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Found 57 results

  1. Just thought I'd share what I've done this year to pay for dd's summer schools. Last year OPES kindly let us pay instalments but this year I opened a Halifax Regular Savers account for dd. You pay in a set amount by direct debit each month & the interest rate is one of the best available according to MSE plus the interest is tax free. You can't withdraw from it until the 12 months is up. When it matured it was paid into a normal savings account & we have enough there to pay for her summer schools up front this year. It means dd has a set budget so has some freedom as to what courses to choose up to the maximum amount of money saved.
  2. Hi all, I've searched on here to no avail so hopefully not repeating an already asked question. Does Hammond only offer funding help for yrs 4 - 6? and then you either have to leave or win the lottery to stay on for final years? Hammond Preparatory School School Fees, including school lunches and use of the Dance, Drama and Music Facilities £2,625 per term. Performing Arts Scholarships are available for years 4,5 and 6. Lower School (11- 16 years) Education £3,625 per term Education and Drama Training £4,275 per term Education and Music Training £4,275 per term Education and Dance Training £5,915 per term
  3. Hello all ive made a right boo boo ok DD has funding finals which is great, the news we wanted as we can't afford to send her without funding. what I did not realise is that they took an annual bonus into the equation which means our joint income is a few thousand over the thresh hold now my dear wife is more than happy to reduce her hours to put us back under the limit but she has enquired this morning and they will not let her reduce her hours til next financial year. ( April ) what on earth am I going to do now ??: would they take into consideration that our income will fall under the £90.000 in April 2016 ? if they need P60's our 2014 / 2015 our income is under if they need P60's our 2015 /2016 will be few thousand over HELP !! Any advice would be appreciated
  4. Can anyone explain Da Da funding? Looking at the sliding scale if we earn nearly £70k then the student has to contribute £3k. Does this mean if the fees are £9k for the year then the student pays £3k? Can anyone recommend support for funding?
  5. Hi all, I'm new to this so please excuse me if I'm overlooking something. My daughter is only 6 but she is ballet obsessed and proving talented at it so we will be applying for junior associate schemes next year for when she turns 8. We can afford the junior associate schemes but my concern is we wouldn't be able to afford standard fees if she was lucky enough to progress into full time vocational training most likely at Elmhurst (if possible) and I'm confused about who's eligible for what funding. Our household income is relatively low at around £33k per year. Looking on websites Seems we'd be eligible for funding (I fully appreciate this is only if she was lucky enough to get through auditions) but I'm confused about bursarys and DaDa eligibility etc etc. I know my question is well advanced considering her age currently but she is wanting to do extra ballet lessons and start Pilates to build up further skill and strength in preparation. So I guess what I'm saying is is it worth us putting all the extra money and time Into her dancing with a view of a future in it if we arnt going to be able to afford vocational training in the future. Thank you for any help xx
  6. Can anyone help me please about income declaration for dadas and what they take into consideration Eg If I earn say £40,000 a year which includes a £5000 car allowance ie I have a direct debit straight to the dealership as my company could not do it direct. So I never actually see the 5000 Do I put on the form I earn 40,000 or 35,000 ? Is it based on gross income, do they take your pension contribution into consideration or the fact I have other children ? Sorry for all the questions
  7. I'm trying to decide if it's possible at all for us to let our DS audition for year 7 next year. My DD is at a vocational school and it's already very expensive. I've read on the forum some time ago that if a second child is offered an MDS place parents pay just 50% Of what they will normally pay. So let say they pay £2000 per term for the older child but just £1000 per term for the second child. I tried to find any information about it on government website but I didn't see it anywhere. I've asked Tring school and they said that there is a slight reduction for 2nd child but NOT 50%. Can somebody help? I did search the forum but couldn't find the information. Are there any parents with 2 children on MDS?
  8. No matter how many times I do my sums , even with funding I simply cannot afford the accommodation fees for upper schools, I'm totally gutted and feel like I've let my DD down. I fact I have not even told her yet and we have already sent some upper school application forms off and have audition dates. How on earth am I going to tell her ? I feel like I've just been swept away with it all and buried my head for the past couple of years.
  9. Busymum

    MDS query

    I am after some advice re MDS. Friend's DD is auditioning for vocational school this year and would need an MDS. She is separated from her husband and needs to know if they take the husband's income into account or is it just the income of the house the child lives in? She fears her exDH won't help pay the fees.
  10. Hi everyone , can anyone offer some advice please My dd will be in the next tranche of auditions for upper school later this year and early spring 2016 In April 2015 the dada increased to a maximum of 90,000 joint salary , is this likely to increase again in 2016? How do you prove to schools how much your joint income is ? Do you send both P60's, if so do we send 2014/2015 Or do the schools wait til after April 2016 and then ask you to send 2015/2016 P 60's Any advice would be appreciated
  11. I have been offered a DADA for Millennium Performing Arts school, and will be starting in September. This is amazing as my parents only have to pay a small percentage (and even that is going to be a stretch). The problem is we are on the financial cusp of getting the DADA but no maintenance grant. My family cannot possibly afford maintenance fees, so I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to get funded. I cannot apply for a student loan because of the type of course, and a bank loan will only last me two years and has to be paid back within a set amount of time plus interest, which I'll also never be able to afford, even with a job. Any ideas? I'm a bit desperate!
  12. Hi, I have searched this topic and found lots of information but I was wondering if anyone knows if boarding costs are included in MDS awards. I had discounted full time dance school as I didn't think my DS would be happy boarding at such a young age, but he shocked me today by telling me he would love to live at dance school and wants to audition for Hammond like his older sister.
  13. Just seen on the lunchtime news that the Maintenance Grants are to be cut! Does anyone know when this is due to start.x
  14. michelle52


