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Found 188 results

  1. The RB's insight event into Liam Scarlett's Frankenstein is being live-streamed tonight (April 7) from 7.15 BST. Link here.
  2. I am undecided about whether or not to go to this next month. There are some good seats remaining for the Sat mat and I am tempted due to the opportunity to see Zenaida Yanowsky. And yet... while I have liked some of his work,I am not a huge fan of Wheeldon and I fear a whole afternoon might be too lacking in variety. For me anyway. There seem to be quite a lot of tickets left in general. Of course the decision to go or not to go is down to me. I just wondered if anyone could give their opinion of what's on offer?
  3. The latest Royal Ballet mixed bill opened tonight, with Viscera, Afternoon of a Faun, Tchaikovsky pdd and the new Carmen (from Carlos Acosta). Was at the dress rehearsals last week, to put together a gallery of the opening night cast: Viscera - Nehemiah Kish, Leticia Stock © Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr Carmen - Marianela Nunez © Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr Carmen - Marianela Nunez, Carlos Acosta © Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr See more... Set from DanceTabs: RB - Carmen, Viscera, etc mix bill Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr By kind permission of the Royal Opera House
  4. A world premiere of Akram Khan's Giselle at English National Ballet next season, Reimagining Giselle as part of Draft Works at the Royal Opera House in April 2016, Jerome Bel's production Tombe, which is inspired by Giselle, currently at Paris Opera Ballet. What makes Giselle so attractive to create modern versions of it? Or just pure coincidence? Apologies if this is an odd question!
  5. This came up on my Twitter feed: it's really interesting. http://www.roh.org.uk/news/watch-how-morning-ballet-class-has-changed-over-the-last-200-years
  6. Just quickly, as I want to get back to take it all in, the RB's winter casting (not included in the ROH Magazine) is now on the ROH website, although one has to search under each production. The repertoire in question is, of course: Giselle, the Wheeldon Triple Bill, and Rhapsody/Two Pigeons Some delights in store.
  7. I was in attendance at the dress rehearsals, armed with the camera. So here are some photos :-) The Two Pigeons - Vadim Muntagirov, Lauren Cuthbertson © Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr Monotones I - Yasmine Naghdi, Tristan Dyer, Emma Maguire © Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr Monotones II - Edward Watson, Marianela Nunez, Valeri Hristov © Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr See more... Set from DanceTabs: RB - Monotones I & II, Two Pigeons Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr By kind permission of the Royal Opera House
  8. Just thought I would start the new feed as this season's Nutcracker is about to begin! Just from rehearsal videos and photos, there is something that seems so different & special about this years run. Whether it is because there seems to be such a large amount of promising young talent throughout the ranks, as I personally would be happy to see any cast. Or maybe it is because there was no Royal Ballet Nutcracker last year? Also I saw a small clip of McRae and Salenko's rehearsals yesterday, and her Sugar Plum looks divine! Their partnership does seem to be quite special!
  9. What a splendid start to the season! Superlative! ***** Five stars! It doesn't get any better! Well done! Steven McRae, Sarah Lamb and the whole company! The cinema audiences are in for a treat on Tuesday!
  10. Just seen this on my Twitter feed http://www.roh.org.uk/news/roberta-marquez-to-leave-the-royal-ballet It does not say that she is retiring, only leaving. But she is to return in the 2016/17 season for a farewell performance.
  11. It strikes me that neither Royal Ballet company shows as much enthusiasm for programming the works of their founder choreographer as you might expect given the quality of his ballets, Is it a feeling of ambivalence akin to that experienced,at one time, by the Danes towards their Buornonville legacy that is the root cause of the comparative neglect of Ashton's works?
  12. According to a posting on the ROH website, Nutcracker casting has been confirmed/changed (unspecified) here: http://www.roh.org.uk/productions/the-nutcracker-by-peter-wright If anyone can find the Period 1 casting thread (which hasn't been tagged - GRRR), please let me know and I'll move this.
