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Found 112 results

  1. Please share your news about auditions in this thread.
  2. Does anybody know or remember if ENBS Final audition takes place in the morning or in the afternoon? Central Preliminary audition for Overseas applicants is in the afternoon of the same day and that worries me just in case... What do you think? Too risky? Thanks
  3. I am happy to tell you about a wonderful new opportunity in Clitheroe ( Lancashire ) . Moorlands boarding school now has a full vocational course for classical training . Taught by 2 of the best teachers I know the ballet programme started in Sept - last year. . It now boasts 10 full time students and many Saturday Associates . I have 2 of my pupils trying there and they love it - and are doing brilliantly - due to excellent teaching and small classes . Many people are seeing this as a great choice for full time training and I would urge you to take a look . Children can board , I think from yr 5 upwards. - and day pupils are also welcome .
  4. What is the audition process like and the standard for Northern ballet school and how many students do they take for the first year of upper schools? Thank you,I'm new to this forum!
  5. I've been asked to write a personal statement at school in preparation for applying to universities etc, my first question is do vocational schools ask for personal statements as well? secondly, I can't seem to find any example dance statements. if anyone knows of where I can find some successful examples or has one themselves please could you let me know either below or PM me! thank you!
  6. Hello me again I have to say I am very concerned about my Dd applying for upper school and managing her expectations is a big concern of mine I want her to follow her dream , of course I do By like every dad I want to protect her and would hate to see her upset and disappointed How I wish I could see into the future Any stories of non vocational students getting a sixth form place or this pretty much unheard of ?
  7. Lilac


    Is there anywhere or anyone who will provide neutral advice to dance parents? We will be aiming for our DD to audition for vocational school in two years, and our not sure whether our local dance school offers all the best preparation. It is quite small so she only gets 3 - 4 hours a week there, whereas I am concerned that others get a lot more. The focus is very much on festivals and medal winners, whereas I would prefer a few more exams and more pointe work etc. just wondered if I could check this out anywhere as obviously the next 2 years are crucial and a time when we will need lots of help and advice! Thanks
  8. Third year auditions have happened. Do the students get informed if they have made it verbally or by letter. I presume if nothing has been said then they are successful???
  9. Hi all my Dd feels most comfortable in split sole canvas shoes When auditioning for upper schools would this be frowned on ? Is it best for her to wear soft blocks ?
  10. Hi all My DD will be auditioning for full-time vocational training this autumn. Any tips on the process? RBS, Elmhurst, Central, Rambert. All very new and scary. Thank you.
  11. If all 6th form/Upper School parents are already aware of this, feel free to ignore me. :-) Being 16, my dd now has an NUS Extra card despite being in Year 11, and it's really valuable in terms of discounts. The card costs around £13 a year but will pay for itself in no time. You have to register here: https://cards.nusextra.co.uk/?utm_source=NUSorg&utm_medium=Banner&utm_campaign=NUSExtra then find your school on the dropdown list. Most, if not all the Vocational Upper Schools are on the list, including BTUK School, and depending on school and course duration, you can either buy a one year or a three year card. If your 6th form/Upper school is not on the list then just get in touch with the school as all they have to do is email NUS Extra and apply to be registered. There are all sorts of discounts, including 10% off food at Co-op Food stores, discounts off at shops and restaurants, discounts on 16-25 railcards etc. DD was rather pleased to find out that Hollister currently offer 15% discounts for students if you show your NUS card instore. (Yikes).
  12. Just been into our local bank. DS off the RCS in a month (gulp!) so wanted to find out about a student bank account. Because he's 16 he is not apparently eligible, as under 18 (you can tell I taught maths). The bank have promised to look into this, but I wondered if anyone else had encountered the same problem, and could shed any light on banks that are particularly good with young university students. Meadowblythe
  13. Hello! I'm new here so not quite sure if I'm actually in the right place and I've seen a similar thread but thought it might be easier to start afresh... Just wondering if anyone has had any experience of the senior vocational training at LRBS? Thinking about auditioning but still just looking into it. I've heard lots of mixed reviews... Has anyone had experience of moving from RAD syllabus to Russian? From as far as I can tell it seems quite different and for someone who has trained in purely the RAD syllabus would it be possible to adjust to Russian (or just a waste of training time which could be spent developing further in RAD styles ?) - this is all speculating whether I would even get in haha! More out of curiosity rather than thinking too seriously at the minute I suppose. Anyway, please do let me know of any experiences with their upper school! I can only seem to find more about their adult classes and junior training
  14. I thought it maybe worthwhile highlighting costs involved for attending an Upper School. Please feel free to add. Central School of Ballet- tuition fees £9000 per year (can be covered by Student Finance)
  15. Hallo everyone, can you give me an opinion about ENBS? What is the differences between RBS? I saw the live streaming for the ENBS anniversary and i have to say that they seems very good the students there. I have a friend that she was accepted last year that was very skinny, but now after 1 year she seems more curvy...do you think that the their training is so strong that you will have more muscles legs like a gymnast? I heard that the students are very happy, and they work a lot...how many places normally they give to students to go to the company? What is it the youth company? are they the best students from the school? or is just a separate group related more with the company? My daughter she applied and we did the final examination on saturday.....and we are waiting for the results... thanks for your help!!
  16. Hi all, A friend of mine would like to audition for Rambert. Do you know when the next audition(s) is? Thank you!
  17. Could someone please advise me of the oldest age you can audition for a place at Tring
  18. sarah761


