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Found 112 results

  1. Good morning all. I and my DD had the pleasure of travelling to Glasgow this week as she was auditioning at RCS. The facilities at Spiers Lock are superb and all the staff we met were most welcoming. I'm wondering does anyone else here have DC auditioning here this year or DC in situ - particularly girls. I would love to get some in site into the programme from those that might already be underway in their studies or have graduated. Many thanks. Kat
  2. My DD wishes to apply for 6th form at both Tring and Central. Can anyone tell me which of these has a better reputation for classical training?
  3. Hi My DD has been hunting for a black strapy (without adjustable bits)high leg leotard in black not shiny but a cotton mix. Any ideas please. XX
  4. Guest

    Rambert auditions

    I see on the Rambert site that all students complete a ballet class and contemporary session at the audition and that some are asked to do a solo, have an interview or have a physio check. Is there any anecdotal evidence to indicate what it means to be asked to do any of the extra sessions? Does anyone that doesn't do them actually get offered a place? It sounds to me as though it is a way of cutting people until they are left with the final few who have passed each round of selection! The site also implies that not all applicants are offered an audition - is that right? I gather that there are several audition dates but no final as such. Are places only offered after all the auditions have taken place or are they offered after each audition? is it worth an early audition? where do most of their students come from i.e. other vocational schools or local schools?
  5. I'm looking for some advice on this please. We were unable to attend the Central open day, and although a pack is coming, that will be in a little while. DD is 16 and living away from home for the first time - where do most of the Central students stay x
  6. I have been following the upper school threads with great interest as my DD will be going through auditions next year. Well done to all those with a 'yes', good luck to those still waiting and commiserations to those who haven't made it yet. Hoping someone can shed some light on the financing for theses courses. I understand you can apply for student finance, but think on one thread someone mentioned the normal £9000 is cut down to £6000 as some of the schools are classed as 'private'? Any information gratefully welcomed. NL
  7. who got a yes from RBS,ENBS and Elmhurst? and who from you got a yes from both, which one do you decide it to go? my daughter will do the auditions next year. please feel free to share your experience!! Congratulations to all of you!!!!
  8. Hello. Would anyone be kind enough to answer some questions I have about the full-time courses at the Royal Ballet School for ages 16-18? I'm actually a writer, and would like to know this in regards to a character I'm writing. It doesn't focus on her time at the school, she's not the main character, and most of these points I don't actually have to address in the work itself; but I would like to know them for my own understanding of the character, and I really like to get details right. So I'd really appreciate any help anyone would be kind enough to give me. Thank you very much!! My questions are: 1. It says on the RBS website that the courses at Covent Garden are three years long and begin in September. Is this the same as a university course, meaning it would begin in September 2014 and finish in summer 2017, with term breaks in the summer, etc.? If so, what month exactly does the course end in? 2. What sort of training background would someone need to have had to be accepted to one of the full-time courses for 16-18 year olds? Provided someone had been studying ballet from a young age and were an exceptional dancer, even if they'd had no training at anywhere prestigious before applying, is it possible that they could be accepted to the school? I would also like to ask if anyone knows how different procedure at the school was back in the mid-1970s? What I'd like to know is: 3. Were the full-time courses for 16-18 year olds still offered then, were they the same length as they are now, and did they give academic training alongside their dance training back then the same way they do now? 4. Were scholarships still offered then with the same or similar conditions as they are now? 5. Does anyone know what teacher training courses they offered back then – are they similar to the ones they offer now? I'm especially interested in the Course in Ballet Education Practice. In fact, any information about becoming a ballet teacher in the mid-70s would be really helpful, even if it doesn't involve the RBS! Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, and I'd very much appreciate any help anyone would be kind enough to give me!
  9. thought i would start a thread about this as Tring doesn't have its own dedicated thread yet and the auditions have started! My dd was there yesterday and enjoyed herself but didn't get the answer to some of the questions that we have. I can now answer one of my earlier questions here, though! It seems that no one in dd's group was interviewed so i hope that that doesn't mean that they weren't interested. only a couple of them went on to sing. does anyone know what the possible outcomes from the first audition are? I think that it is either No, Yes without funding or Yes with an invite to second audition for funding. Is there also the option of being put on the waiting list for a place or the waiting list for the funding audition? I have asked this before but it was a while ago and some of the answers were slightly contradictory! what sort of numbers usually go the 6th form funding audition? Is it true that the current yr 11 automatically get a place in the 6th form? How many are there on the dance course in yr 11 at the moment and how big is the current first year of 6th form? they seem to be auditioning so many so the odds of even getting an offer of the 2nd audition seem slim especially if surest students will take up most of the places!! good luck to all those still waiting to audition!
  10. Hello all! Well it has started WELL for DD!! She has an offer of a place at Northern Ballet School in Manchester - so a positive start to the audition process for her and WELL DESERVED! (she is a genuinely nice girl who has had it very tough the last few years..) Waiting on 2 letters and 4 more auditions to go.... Best of luck all F x
  11. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the Northern Ballet School in Manchester? ?
  12. Good luck to all the ENBS students who have a week of assessments ahead of them. Go well!
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