  13. According to this report Osipova is on the mend. http://www.gramilano.com/2015/10/good-news-osipovas-back/
  14. Did anyone attend the rehearsal today and if so are they willing/able to comment on any notable changes to Raven Girl? Or indeed Connectome. (Sorry not sure of the ettique re being able or not to comment on rehearsals before the actual production run -apologies if this is not the done thing!) I know Raven Girl was not all that popular last time around but I have to confess to really liking it and thinking it had great promise as a modern fairytale about transformation and longing to belong. On a practical note too I was wondering about the order in which the ballets will be shown an when the interval falls -i.e. in the midst of Raven Girl or between Connectome and Raven Girl.
  15. Well, the summer booking brochure lets slip the fact (owing to a big screen showing in September) that the RB's next season will begin with Romeo & Juliet. More than that, I don't know. When is the season being announced? It surely can't be long now. (And does that mean there's a Ring Cycle for the RO?)
  16. Disappointed to see so few appearances for Edward Watson in the forthcoming season. Whilst it is pleasing to have the return of Winter's Tale and I have just managed to get a ticket for Osipova in Romeo and Juliet, I don't want to see Raven Girl (once was more than enough) and Flight of a Faun left me cold last time. Poor Edward.
  17. Was at the dress rehearsal at ROH for the final Royal Ballet mixed bill of the season, featuring 'Afternoon of a Faun' and 'In the Night' both by Jerome Robbins, along with Kenneth MacMillan's masterpiece, 'Song of the Earth'. The season seems to have flashed by! anyhoo, here are a few photos: Afternoon of a Faun: Sarah Lamb, Federico Bonelli © Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr In the Night: Thiago Soares, Marianela Nunez, Emma Maguire, Alexander Campbell, Zenaida Yanowsky, Nehemiah Kish © Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr Song of the Earth: Ryoichi Hirano, Lauren Cuthbertson, Edward Watson © Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr See more... Set from DanceTabs: Royal Ballet - mixed bill Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr By kind permission of the Royal Opera House
  18. Just noticed that casting is up..! http://www.roh.org.uk/mixed-programmes/afternoon-of-a-faun-in-the-night-song-of-the-earth Afternoon of a Faun 29 May: Bonelli, Lamb 30 May: Muntagirov, Hamilton 1 Jun: Muntagirov, Hamilton 4 Jun: Bonelli, Lamb In the Night 29 may: Maguire, Campbell, Yanowsky, Kish, Nunez, Soares 30 May: Lamb, Bonelli, Kobayashi, Hristov, Marques, Pennefather 1 Jun: Lamb, Bonelli, Kobayashi, Hristov, Marques, Pennefather 4 Jun: Maguire, Campbell, Yanowsky, Kish, Nunez, Soares Song of the Earth 29 may: Cuthbertson, Pennefather, Watson 30 May: Morera, Kish, McRae 1 Jun: Nunez, Acosta, Soares 4 Jun: Cuthbertson, Pennefather, Watson
  19. here is the details Autumn Season Deloitte Ignite 2014 Free opening festival curated by The Royal Ballet and Minna Moore Ede. Throughout September BalletBoyz theTALENT (Linbury Studio Theatre) Former Royal Ballet dancers Michael Nunn and William Trevitt and their award-winning troupe come to the Linbury Studio Theatre for the first time, with an all-new programme. 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 September at 7.45pm Manon By Kenneth MacMillan Music: Jules Massenet, orchestrated by Martin Yates Kenneth MacMillan’s acclaimed tragic ballet is a modern masterpiece. 26 September at 7.30pm; 27 September at 12.30pm; 30 September at 1pm 1 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 13 | 15 | 16† | 25 | 29 October at 7.30pm; 4 October at 2pm and 7pm; 5 October at 12 noon; 11 October at 12.30pm 1 November at 7pm † Live cinema relay Scènes de ballet / Five Brahms Waltzes in the Manner of Isadora Duncan / Symphonic Variations / A Month in the Country By Frederick Ashton Music: Igor Stravinsky / Johannes Brahms / Cèsar Franck / Fryderyk Chopin The Royal Ballet celebrates its Founder Choreographer, Frederick Ashton, with a mixed programme of some of his finest works. 