    Ok my dd has a dada offer at The Hammond and waiting to hear about funding for bird. She also has recall for urdang. Anyone have experience of this school? Whats its reputation? Where do they live whilst attending and how costly is living in London? Thanks
  19. Hi my dd has a audition early feb for hammond dance sixth form. Would love to hear your experiences of the audition and school. My dd is nervous about the singing and drama part of the day ! She takes drama at school and can hold a tune but does not have singing lessons of any sort ! She is a classical dancer but takes modern and tap lessons also. Thanks in advance x
  20. Anyone else doing the Northern Audition tomorrow morning or afternoon? X
  21. Hi all I'm new to the forum & to the upper school audition experience ???? & I just wondered what the general opinion was of the CSB audition process ? This was my dd's 4th audition & in comparison to the others, we were both really disappointed. I had been told about their not so great premises & facilities but of course they do have a good teaching reputation which is more important. The "welcome" was non-existent, no tour or talk to parents & no interaction whatsoever between the handful of current students there on the day & the auditionees. my dd said she felt she had performed well & that she had felt fairly strong in the class. She was very upbeat & smiley when she came out which is always a good sign as she wears her heart very much on her sleeve at all times However, a very abrupt & exceedingly poor template "No" arrived yesterday........2 days after our very expensive trip to London. We are honestly fine about the "No" but I just think they could have made much more of an effort in general. I also heard several accounts of a member of the panel who apparently watched certain auditionees with his head in his hands! .........how encouraging! ..........not to mention rude imo! Then again perhaps we are just naive in thinking the schools should make the same effort the auditionees & their parents do to meet the various school's audition requirements. TJ x
  22. Hello all! I'm through to the finals for sixth form entry at Elmhurst and im so pleased. I would just like to know a bit more as to what to expect. Is the class much harder than the prelim? How many girls will be in my class? How mnay spaces do they have? Does everyone have a physio ? Also if I do get in do they send one letter or is there more paperwork to be filled out? I really want to get in! Thanks
  23. Are anyones dancing girls or boys going to the English National Ballet School Audition tomorrow
  24. Hello! So, I'm starting to think a bit more seriously about auditioning for schools next year (age 18) and any advice/tips would be very much appreciated. For example... How many places should I audition for - what have people's limits been on audition fees? I'm doing lots of overtime at work at the moment in an attempt to start saving up, but what's a reasonable limit? Any suggestions on where to apply? When I first considered a dance career I ruled about ballet entirely because I'm slightly overweight, not exactly small chested, and only about 5ft... but the more I think about it the more I want to give it a go because I get more and more obsessed with ballet every week. So I'm thinking London Contemporary, Laban, London Studio Centre, but now I'm also starting to consider Ballet Theatre UK, Tring Park, ENBS etc... I don't really want to give up on ballet and wherever I go has to have some kind of classical training still which I think most do anyway. I told my ballet teacher I wanted to go to a dance school today which I've been scared to do for ages and she said 'yes, you're still here for a year aren't you so we can still do a lot with you.' which of course filled me with hope.... but I never mentioned where I wanted to go exactly and she never suggested anything. I'm hoping to audition for BTUK and TP Classical Ballet Associates, and I'm looking into summer schools as well so if anyone has any more suggestions about what I can do between now and auditions for full time training - let me know. I think I've said everything I wanted to now... All advice will be very much appreciated!! Lauren
  25. Sorry this could be a bit long, but I would really value some advice. DD is in lower 6th at a good academic school currently working towards her AS levels.Up until very recently she has been adamant that she didn't intend to pursue dance as a career. She doesn't have the ideal classical ballet body and isn't really interested in MT,despite having a good singing voice, so she had pretty much ruled a dance career out. However, as the end of schooling gets closer she is rethinking somewhat. She has always put her dancing before anything else, since she was a pre schooler and I think she is going to find it very hard to suddenly change that.So she is now wondering about applying for post 18 training. Problem is, we don't really know where to begin. Quite a few of her friends have gone away at 18 but all to MT colleges, whereas DD just wants to dance. Ballet is her first love, but she knows she's not cut out for a purely classical career so would want to do a mix of ballet and contemporary ideally. I think she should give it a go as better to try and fail than to spend the rest of her life wondering "what if...?" It really needs to be a degree though- firstly because we would not be eligible for a DaDA and need student finance, and secondly because her alternative plan is primary school teaaching.as far as I can tell she should be ok to do a PGCE after a BA in dance so that would leave her options open. Any advice, suggestions on courses to look at or pitfalls to beware of would be greatly appreciated.My husband is highly sceptical which is another problem, so anywhere I can find evidence to help convince him that a dance degree is worth as much as a more traditional subject would also be a big help. Thank in advance for all information and advice offered.
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