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Found 77 results

  1. Cherry

    Host families

    Just wondered if anyone currently has a dc staying with a host family, in Tring. Is there an agency dealing with the host families in the area?
  2. Not sure if there's already a thread for this - couldn't seem to find it! was just wondering if anyone had applied for the Tring Classical Ballet Academy and heard anything back yet? Had an email at the beginning of this week saying info would be going out in a few days but not heard since...
  3. Hello, I was just wondering if anyone could tell me some more information about the Tring summer course that has done it before as the website doesn't go into a lot of detail about what the course exactly entails? I've just worked out I can just about afford to go which is exciting but I don't want to splash that kind of money if it's not all that.. you know? Anyway, if anyone could just confirm what the days/standard is like and whether it's worth the money that would be great and if anyone has gone residential what's that like?
  4. My DD is attending this course in a couple of weeks ( 1st time . ) could someone please inform me when we will get details , timetable , kit list etc? Nice to see the course is full , hope it proves worth the while , my daughter is really looking forward to it
  5. Hello, i applied for the tring park classical ballet associates a few weeks back, and was wondering if anyone had any DCs who have been on the course or auditioned and what it's like etc? Also any idea when I'll get anything back from the school regarding the audition? Thanks!
  6. Could someone please advise me of the oldest age you can audition for a place at Tring
  7. We are considering applying for the Tring spring (easter) course and, as it is quite expensive, I am wondering how worthwhile it is. Did anyone find it not worthwhile for any reason?
  8. My DD wishes to apply for 6th form at both Tring and Central. Can anyone tell me which of these has a better reputation for classical training?
  9. Just heading out to get photos done this morning and realised the Tring application (lower school) doesn't say whether bare feet or not... Anyone know? DD applying for year 10 if that makes any difference. Thank you in advance!!
  10. It all seems so real now! DD's audition date for the dance course has arrived. 3rd November. Now I am already feeling more stressed than I was before. Goodness knows how bad it will be on the actual audition day!
  11. Hello... We are off tomorrow for DDs first CBA session (group 4) and I wondered if someone could tell me if parents usually hang around or go offsite? Her class is over lunch so wasn't sure whether to bring something to eat there or head out (perhaps with some other mums?)... Also the list says split sole ballet shoes, does anyone know if they'll get upset if DD has full sole ones (current ballet teacher only allows full sole!)? Thanks!
  12. This may interest our Adult Ballet students - Tring Park are holding their first "Day of Dance" for adults (19 and over) in October: http://www.tringpark.com/associated-courses/dance-workshop-for-adults
  13. I hope this is ok to post, but I just wanted to say how well Tring Park students, Kaine and Jaih from Boy Band have done in this year's Got to Dance. My DD has just finished her first year on the dance course and we have nothing but praise for the school in every area. In dance and academic the tuition has been amazing and most importantly, the atmosphere is vibrant and caring. I know some parents with DD's and DS's dont know what to make of Tring, but we've found the ballet training to be fantastic and they also have the plus of having plenty of modern/jazz/tap/drama/singing on the curriculum to keep other doors open in contemporary and commercial dance, not to mention the wonderful opportunity to dance with The English National Ballet in The Nutcracker each Christmas. I wish there was more MDS funding for this wonderful school! We'll be voting for Kaine tonight!
  14. Hi all, been lurking / reading lots and just wondering if there is anyone out there with any advice for the audition for the Classical Ballet Academy at tring. Found lots about Tring but not much on the CBA.
  15. I am looking for a host home for my DD from Sept whilst she attends Tring but doesn't live in. Can anyone help with contacts. Have exhausted the schools small list.
  16. Hi Does anybody have experience of Tring Park Associates? My DD currently attends the CBA and we are really pleased with the teaching. I am wondering how much the associate children get 'pushed' in lessons and how successful some of them are with auditions for vocational school for year 7?
  17. Apologies if this has been covered in a previous thread! My DD is just entering her third term at CBA and we have as assessment looming on 11th may. DD is wanting to know more about this, so would be very interested to hear anyone's experiences. Is it largely a question of deciding who to move up? Are any DCs exited, and if so does anyone know on what grounds. Thanks.
  18. Wow...i have just come back from watching Jazz Cups, Choreo Cups and the Sixth Form show. Amazing talent and some seriously good choreography by the students. Saw several lovely forum members there and all the dc were incredible. For anyone staring at Tring come sept you have picked a fab place. The support from the students on other courses was evident and the sense of belonging to the tring family was wonderful to witness. Well done to everyones dc that took part today. I was blown away by their performances. Enjoy Easter Hols all!
  19. Is there anyone on her with a DD in the current year 8 at Tring on the dance course. My DD is so excited to be starting year 9 in sept and we just have a few questions we would like to ask someone with experience of the school like how often they're allowed home etc, Is it true they have no contact with parents in the first month (or is this just a rumour). We have many questions so maybe I could pm someone in the know :-)
  20. thought i would start a thread about this as Tring doesn't have its own dedicated thread yet and the auditions have started! My dd was there yesterday and enjoyed herself but didn't get the answer to some of the questions that we have. I can now answer one of my earlier questions here, though! It seems that no one in dd's group was interviewed so i hope that that doesn't mean that they weren't interested. only a couple of them went on to sing. does anyone know what the possible outcomes from the first audition are? I think that it is either No, Yes without funding or Yes with an invite to second audition for funding. Is there also the option of being put on the waiting list for a place or the waiting list for the funding audition? I have asked this before but it was a while ago and some of the answers were slightly contradictory! what sort of numbers usually go the 6th form funding audition? Is it true that the current yr 11 automatically get a place in the 6th form? How many are there on the dance course in yr 11 at the moment and how big is the current first year of 6th form? they seem to be auditioning so many so the odds of even getting an offer of the 2nd audition seem slim especially if surest students will take up most of the places!! good luck to all those still waiting to audition!
  21. My dd is auditioning on the 17th for the CBA. It will be her second attempt! She has improved and matured so much since last year, I will be keeping my fingers crossed. Just wondered if any of you might know how many places there could be on offer? Many thanks
  22. Please ask questions about Upper School/6th Form auditions in this thread. Do also make use of the "search" facility (top right of the forum pages) in case your question has been asked before. :-) I apologise for not tagging all Upper Schools but tags are limited in number. If anyone has questions or info about auditions at schools not listed, please do post anyway. Thanks, Spanner
  23. We are just at the very beginning of this journey and I was wondering if anyone could advise on the best age for vocational school? Year 7 seems very young but are you less likely to find a place in year 9. Cost would be a major issue for us and my initial feeling is the later the better but I don't want my daughter to miss out if the potential is there, a big if I realise
  24. I've created this thread for general questions about life at Vocational School. Edited to add: this thread is intended for questions about the practical aspects of life at Vocational School, e.g. Contact with your children, boarding, food, weekend leave-outs etc. I apologise for not tagging all schools but tags are limited in number. If anyone has questions or info about life at schools not listed, please do post anyway. Please do not ask about auditions/audition procedures in this thread. Thanks, Spanner
  25. Is anybody auditioning for the classical ballet academy in may?
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