18 October at 7pm; 22 | 28 October at 7.30pm 4 | 5 | 11 | 12 November at 7.30pm Ceremony of Innocence / The Age of Anxiety / Aeternum By Kim Brandstrup / NEW Liam Scarlett / Christopher Wheeldon Music: Benjamin Britten / Leonard Bernstein / Benjamin Britten A Scarlett world premiere and two recent works by Brandstrup and Wheeldon: contemporary ballet at its finest. 7 | 13 | 14 | 17 November at 7.30pm; 8 November at 2pm and 7pm Cassandra NEW (Linbury Studio Theatre) By Ludovic Ondiviela Music: Ana Silvera Choreographer Ludovic Ondiviela and singer songwriter Ana Silvera present a poignant exploration of what it is to be described as mad. 30 | 31 October at 7.45pm 1 November at 2pm Mapping / Document / Christopher Bruce (Linbury Studio Theatre) By Darshan Singh Bhuller / Ivgi & Greben / NEW Christopher Bruce Phoenix Dance Theatre Phoenix Dance Theatre presents a mixed programme including a Christopher Bruce premiere and works by Darshan Singh Bhuller and the choreographic duo Ivgi & Grebem. 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 November at 7.45pm Don Quixote By Carlos Acosta after Marius Petipa Music: Ludwig Minkus, arranged and orchestrated by Martin Yates Carlos Acosta’s exuberant production of this classic tale of friendship, love and loyalty is bursting with joie de vivre. 25 | 27 | 28 November at 7.30pm 12 | 15 December at 7.30pm; 20 December at 1.30pm and 7pm; 29 December at 7pm; 30 December at 12.30pm 3 January at 1.30pm and 7pm; 5 | 7 | 8 | 14 | 19 | 21 | 22 January at 7.30pm Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland By Christopher Wheeldon Music: Joby Talbot, orchestrated by Christopher Austin and Joby Talbot Follow Alice down the rabbit hole in Christopher Wheeldon’s thrillingly entertaining ballet. 6 December at 1.30pm and 7pm; 10 | 16† December at 7.30pm; 19 December at 2pm and 7.30pm; 22 December at 12.30pm; 23 December at 1.30pm and 7pm; 24 December at 12 noon; 27 December at 1.30pm and 7pm; 31 December at 12 noon and 5pm 10 January at 7pm; 12 | 15 | 16 January at 7.30pm Welcome Performance for Families on 10 January at 1.30pm † Live cinema relay The Mad Hatter’s T Party NEW (Linbury Studio Theatre) ZooNation ZooNation burst onto the stage with their family Christmas show, a wonderfully wacky take on the madcap characters of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Previews: 6 December at 12.30pm and 5pm; 8 December at 7pm 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 December at 7pm; 13 | 20 | 22 | 23 | 27 December at 12.30pm and 5pm; 24 | 31 December at 12.30pm; 28 December at 2pm; 29 | 30 December at 5pm 2 | 3 January at 12.30pm and 5pm Winter Season Onegin By John Cranko Music: Kurt-Heinz Stolze after Pyotr Il’yich Tchaikovsky John Cranko’s adaptation of Pushkin’s verse-novel, set to music by Tchaikovsky, trembles with emotional charge. 24 January at 2pm and 7pm; 27 | 28 | 30 January at 7.30pm; 31 January at 12.30pm 2 | 4 February at 7.30pm; 7 February at 12.30pm; 11 February at 2.30pm and 7.30pm; 16 | 18 February at 7.30pm; 27 February at 2.30pm and 7.30pm Swan Lake By Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov, additional choreography by Frederick Ashton and David Bintley Music: Pyotr Il’yich Tchaikovsky Anthony Dowell’s production of the greatest romantic ballet draws upon the opulence of 1890s Russia. 10 | 13 February at 7.30pm; 14 February at 7pm; 19 February at 2pm and 7.30pm; 21 February at 1.30pm and 7pm 13 | 16 | 17† | 18 | 19 | 25 | 26 March at 7.30pm; 14 March at 12.30pm; 21 March at 1.30pm and 7pm 2 | 7 | 9 April at 7.30pm † Live cinema relay London International Mime Festival (Linbury Studio Theatre) The acclaimed annual festival returns to the Linbury Studio Theatre. TBC January Murmur / Inked (Linbury Studio Theatre) By Aakash Odedra Aakash Odedra dances an exhilarating mixed programme, created in collaboration with choreographers Lewis Major and Damien Jalet. 23 | 24 January at 7.45pm Draft Works (Linbury Studio Theatre) By The Royal Ballet Dancers from within the ranks of The Royal Ballet create and perform experimental new works. 24 | 26 February at 7.45pm Ballet Black (Linbury Studio Theatre) The award-winning company presents a dynamic mixed programme from leading choreographers. 