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Found 57 results

  1. Quick question, hope someone can answer please as I can't find this info on the DADA thread. When asked to supply financial information when applying for a DADA, which of the previous above date ranges do they want?
  2. I have been following the upper school threads with great interest as my DD will be going through auditions next year. Well done to all those with a 'yes', good luck to those still waiting and commiserations to those who haven't made it yet. Hoping someone can shed some light on the financing for theses courses. I understand you can apply for student finance, but think on one thread someone mentioned the normal £9000 is cut down to £6000 as some of the schools are classed as 'private'? Any information gratefully welcomed. NL
  3. I thought it maybe worthwhile highlighting costs involved for attending an Upper School. Please feel free to add. Central School of Ballet- tuition fees £9000 per year (can be covered by Student Finance)
  4. New to all this and feel a bit out of the loop. We have been living outside of the Uk for the last 6 years and my DD has been accepted in 2 schools, not sure yet which one is the favourite. My question is where do i find out the information for student finance and does anyne know if she would be considered a British student or an EU student. Due to circumstances the whole family is planning to return to the UK this summer.
  5. This announced by Liz Truss, education minister -http://bit.ly/1gdOSDS £28 million. What was the figure for 2013-14? Anyone know? Also that Dance and Drama GCSEs will count separately for purposes of school reporting.
  6. Just been into our local bank. DS off the RCS in a month (gulp!) so wanted to find out about a student bank account. Because he's 16 he is not apparently eligible, as under 18 (you can tell I taught maths). The bank have promised to look into this, but I wondered if anyone else had encountered the same problem, and could shed any light on banks that are particularly good with young university students. Meadowblythe
  7. Just found this: Dance and Drama Awards From 2013 The Department is currently reviewing the support available for the most talented young people and adults to access specialist dance and drama provision. Students who audition to start in September 2013 will study under new DaDA scheme arrangements. DaDA will continue to support students who show, at audition, that they are the most talented and likely to succeed in the industry. If offered an award, the amount of support for fees and maintenance received will be based on an assessment of family income. The income assessment will be undertaken by the appropriate DaDA school, using nationally set levels and guidance. on http://www.education.gov.uk/childrenandyoungpeople/youngpeople/studentsupport/a00203099/dada-scheme Can't find the info anywhere about the nationally set level of fees with regard to family income. Anyone any idea where it is, or has it not been published yet? DD off to audition at Hammond tomorrow, so hopefully they'll shed some light on it. I just hope we can still afford it if she is fortunate enough to be offered a dada. Millie
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