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Found 101 results

  1. Hi I've been trawling through old topics and posts much of the afternoon looking for hints, tips and advice on what to expect from final auditions and thought it would be easier to just start a new thread asking!! My daughter has got through to Elmhurst finals and we have no idea what to expect so would be really interested to hear from people who have been through it all at Elnhurst but also any of the other big schools as I'm sure others auditioning this year would love to hear and learn from your insight, thank you so much in advance ????
  2. My DD is coming to London to audition for Upper School in a few months time. I am curious to understand what exactly happens with Elmhurst and Royal Ballet school places. Are there extra places opened up for upper school or is there only filling of places for those who have been assessed out? I understand with ENBS and Central it is a whole new intake, but I would have thought there must be very few opportunities for a place in Elmhurst and RBS if they already have a full compliment of there own students which presumably are already of an extremely high standard. My dd is especially keen on RBS or Elmhurst but I thought as we are coming such a long way we should try for some others too. Are there other ballet schools that could be suggested for opportunities that perhaps we don't know about.
  3. Hi Sorry if this post goes wrong, this is my first post and I don't know what tags are. I'm 12yrs and I've been dancing since I was 3. I'm applying for the ma at the RBS. I'm trying to find out as much about what they look for and what happens at an audition. From what I've gathered it's basically a class but is there any specific exercises such as touching your toes or something like that? Also how many places available for yr 8 and is the mid associates one class or is it separate for each yr groups? And for the ballet body I've got long limbs, longish neck,short torso, narrow hips but broad shoulders, hyperextension, but I've got flat, but very flexible, feet. In fact the lady who fit my pointe shoes thought that I had high arches because they were flexible. Is the only reason why they look for high arches and a high instep is because they want flexibility? I found out that flat feet tend not to be flexible. Thank you for reading this and I'll be grateful if anyone answers.
  4. Royal Ballet School audition dates for 2015 entry have been published on their website: http://www.royalballetschool.org.uk/training/auditions/audition-dates/
  5. Hi. I know there are hundreds of threads on this forum about RBS JAs - I've read lots of them! However, I'm just after some honest thoughts from you lovely knowledgeable people. My dd (8) auditioned for JAs this year (for year 4) but was unsuccessful. She was very disappointed but coped pretty well with the knock back and is already talking about trying again next year. Her teacher has also already said that she should try again. Now, I have no problem at all with her trying again - she loved the experience and it was all very positive (apart from the 'no' of course). My query is whether it's honestly likely to pay off i.e. Do students really succeed in the auditions on second or even third attempt? The 'rejection' email was very encouraging and stated that dancers develop at different rates and that they would never discourage anyone from auditioning again, which I get. However, if they are looking for that certain 'something' which they spot in the few they do offer places to, I can't help but think they'd have seen that in dd straight away at her first audition. I'm a complete novice to the ballet world so I might have this completely wrong. I just want to try and get as full a picture of how it all works as possible so that I can help dd and manage her expectations. Thanks for taking the time to read!
  6. I believe summer school candidates can audition for the Royal Ballet summer school on Wednesday, does this normally happen at this SS. My daughter won't be auditioning as she will be going into her final year. I wonder if this is more for the over seas students?
  7. http://www.royalballetschool.org.uk/2014/06/congratulations-year-11-graduates/ RBS have just announced that 29 dancers have graduated this year with 20 of them continuing their training at RBS Upper School. This is many more than in recent years! The announcement also says that the others will continue their training at other prestigious establishments. Well done everyone!
  8. Hi everyone, My DS is going to summer school at Whitelodge this year and we would like to get him a mobile phone for when he is there. In our pack it says this is fine but the signal is not great in the park. Just wondering if anyone already staying there knows which network has best reception? I know he can use the payphone but we'd like to send him quick texts rather then him having to worry about getting money from the office to call all the time. Thanks in advance.
  9. Just saw a post about this from yesterday on the RBS website. The deadline for applications is tomorrow (13th June). From the RBS website: This innovative dance project is designed to link A Level and BTEC dance students and selected London Secondary Schools with young dancers of a similar age at The Royal Ballet School. The projects are creative collaborations for a group of pupils who will meet and work with Royal Ballet School students over a 15-week period. The project provides a creative insight to the art form of ballet and culminates in the creation and performance of a new dance piece by all the participants. No previous experience of ballet is required. http://www.royalballetschool.org.uk/2014/06/invite-schools-take-part-collaborative-dance-project/ Yaffa
  10. Hello. Would anyone be kind enough to answer some questions I have about the full-time courses at the Royal Ballet School for ages 16-18? I'm actually a writer, and would like to know this in regards to a character I'm writing. It doesn't focus on her time at the school, she's not the main character, and most of these points I don't actually have to address in the work itself; but I would like to know them for my own understanding of the character, and I really like to get details right. So I'd really appreciate any help anyone would be kind enough to give me. Thank you very much!! My questions are: 1. It says on the RBS website that the courses at Covent Garden are three years long and begin in September. Is this the same as a university course, meaning it would begin in September 2014 and finish in summer 2017, with term breaks in the summer, etc.? If so, what month exactly does the course end in? 2. What sort of training background would someone need to have had to be accepted to one of the full-time courses for 16-18 year olds? Provided someone had been studying ballet from a young age and were an exceptional dancer, even if they'd had no training at anywhere prestigious before applying, is it possible that they could be accepted to the school? I would also like to ask if anyone knows how different procedure at the school was back in the mid-1970s? What I'd like to know is: 3. Were the full-time courses for 16-18 year olds still offered then, were they the same length as they are now, and did they give academic training alongside their dance training back then the same way they do now? 4. Were scholarships still offered then with the same or similar conditions as they are now? 5. Does anyone know what teacher training courses they offered back then – are they similar to the ones they offer now? I'm especially interested in the Course in Ballet Education Practice. In fact, any information about becoming a ballet teacher in the mid-70s would be really helpful, even if it doesn't involve the RBS! Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, and I'd very much appreciate any help anyone would be kind enough to give me!