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 February at 7.45pm Spring Season The Bayadère Project (Linbury Studio Theatre) By Shobana Jeyasingh Music: Gabriel Prokofiev In a new Royal Opera House commission Shobana Jeyasingh reimagines Marius Petipa’s India-set classical ballet. 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 March at 7.45pm The Four Temperaments / Hofesh Shechter / Song of the Earth By George Balanchine / NEW Hofesh Shechter / Kenneth MacMillan Music: Paul Hindemith / TBC / Gustav Mahler Masterpieces by Balanchine and MacMillan frame a world premiere from Hofesh Shechter in The Royal Ballet’s thrilling mixed programme. 27 | 30 March at 7.30pm 8 | 10 | 14 April at 7.30pm La Fille mal gardèe By Frederick Ashton Music: Ferdinand Hérold, arranged and orchestrated by John Lanchbery Frederick Ashton’s joyful ballet contains some of his most brilliant choreography. 16 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 28 | 29 April at 7.30pm; 26 April at 3pm 2 May at 2pm and 7pm; 5† May at 7.30pm † Live cinema relay Summer Season Woolf Works NEW By Wayne McGregor Music: Max Richter Royal Ballet Resident Choreographer Wayne McGregor presents his first full-length ballet for the Company. 11 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 20 | 21 | 26 May at 7.30pm; 23 May at 12 noon Afternoon of a Faun / In the Night / Song of the Earth By Jerome Robbins / Kenneth MacMillan Music: Claude Debussy / Fryderyk Chopin / Gustav Mahler The Royal Ballet’s mixed programme brings together two of Jerome Robbins’s masterpieces with MacMillan’s powerful depiction of love and loss. 29 May at 7.30pm; 30 May at 12.30pm 1 | 4 June at 7.30pm Welcome Performance for Families on 29 May at 1.30pm The Architect / mixed programme (Linbury Studio Theatre) By Kenneth MacMillan / NEW TBC Northern Ballet One of the UK’s leading touring companies visits the Linbury Studio Theatre with a mixed programme. The Elves and the Shoemaker By Daniel de Andrade Northern Ballet presents new children’s ballet from its award-winning series Short Ballets for Small People. TBC May Springboard (Linbury Studio Theatre) Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance; Verve; Ballet Central; Dutch National Ballet 1 | 2 | 3 | 5 | 6 June at 7.45pm The Royal Ballet School Summer Performances 12 July at 12 noon (main stage) | TBC July (Linbury Studio Theatre)
  20. This brand new mixed bill by The Royal Ballet, opened this evening for 4 performances only: Machina: Carlos Acosta and Leanne Benjamin © Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr Trespass - Sarah Lamb and Steven McRae © Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr Diana and Actaeon - Marianela Nunez as Diana © Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr See more... Set on Flickr - RB's new Metamorphosis: Titian 2012 Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr
  21. Well, Picturehouse Cinemas are quick off the mark with announcing the Royal Ballet (and Opera) screenings for next season: http://www.picturehouses.co.uk/News/item/Royal_Opera_House_2014_15_Season_Now_On_Sale/ I've just lifted the ballet-related text from the webpage. Thursday 16 October, 7.15 Manon (Live) Ballet in three acts. 2 hrs 35 mins approx. The duets that MacMillan created for Manon and Des Grieux are among the most emotionally intense and erotically charged ever choreographed. Tuesday 16 December, 7.15 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Live) Ballet in three acts. 2 hrs 55 mins approx. Christopher Wheeldon, composer Joby Talbot and designer Bob Crowley have created a genuine family ballet in the spirit of Lewis Carroll’s much-loved children’s classic. Tuesday 17 March, 7.15 Swan Lake (Live) Ballet in four acts. 3 hrs approx. Yolanda Sonnabend’s designs are an inspired blend of historical accuracy and Gothic fantasy, drawing on the opulent style of Carl Fabergé. Tuesday 5 May, 7.15 La Fille Mal Gardée (Live) Ballet in two acts. 2 hrs 15 mins approx. Frederick Ashton's final full-length ballet is one of his most joyous creations, inspired by his love for the Suffolk countryside.
