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Found 109 results

  1. I have a question for people who have been through the audition process for Upper School. How important is having the right body in the assessment for US and how much is it about technical standard/musicality/artistry or is it too subjective to say? If you don't have beautiful banana feet and a long line but have nice artistry, are you ruled out for one of the more competitive schools? My impression at LS level is that the body is everything and that quite a weak and unattractive dancer to the lay person - perhaps rather gangly and uncoordinated and not much sense of musicality- could still be snapped up by a top school. Thanks
  2. My dd is currently in Year 10 and is thinking of auditioning for full time training at 16. I am a bit clueless about the various schools and the process and hope to get some advice on here from you knowledgeable people! Ok so firstly when should she start looking at schools and when are the auditions? Do the schools have open days? She has done ballet since the age of 3 but has also added in modern, tap and jazz in recent years and enjoys these as much so she would like a school which teaches dance other than ballet. She is thinking of Ballet Theatre UK and Northern Ballet but I have no idea about these schools and what they offer. Where else should she look? Do schools offer A levels alongside dance training? What is the quality of education like? She's a bright girl currently in at an academic school and I would like her to get some A levels too. How competitive is the process at this stage and is there anything special she should be doing now to prepare? And finally if it doesn't work out and she doesn't get in anywhere, are there opportunities for full time training post 18? And would Dance A Level be useful?
  3. We are starting to think now about what dd wants to do in two years time. After our visit to Move It it dd is a bit clearer in her mind & several of the musical theatre colleges she is drawn towards take students at 18 though there are a few that take at 16. She is however quite set on taking A levels in particular science (she does not want to do Btec) The list of places we know about are Tring, Hammond, Abbots Bromley, Arts Ed (but only maths no science) Are there any other that we arnt aware of. Alternatively any schools close to local dance schools offering advanced classes in sufficient quality/quantity who would be sympathetic to the workload?
  4. Anyone on here with current or recent experience of training at NBS Manchester? Any information on the standard of teaching, timetable, accommodation, graduate destinations etc. would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.
  5. Has anyone got a call back for central finals, all daughters friends have no's
  6. OPEN DAYS FOR PROSPECTIVE FULL-TIME VOCATIONAL STUDENTS Prospective students for Chantry School of Contemporary and Balletic Arts' 3 year, full-time Diploma Course can now book onto one of two Open Days. At the Open Days, students are invited to meet the School's Core Tutors, take various classes, attend a Q&A session and visit the school. The Open Days are: October 16th November 20th If you would like to book a place, please email education@chantrydancecompany.org For more information and an online prospectus, please visit: http://www.chantry-school.org/open-days--prospectus.html
  7. Hi, can anyone tell me whether we receive letters from the ENBS pre-lim auditions if it's a no? my dd auditioned on the 23rd Jan and we haven't heard a thing so am presuming its a no?
  8. Hi all My Dd has her tring upper school in a few weeks and wondered if anyone can help me with putting her mind at rest about the academic test. Is it just general maths and English questions ? Also I've been on line looking for jazz pants Ok I have found various styles and wondered which ones would I get Short type, long with a flare bottom, stirrups or footless ones all seemed to be classed as jazz pants What are your opinions ?
  9. Hi all Can anyone enlighten me of what happens at upper school finals ? Tring, and Elmhurst Do they have to do their solos again at Tring ? Is it the case of everyone on a level playing field or do they take into consideration their first audition and have the details of that in front of them ? Are they now looking for that ' something special ' wow factor ? Any insight would be greatly appreciated Thanks Frederick
  10. Hello all ive made a right boo boo ok DD has funding finals which is great, the news we wanted as we can't afford to send her without funding. what I did not realise is that they took an annual bonus into the equation which means our joint income is a few thousand over the thresh hold now my dear wife is more than happy to reduce her hours to put us back under the limit but she has enquired this morning and they will not let her reduce her hours til next financial year. ( April ) what on earth am I going to do now ??: would they take into consideration that our income will fall under the £90.000 in April 2016 ? if they need P60's our 2014 / 2015 our income is under if they need P60's our 2015 /2016 will be few thousand over HELP !! Any advice would be appreciated
  11. Do studnts have to take A levels alongside their dance studies if lucky enough to gain a place in the sixth form at Elmhurst?
