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  1. Can anyone offer some help to a complete novice please? I am looking to book seats at the Royal Albert hall but have found the options very confusing. Can anyone explain the differences I the areas, what is the loggia, raising circle grand circle etc. Can anyone recommend where is the best place to sit to watch a ballet? Generally when I go to the theatre I prefer not to be too far forward, don't want to feel like I'm looking up at the dancers feet, but I have no idea what would be considered a good seat/ good view for watching ballet. TIA
  2. I am lucky enough to find myself in St Petersburg for a few days next month and should be able to make time for a visit to the Mariinsky. I am fine with practicalities (booking through the .ru and not the .com site etc) but would appreciate advice from all the knowledgeable Russian ballet followers here on what would be best to see. Available options during our stay are The Nutcracker in the new Mariinsky II or a programme (details as yet unpublished) called Michel Fokine's ballets in the Mariinsky itself. Casting is not yet available for either. I would happily do both but my partner will want to go to an opera in return for me dragging him to ballet, so I must choose one or the other. My instinct is to go for the Fokine programme, not least because it is in the historic theatre, which I would love to see. Does anyone have any other clues/insight into what I might expect from the Fokine programme or is it safe to presume that since it is the Mariinsky it will be good and interesting whichever ballets they pick? Or am I crazy to pass up an opportunity to see one of the 'Big 3' Tchaikovsky ballets done in its city of origin? As a follow up question, if the Fokine is the better option, where is the best place to sit in the historic theatre? There are still seats available at all levels from what I can see. Thank you in advance for any assistance!
  3. Hoping to get tickets to see NB Casanova at Norwich Theatre Royal, and wondered if anyone could suggest where the best seats would be, without a restricted view. Thanks for any suggestions.
  4. Has anybody been to the Royal Festival Hall on the South bank? I am booking for the ENB's Romeo and Juliet next August, and would like to know what the Side Stalls and the boxes are like. Does anyone know, please, can you see all the stage?
  5. I'm visiting New York in October and want to squeeze in some ballet while there. Does anyone know the David H.Koch theater and can compare it at all to the layout at the ROH for example? There are so many tiers! I want to know which tier is like the front of the ROH Amphitheatre, is the back of the second tier better than being at the front of 3 or 4 in terms of the view overall? Where is good to avoid due to safety rails/pillars etc?
  6. I am hoping to visit this Spring and I have no idea where to sit. Can anyone help? I am willing to pay for a good seat and don't want to be at a great height.
  7. In November am going to St.Petersburg and there is a performance of Giselle while we are there. Does anybody here know the theatre well enough to recommend where to sit? For example are the Stalls reasonably raked? Or is it better to sit higher up.....is there an equivalent area similar to the height of the Amphitheatre? Any info gratefully received Many thanks Linda
  8. Is anyone familiar with the Mayflower? I'm thinking about going to Southampton to see Akram Khan's new Giselle for ENB in October. Is the theatre huge? Where to sit? If the ring or the balcony is too far away, is it worth to buy seats in the stalls? I know this is the Balletco Forum and not a travel agency, but is Southampton an interesting destination in itself? I'd spend a day or so there before going to London for some more ballet...!
  9. Casting has just gone up on the ENB website: http://www.ballet.org.uk/whats-on/swan-lake-round/
  10. I have a ticket to see La Bayadere at the ROH in April as my christmas/ birthday present. My seat is in the balcony A60 but as it is my first time going to the ROH I was wondering how well you can see from there? Being quite short, will I have a good view?
  11. So I might be going to see Two Pigeons at the ROH tonight. I've got a good offer for a cheap seat in the Ampitheatre. But it's slightly further back. It says online that there are a few other more expensive seats elsewhere that so far haven't sold. So I was just wondering if anyone knew if it was possible or had tried asking at the theatre whether they can sit somewhere better if there are seats still available tonight? So basically maybe upgrading my seat from further back to somewhere either further forward or lower down?
  12. When visiting a theatre what are your basic requirements? For me there's only one thing, and that's comfortable seating. I'm 6ft 3ins tall and need a lot of leg-room and so always book early to get an aisle seat, or somewhere else I can stretch my legs. Of course this means I don't get the best view or acoustics, and it might be quite draughty where I'm sitting, but needs be. I regularly visit the theatres in South and West Yorkshire and am always able to get somewhere appropriate, whether at the old Victorian theatres, the modern theatres...or the various other venues. What are your preferences and priorities?
  13. A friend of mine is visiting St Petersburg next July and wants tickets for the ballet but the prices offered by the tour company are frightening. Is there a website in English that anyone can recommend? Thanks Linda
  14. Dear All, Thank you in advance for any suggestion you might want to provide me with. Time has come for my wife and I to see a Ballet at ROH (it's actually gonna be a surprise for her). We just have a few days off work during the first week of January 2016. We have basically two options: Wednesday 6th - Takada, Hristov, Gartside, Maguire, Acri, Levitin Friday 8th - Nuñez, Montagirov, Avis, Hayward, Zucchetti, Levitin As far as I ma aware, Friday cast is more renowned and expert. However, seats available are just a few and we might have some problems with our schedule, having to fly out early in the next morning. Would wednesday cast be good as well? What do you honestly think? Should wednesday be our night at ROH, I need to reserve our seats. I have read that orchestra stalls might not grant a pretty clear view of the scene (apart from price issue). I was thinking of seating in the amphitheater, and benefit from the bird-eye view from there. B55/B56 are still available. Again, your opinion? Thank you again for your help.
  15. I wonder if any of you can help me? I am keen to see the Chinese Peking Opera at Sadler's Wells but the tickets are rather expensive. I cannot sit in the cheaper seats upstairs as I suffer from vertigo. I noticed that there are some restricted seats at the back of the stalls. The information given just says 'height'. Does this mean that the seat is high..... And do you know how much of the stage is visible from these seats? Thanking you in anticipation. Susan
  16. Has been announced: http://www.operadeparis.fr/saison-2014-2015/ballet And Yikes, POB tickets have increased in price dramatically.
  17. Does anyone have advice as to where to sit for the ENB Romeos? I like to be close but the photoview looks like knee up views. Would loggia or grand tier be preferable? Side or center? Many thanks for any advice.
  18. Is anyone familiar with seating at The Barbican Theatre - is the view from the Circle/Upper Circle OK or is it too far from the stage for a dance performance to see properly? I normally prefer a view from above to see the choreography and I find Stalls are not raked steeply enough or seats offset in the UK to allow a clear view. Any advice appreciated!
  19. Has anybody any advice on where best to sit in the Milton Keynes theatre - this for opera not dance? Many thanks.
  20. If money is no object, where is the best place to sit? I see Grand Tier is more expensive than the stalls that are closest to the stage. Is there a problem with the stalls seats? If in the stalls is it better to be at the back than the front? If Grand Tier is not available (and if it is indeed the best), what would you recommend as next best?
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