastic choreography will be my lasting impression of this production which I was fortunate enough to see last weekend. Strangely, there were no programmes let alone cast lists available on the night so it is difficult to comment on the actual dancers, especially since the website also does not appear to have been updated to reflect the current company. David Brewer I recognised as Aladdin and he was superb - as a dancer and a performer/actor. I also really liked the princess and the female genie who also really showed the emotion as they danced. As a whole though this was a lovely show to watch. It was a riot of colour and movement with some wonderful costumes and as I mentioned before some fantastic choreography and in particular some great lifts and partner work. Aladdin is not my favourite story but I loved this ballet version of it and this appreciation seemed to be shared by an audience of all age ranges. In the seats next to us there was a young family and they had brought their daughters aged 3 and 5 to see the ballet - their first ever visit to a theatre, let alone a ballet. They sat enthralled. There were quite a few children in the audience but it was the best audience I have been in for a while - no rustling of sweet packets, mobile phones, talking. A final shout out has to go to one of the female dancers with a huge costume mishap when her corset had clearly not been fastened up properly and came undone completely part way through a group dance. Her partner made a few attempts to grab her but as a true professional she danced on and somehow managed to preserve her dignity. Overall, a superb performance and one I am glad I went to see.
  4. Dates for this tour are out at last and can be found at Ballettheatreuk.com.
  5. What a wonderful performance from a gallant company. Although they are a relatively new, small company, with young dancers, the standard of dancing and the production is splendid. I am sure hfbrew would be too modest to say so, but her DS is an excellent dancer with an engaging stage presence - he was The Nutcracker in the performance I saw. The choreography is superb, and very musical, with an intelligent story line. It makes good use of all the dancers with many quick costume changes! The music sounded really clear, and the set and costumes all looked fresh and elegant. An evening to remember!
  6. This appears to be new and will, I imagine, be of interest: http://www.thestage.co.uk/news/2013/04/ballet-theatre-uk-and-tring-park-school-set-up-joint-touring-company/ It looks like quite a bold venture in its planned associations, so here's hoping it does well.
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