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Found 188 results

  1. Just realised we haven't got a thread started for the Royal Ballet's new triple bill (Birthday Offering/A Month in the Country/Les Noces), which had its first night tonight, so thoughts here, please.
  2. The Royal Ballet's much-awaited, much-postponed The Prince of the Pagodas finally returns to the Royal Opera House tomorrow, so please use this thread to discuss it. Am I right in thinking that the general rehearsal isn't until tomorrow afternoon? There was some discussion of the Insight Evening for this here: http://www.balletcof...nsight-evening/, and some casting changes are discussed in later postings here: http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/89-royal-ballet-period-4-casting/
  3. Royal Ballet 2011/2012 Period 4 casting (m = matinée) Ballo della regina / La Sylphide May 21 - Jun 15 Ballo della regina Nuñez, Polunin (May 21, 24, 26; June 12) Cuthbertson, Bonelli (May 22, 26m; June 7, 15) La Sylphide Cojocaru, McRae (May 21) Marquez, McRae (May 24, 26) Rojo, Pennefather (May 22, 26m) Lamb, Polunin (June 7, 15) Cojocaru, Kobborg (June 12) The Prince of the Pagodas June 2-29 Nuñez*, Rojo*, Kish* (June 2, 6, 18) Cuthbertson*, Yanowsky*, Pennefather* (June 9, 21, 27) Lamb*, Morera*, Bonelli* (June 13, 29) Birthday Offering / A Month in the Country / Les Noces June 30 - July 9 Birthday Offering Rojo*,Bonelli* (June 30; July 4, 7) Nuñez*, Soares (July 3, 6) A Month in the Country Yanowsky, Pennefather (June 30; July 4, 7) Cojocaru*, Polunin* (July 3, 6) Les Noces Arestis, Hirano* (June 30; July 4, 7) McNally*, Hristov (July 3, 6) Titian 2012 July 14-20 (casting to be announced) *denotes a debut in the role
  4. Unfortunately, I got caught out by the unexpectedly high prices of the programmes last night and wasn't able to buy one: perhaps someone who did could give us a better idea of what and who we saw than I can, so we can get a discussion started?
  5. Fille starts a short run tomorrow with Nunez and Acosta, and also showing at cinemas around the world on May 16th with Marquez and McRae. Please discuss the performances here.
  6. Could any kind soul who was lucky enough to get a ticket post a brief summary of the evening for those of us who weren't so fortunate? Thanks
  7. Starting soon so this seems the place for ongoing comments. The link for ROH YouTube It's being heavily covered in the Guardian - this is a link to their search page with several articles. A reminder of the schedule: 10.30 Daily Class - including interviews with Jonathan Cope and Kristen McNally 11.35 Wayne McGregor interview 12.00 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland rehearsal 12.30 Dancers interview 13.05 Monica Mason interview 13:20 Prince of the Pagodas rehearsal 13.50 Marianela Nuñez interview 13.55 Barry Wordsworth and Rob Clark interview 14.00 Polyphonia rehearsal 14.30 Dancers interview 15.15 Street Stories - education project with East London dance students 16.10 Romeo and Juliet rehearsal 16.50 Dancers Interview 17.00 New Liam Scarlett ballet rehearsal 17.30 Liam Scarlett interview 18.30 Carbon Life - including interviews with Wayne McGregor and Mark Ronson (Insights Public Event)
  8. Looks as if we've been spared an increase in the cheaper tickets - can't comment on the posh ones! Flickr
  9. The Royal Ballet's current run of MacMillan's Romeo & Juliet starts tonight, so please discuss here.
  10. Just found this on the ROH Facebook page: http://www.roh.org.uk/news/monica-mason-to-receive-special-award-at-oliviers
  11. I've just checked the ROH website for the casting tomorrow night, and found that Lauren Cuthbertson and Rupert Pennefather (both supposedly injured on Thursday) have been replaced as Sugar Plum Fairy and Prince (or whatever he's called here) by Marianela Nunez and Nehemiah Kish in tomorrow night's early show.
  12. I know it's a bit early yet, as performances don't begin until the middle of next week, but I thought I'd start a thread in case anyone wants to comment on tonight's insight evening or anything else relevant. (Don't forget that we already have a thread for Period 2 casting, if anyone needs to post about cast changes: http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/35-rb-period-2-casting/).
  13. The Royal Ballet's performances of Sir Peter Wright's production of The Nutcracker are about to resume, so I thought I'd start a thread for discussing them. Unfortunately, we no longer appear to have a tree structure for splitting into different performances, so I guess we'll have to play it by ear and see what works best. Anyway, here's a link back to DaveM's photos taken at the dress rehearsal: http://www.ballet.co...racker_roh_1211 Unfortunately, I can't yet see how to insert one here in time-honoured fashion - I get an error message saying that I can't use that extension here, or something.
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