  22. The swans are back in town this week, opening on Tuesday 10th Feb, with Sarah Lamb as Odette/Odile and Carlos Acosta her Prince Siegfried. Here are a few photos from the dress rehearsal last week: Swan Lake - Swans (Anna Rose O’Sullivan) © Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr Swan Lake - Carlos Acosta and Sarah Lamb © Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr Swan Lake - Carlos Acosta and Sarah Lamb © Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr See more... Set from DanceTabs: The Royal Ballet - Swan Lake Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr By kind permission of the Royal Opera House
  23. Nowadays the casting for the next booking period is usually on the website by the time I get my ROH Magazine but doesn't seem to be this time, so here it is: The Four Temperaments/New Hofesh Shechter/Song of the Earth: March 27th: McRae*, Osipova*, Bonelli*, Watson, Yanowsky*/The Company/Nunez, Soares*, Acosta March 30th: Muntagirov*, Osipova, Bonelli, Underwood*, Heap*/The Company/Morera, Kish, McRae* April 8th and 10th: McRae, Lamb*, Golding*, Watson, Yanowsky/The Company/Nunez, Soares, Acosta April 14th: Muntagirov, Lamb, Golding, Underwood, Heap/The Company/Morera, Kish, McRae La Fille mal gardee: April 16th, 24th: Morera, Muntagirov* April 21st, May 2nd mat: Marquez, Zucchetti* April 22nd, 28th: Nunez, Acosta April 23rd, 29th, May 5th live relay: Osipova*, McRae April 26th mat, May 2nd eve: Choe, Campbell*
  24. Carlos Acosta's production of Don Quixote for the Royal Ballet opens its Christmas/New Year run on Tuesday (25th November) at the Royal Opera House. Here are a few photos from the dress rehearsal last week. Jolly good fun it was too! Marianela Nunez, Carlos Acosta © Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr Tristan Dyer, Claire Calvert © Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr Thomas Whitehead, Kristen McNally © Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr See more... Set from DanceTabs - Royal Ballet ‘Don Quixote’ Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr By kind permission of the Royal Opera House
  25. The Royal Ballet's latest mixed bill, featuring new commission from Hofesh Shechter, opens tonight (March 27th, 2015). Alongside this new work, 'Untouchable' are masterworks from Balanchine ('The Four Temperaments') and MacMillan (the mighty 'Song of the Earth'). Was at the Friends general rehearsal, so here are a few photos: The Four Temperaments - Lara Turk, Nathalie Harrison, Edward Watson, Annette Buvoli, Tara-Brigitte Bhavnani © Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr Untouchable - Hannah Grenell, Isabella Gasparini © Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr Song of the Earth - Carlos Acosta, Marianela Nunez, Thiago Soares © Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr See more... Set from DanceTabs: RB mix bill (Four Temperaments etc) Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr By kind permission of the Royal Opera House
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