    Hi just wondering if anyone has experience of funding at schools like the Hammond. Can you get good burseries/funding without going through the music and dance awards which are soley based om ballet- if your child is talented in something other than classical dance, like singing/acting/and or dance? Thank you in advance
  15. Mae989

    MDS advice

    Hi I was just wondering if anyone had received any paperwork yet for the MDS and how does it actually work/ what are you entitled to?
  16. Hi all Sorry if this has been asked before but couldn't find it on here... When you apply for mds is it on your take home or pre tax etc? And do they take into account fees paid out for other child?
  17. We have put off auditioning for any vocational schools over the years primarily (as with most people on this forum!) due to finances should we have been offered a place! We are in the fortunate position to be employed , earning decent salaries which would therefore limit the funding available through mds if it were offered but sadly not fortunate enough to have clear funds available once mortgage and essentials are paid to cover vocational dance fees. Hence DD has the annual depression of accepting the situation in the autumn when the auditions start, getting over it and then the mixed emotions of yet more friends being offered places in the summer- wants to be so happy for them but tinged with sadness as she wants to go as well! In one last ditch attempt I thought it may be worth exploring the finances once and for all so help please! Do any of the main dance schools accept child are vouchers towards the boarding element of the fees? Someone had mentioned some general boarding schools do. Do any schools offer their own scholarships which are not means tested? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  18. I was wondering if any of you knowledge filled wonderful people out there could give me some information regarding mds funding. I have one dd who has an mds for her cat scheme and my youngest dd will receive an mds in September for vocational school. I have heard that there may be a discount if you have more than one dc with an mds. Please could someone enlighten me.
  19. Hi My first post on here so sorry if I mess up. My daughter has been lucky enough to secure more than one funding recall. When we have got our letters we have been asked to return self declaration of income forms prior to audition. Obviously she wants to attend all as she is unsure who will offer her funding if any. Can someone tell me is it ok to fill in more than one of these forms?? Thanks
  20. sorry, all I seem to do lately is rant about something or other on here! Auditioning for places is hard enough as it is but with the added stress and worry of how on earth me and my family will afford a place if I got it is so so stressful! It makes me angry that the government funding system makes it almost impossible for anyone who earns an average/low wage to be able to afford to pay tuition and living fees. we are called 'elitists' and our chosen career path has apparently 'no benefit to society'. Would they dream of telling a medical student "sorry you can't afford the tuition fees tough luck go and chose something else" I think that would be met by far more public criticism! just wish there was something we could do about it. so many work exceptionally hard to earn their places to be slapped in the face by the government because there's no financial assistance for parents! it really is ridiculous and something really needs to be done! would really love to campaign about this but what good would it ever do, the government seem to be trying to completely eradicate the arts in Britain!
  21. The Education Funding Agency have released the income levels for Dada's for 2015-16. I thought people might find this useful to know as you all complete the round of auditions. Please find attached the link below Guidance: Dance and drama awards: income scales
  22. I thought I would open this topic up as it may be helpful to some parents just starting out. There are so many hidden cost once your child has successfully achieved a place at vocational school. What support is given by the government regarding rent etc. is there any other support available that other parents have been able to tap into. We mostly already know about DA DA and MDS's, but what about cost of living for older students. Travel cost to and from school, food and dance equipment. Just thought that this topic may be of help to someone out there.
  23. This is a very theoretical question posed by DD (11), when we were discussing the routes chosen by the 17/18 year old leaving her dance school this year. If a pupil chooses to go to dance college at 18, graduates and then goes on to dance for a few years, what is the situation regarding university funding if they then want to go back to do an 'academic' degree? We are a long way off all these considerations, and tbh I sincerely doubt that DD (highly academic, good dancer but not 'outstanding', already 5'4" and growing rapidly) will choose a dance route at all. However, I thought it was an interesting question and wondered whether anyne could shed light?
  24. Hello all, I was just wondering which ballet schools offer scholarships (not DaDas) or able to apply for student finance. Thank you
  25. Am I correct in thinking that there is no funding available for the Theatre Arts course, only the Junior Dance course? The website mentioned there being scholarships worth 10% of the fees available but their fees seem very high & 10% is negligible in the scheme of things.
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