  12. Has anyone here got any insight into the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, would really like to talk to someone who goes there or knows a bit about the school and the BA in Modern Ballet. X
  13. Elmhurst has just had its latest Ofsted report published. Outstanding work... Literally! http://bit.ly/1Q2OEYe
  14. hi!! I've got the first of all my auditions tomorrow (Laban) and searching for some very last minute tips/words of wisdom...
  15. Hi everyone! I am starting at Tring Park on the Lower 6th dance course this coming September. I was fortunate enough to receive my DaDA in March time and since then I have been keen to get to know some new people who may be starting! I just wondered if anyone on here is starting this September? A few people originally from Tring Park in the lower school have created a group on Facebook. It currently consists of 42 members all going into Lower 6th this year, but they are still hoping to find some more newbies! This group allows us all to have a chat and it also allows the new pupils to ask questions if we have any!
  16. No matter how many times I do my sums , even with funding I simply cannot afford the accommodation fees for upper schools, I'm totally gutted and feel like I've let my DD down. I fact I have not even told her yet and we have already sent some upper school application forms off and have audition dates. How on earth am I going to tell her ? I feel like I've just been swept away with it all and buried my head for the past couple of years.
  17. Hi all, well had a disappointing start to the audition rounds yesterday. Firstly as a man standing on my own it was great that other dancing moms took me under their wings and had a good chat to me. We were allowed to watch the final 10 mins of the audition and my little girl looked uncomfortable, I think nerves got the better of her. Don't think I was the only parent to feel like this after chatting afterwards it seemed a few thought their daughters had not performed great to get themselves noticed. There were some amazing dancers there and noticed there seemed to be a lot of RBS associates. She is very down and I'm not sure how to help. How do elmhurst pick for finals is it pretty much down to who performs on the day ? Do they take nerves Into consideration if her barre work and technicality is good ?
  18. Had a message from DD today, she is feeling very depressed after returning to school after half term. We suddenly find out she has not been eating, struggling with class and getting more and more depressed and getting into a horrible downward spiral. DH off to the UK on Saturday to bring her home to see if we can sort it out, feeling completely distraught! Why did we let her go so far away! Help! Dramascientist
  19. hi, I'm currently in the process of applying for vocational training and university and I was really surprised at how little the websites give away as to what the auditions actually involve? in most cases it's not even clear whether a solo is needed or not so I've had to email around. anyway, obviously I will need a solo at some stage and I really don't know where to start at all, material or music wise! also, one school said no longer than a minute and a half, another one said no longer than 3 minutes and there's just about every length in between. can I just use the same one and a half minute solo? any tips
  20. Hi everyone , can anyone offer some advice please My dd will be in the next tranche of auditions for upper school later this year and early spring 2016 In April 2015 the dada increased to a maximum of 90,000 joint salary , is this likely to increase again in 2016? How do you prove to schools how much your joint income is ? Do you send both P60's, if so do we send 2014/2015 Or do the schools wait til after April 2016 and then ask you to send 2015/2016 P 60's Any advice would be appreciated
  21. Hello it's me again Now for the tring solo does this need to be something magical that is made up by her teacher I'm thinking of costs here to be frank ie private lessons for this, Christmas is coming and all that ! Would it be frowned upon just to do a dance from the currant grade she is studying ie intermediate ? Would they think she has not bothered to put any effort in if she did?
  22. it's time to fill in lots of forms again! After last year roller coaster of DD1's auditions, time to start again with DD2's... As we live abroad, DD2 has a choice between auditioning with the overseas contingent and do it all in one weekend or come to the UK at least twice to audition with the UK contingent. And we don't know what's best... Could some people with experience of each or both tell us more? Do you know if the auditions are made of small groups or else a big class? Are the classes smaller in one case or the other? Etc... All in all I'm after your experience and advice about these auditions... Thank you all!
  23. Please share your news about auditions in this thread.
  24. Does anybody know or remember if ENBS Final audition takes place in the morning or in the afternoon? Central Preliminary audition for Overseas applicants is in the afternoon of the same day and that worries me just in case... What do you think? Too risky? Thanks
  25. I am happy to tell you about a wonderful new opportunity in Clitheroe ( Lancashire ) . Moorlands boarding school now has a full vocational course for classical training . Taught by 2 of the best teachers I know the ballet programme started in Sept - last year. . It now boasts 10 full time students and many Saturday Associates . I have 2 of my pupils trying there and they love it - and are doing brilliantly - due to excellent teaching and small classes . Many people are seeing this as a great choice for full time training and I would urge you to take a look . Children can board , I think from yr 5 upwards. - and day pupils are also welcome .
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