  11. My 9yr old has a JA on Tuesday - any hints and tips anyone can give me to 'help' him? He is very excited and a little bit nervous obviously I have explained to him to just do what he loves (and remember stretched feet haha) and let that love of ballet shine through - just enjoy the experience. Its many many many moons since I auditioned !
  12. who got a yes from RBS,ENBS and Elmhurst? and who from you got a yes from both, which one do you decide it to go? my daughter will do the auditions next year. please feel free to share your experience!! Congratulations to all of you!!!!
  13. Hi Has anyone had a letter with audition time yet? Thanks
  14. It's a selected waiting list for us
  15. This is now available online on the RBS website.
  16. Does anyone know when the letters come out for applications to royal ballet summer school?
  17. Heard that there are big changes taking place at White Lodge and that the ballet principal/head of ballet has been made redundant as of yesterday and won't be replaced. Have also heard that a lot of other staff are leaving, both ballet and academic and all of the pastoral care staff as well. Feel sorry for the parents/children there at the moment who must be feeling very unsettled at the scale of these changes.
  18. Hello all, Does anyone know when the MA auditions results will be out? My nails are vanishing at a rate of knots as I wait for the postman! Does anyone remember when they were out last year or in other previous years? Thank you so much. I've never posted before but have read some very useful threads previoulsly, so thought I'd be brave!
  19. Could anyone please tell me the time of the year 5 class for the rbs JA class in Leeds.
  20. Hello. I'm very new to all this - both this forum and the whole dance world in general, so please bear with me! My 8 year yr old daughter's ballet teacher has suggested that she auditions for RBS JAs. I'm hugely proud of her for this accolade alone but am also completely taken aback and a little scared by the whole thing! I didn't even know JAs existed until she mentioned it and nothing like this was ever on the agenda until now. Dd loves her ballet but it has always seen it very much as a fun hobby. She is excited by the prospect of auditioning and visiting Covent garden but realistic about the commitment involved if she were to be lucky enough to be offered a place. I've been doing lots of research and have read some really useful threads on here which have helped a lot but I'm still in two minds about the whole thing. It sounds like an amazing opportunity but also a huge commitment - both financially and time wise. We live a fair distance from London so it would involve a lot of travelling. Does anyone know what time the Covent garden lessons start as this would be a major factor for us? Also, does anyone know anything about bursaries and is there likely to be any consideration of travel costs? I know this all seems like I'm hugely jumping the gun but just need to be realistic. I'm thinking we might take her to the audition for the experience as that would be an experience in itself and we will always wonder if we don't but I still have so many questions. Thanks for reading and any insight anyone can give will be much appreciated!
  21. Hi, I have an audition for the royal ballet school in a couple of weeks for senior associates and I don't have a clue what's going to happen. What will the audition be set out like? I am so nervous that all the girls there will be supper flexible and amazing at ballet. Also what should I wear and what about makeup? I am so nervous! I would be grateful of any information or tips. Thanks
  22. Please ask questions about Upper School/6th Form auditions in this thread. Do also make use of the "search" facility (top right of the forum pages) in case your question has been asked before. :-) I apologise for not tagging all Upper Schools but tags are limited in number. If anyone has questions or info about auditions at schools not listed, please do post anyway. Thanks, Spanner
  23. We are just at the very beginning of this journey and I was wondering if anyone could advise on the best age for vocational school? Year 7 seems very young but are you less likely to find a place in year 9. Cost would be a major issue for us and my initial feeling is the later the better but I don't want my daughter to miss out if the potential is there, a big if I realise
  24. Who'll be there on Saturday? We need to have a Balletco gathering! And also I was thinking it's strange it's only a "summer fair" again this year, I thought that's what it was last year, so this one would be an "open day". Can any WLers shed any light on it. I'm going with my ds to see who remembers him (and which staff are still there - quite a few of the house and academic staff have gone).
  25. my youngest daughter has been recommended by her dance teacher to audition for rbs jnr associates. wondered what happens at the audition and how soon you find out if you have been successful. any tips will be greatly appreciated
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