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  1. Hi, I'm new here so please forgive me if I've posted my query in the wrong place. I am hoping that someone can please please recommend a good teacher. We live in Cambridgeshire but would be prepared to travel a bit. My daughter is 9 and has always done very well in her exams plus being offered places at Tring, Elmhurst and short waiting list for JAs. She dreams of vocational school. However, she is getting increasingly frustrated at her current school as they only do exams when the entire class is ready. I just don't know where to take her though. I know king Slocombe in Cambridge is meant to be good but the logistics of getting into central Cambridge mean we would rather avoid that. So please, if anyone can recommend a teacher to us, I would be so grateful.
  2. Hello all, I'm tearing my hair out trying to find the right dancing school for DD. She's a really keen dancer (age 8) and pretty good I think (I know I would say that!!) but we've tried several dance schools in the area and they all seem a bit... amateur. Does anybody else have this problem? I would like to take her to one in London where I assume there's more choice, but we already go to London for her musical theatre once a week and DH stands firm that one trip in is enough. The latest dance school we tried I got to sit in and watch the modern and tap class. It seemed just... fine. But the kids were quite chatty and ultimately I felt DD wouldn't get much done there. She's eager to dance and even on the first day she looked bored as we waited for the kids to stop talking every 10 minutes. Pretty much the same situation as the other dance schools we've tried. Am I being too picky/hopeful? I just want to find somewhere that take the kids a bit more seriously but there seems to be nowhere like that in town. Could anybody recommend anywhere in London that provides good training... maybe I can tempt DH if I show him something!
  3. Hi all, a relative of mine is asking for help in finding a dance school in West London (or more centrally) offering fun, relaxed, imaginative classes for an 8-year-old. Not ballet, but free-style/contemporary movement. Something along those lines anyway, and 'a little bit special' is what they're looking for. If anyone has any ideas, please PM me and I'll pass it on, thank you
  4. My nearly 13 yr old daughter has been dancing since she was 2 1/2 and lives for it. She has been to a number of dance schools over the years as we have to move around with my hubby's job but we are beginning to feel she is stuck in a rut at her current school and don't know which direction to go in. She currently attends 1x grade 6 and IF (RAD) class a week and attends modern and tap classes too and also a monthly associate scheme. She has been lucky enough to dance with the EYB but misses attending a dance school offering her the opportunity to be part of squad. Her current school is very traditional and very much a case of your face fitting but doesn't enter competitions or festivals. I really feel she is being held back but we need to find the right school for her. Does anyone have any recommendations in the Oxfordshire/ Berkshire/ Bucks area?
  5. I have a very talented boy moving to Hove. Obviously we have already researched schools but I would be keen to receive any recommendations for a good, pro active school that will encourage a young boy currently working at RAD grade 2 level.
  6. Hello everyone! A friend has the opportunity to travel to London and Paris in a few months. Where and with whom do you advice her to take classes? (especially ballet and contemporary) Thanks in advance
  7. Hi In the next couple of weeks I will be moving to Swindon and I am looking for recommendations for ballet class.I have a list of schools but there are to many to try out so would like to narrow it down. I don't mind which syllabus but I do want good quality and a caring environment. I am 16 by the way. Hope someone can help thanks.
  8. My niece is looking for a decent school for her daughters in the Manchester area. They live in Didsbury and are looking more for an all-round training school rather than a ballet specific school, because the girls love musical theatre. However, they definitely want serious training, where they'll actually learn something, because they realise now how important technique is. The older one who is 9 has been going to a school round the corner from them, but sadly has rather been wasting her time there. Nuff said. Any suggestions will be gratefully received and passed on. Thanks a lot!
  9. Hi, we have just moved to York (south of the city) and are looking for a good ballet and dance school for my daughter (aged 11, grade 4).... Any suggestions / recommendations? Thank you
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