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Found 77 results

  1. Hi ! Are any of you forum members either parents or friends of any of Tring Grad year ? My DS and 2 of his friends require a house or flat ( pref 3 bedroom ) from Sept . If anyone knows one coming up please PM me . Landlords seem reluctant to allow sharing students - I can't think why !!!!!! Many thanks Tutugirl
  2. Hi, we just came back from my dd's Tring CBA audition. When we were in the waiting room with lots of other children a few of them were doing stretches etc. and it was very obvious that one particular group of kids from the same dance school were of a higher level than most. It made me wonder how different children around the same age can have such different levels of dance. Clearly it must depend on the school they attend? I guess I'm wondering about how you know that you're paying for a good solid training for your child (on a 'hobby' level for starters as it seems they can't get in to somewhere like RBS or Tring unless they have been taught well in the first place)... My dd said the CBA auditions was the best ballet class she's ever had but noted that quite a few things they were asked to do she's never been taught before, surely it can't be that her school is teaching her very well? She's 9 btw and have been doing ballet for 2-3 years. We're not 'new' to the performing industry as she's not long finished a year in a popular West End show but dance is not her strongest so we're trying to work out how to help her progress best. I would love it if schools like Tring published a list of dance schools from which children successfully get into associate programs or maybe there is such a list? Any thoughts/help would be very much appreciated.
  3. Unfortunately it's now full. I have put dd's name down on the reserve list. Does anyone know if places do become available based on previous years? Do people sometimes pull out due to other commitments? I think NYB is around the same time, have their results come out yet?
  4. Hi everyone! Hopefully someone will have been here before. Tring CBA assessments will be 15th May but DD can't attend as she has the final EYB rehearsal from 11-5 that Sunday and the actual show is the following weekend! Have emailed with apologies etc but has anyone else had to miss their assements and did you arrange an alternative day or will it have any bearing on moving up in September? So typical that up till now she has 100% attendance and the one day she really needs to be there, it clashes!
  5. After reading an old thread I have to say I feel a little disheartened by some of the comments and would appreciate any more up to date experiences please. Many thanks. http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/1370-tring-park-school-please-help/page-1 http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/1370-tring-park-school-please-help/page-2
  6. Hi, my 13 year old dd is auditioning for CBA and we got our audion pack today. Are any other dc's auditioning and if so, which group will they be in and how old are they? Thanks x
  7. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum but have read some of the topics before so I decided to make an account! I have two dd's: dd1 aged 13 and dd2 aged 8. Although dd2 is more classical than dd1, she would like to audition for the Tring park classical ballet academy. So my question is: should a 13 year old wear socks or tights? (She would be comfortable wearing both as at her local dance school she sometime wears socks in the summer.) Thanks x
  8. Hello, it will be my dd's first time attending this course. Could anyone give me an idea of the timetable and what the average age/grade are for each group. Also, how many leotards would you suggest bringing. Which colour/style is best? Thanks in advance Xx
  9. Hi my dd is auditioning for both cba and assossiates. Could anyone give me any infor on what to wear, what happens in the audition etc.? Thanks
  10. Hi there! I'm new to the forum and wondered if anyone had any experience of the Prep Department at Tring Park (years 4-6)? I've had a look around the forums and found lots of useful information on the juniors (thank you!) but we are considering letting our DD audition for a place as a day pupil in Year 4 this March and wondered if anyone had any insights?
  11. Hi all My Dd has her tring upper school in a few weeks and wondered if anyone can help me with putting her mind at rest about the academic test. Is it just general maths and English questions ? Also I've been on line looking for jazz pants Ok I have found various styles and wondered which ones would I get Short type, long with a flare bottom, stirrups or footless ones all seemed to be classed as jazz pants What are your opinions ?
  12. Hi, last minute question for our audition tomorrow. Is it ballet socks or tights they should wear? I remember the RBS asked for socks specifically. Or does it not really matter? This is for group 1. Many thanks!
  13. Just wondering if anyone has any experience of trying lower school auditions and suggestions of what to do for four hours while DC are in audition. Just had email from registrar saying parents leave at 10 am and return at 2pm to collect them. Don't think I can face four hours sitting in Costa!
  14. My dd is auditioning for 4th form at tring, she has never been before so any info is helpfull! Particularly the odds of getting funding (she can't go otherwise) what they look for and how advanced the classes are. Also does anyone know if everyone watches the solos or if they go in one by one? Thanks x
  15. Hello it's me again Now for the tring solo does this need to be something magical that is made up by her teacher I'm thinking of costs here to be frank ie private lessons for this, Christmas is coming and all that ! Would it be frowned upon just to do a dance from the currant grade she is studying ie intermediate ? Would they think she has not bothered to put any effort in if she did?
  16. Hello all, My dd is attending this in a few weekend's time. Has anyone got any details through, eg start times, kit required etc? We are keen to firm up arrangements. I wondered of we'd missed an email. Thanks Flora11
  17. DD is currently in year 8 but would love to audition for a year 10 place at a vocational schools though my husband and I aren't to sure whether this is a good idea yet. I seem to hear lots about the top vocational ballet schools in UK on this forum and less about others so I was wondering what other vocational schools are there in the UK that take from year 7? (Ballet only please)
  18. Quick question. I can't see anywhere on the Tring application for lower school where it says if the DC should have bare legs and feet or tights and shoes for the photos. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  19. Please can somebody tell me what actually happens on the audition day for Tring/RBS and Elmhurst. I found a time table of the whole day for Hammond but not the others. Are they as a class or solo? My dd would be auditioning for yr 9 btw. Any feedback would be greatly received.
  20. Hi all. My DD is auditioning this year for entry to a BA in contemporary dance. I always keep an eye on this forum and it has been very informative for me and for her. I was wondering though does anyone know of any forums where they discuss contemporary dance as I know this one is mainly for ballet? She will be auditioning for Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, and Fontys and Codarts in the Netherlands. All advice or knowledge gratefully accepted! And good luck to all setting off on this rollercoaster year! I am terrified myself!
  21. Hi Have various items of Tring Uniform to sell second hand. All good condition. All offers considered....Will fit c.age 9-11. Please send me a message for more info/photos. Blazer size 30" (says girls on label but they seem to actually be unisex) Tracksuit Top Jumpers x 2 Cardigan Long Sleeve Blouse Short Sleeve Blouses x 2 Pinafore (worn by Preps 1-3) Prep Ballet Leotard Turquoise x 2 (they always wear substantial undergarments beneath so feel it is appropriate to have second hand!) Prep Modern/Tap Unitard Thank you
  22. I was wondering if anybody can help, my son is starting Tring in September however we are unable to get him a 30" blazer (could probably get away with a 28" for the short term) Billings & Edmonds have no stock and Tring do not have any in the 2nd hand shop. If anybody has one they would like to sell I would be grateful.
  23. Hi everyone! I am starting at Tring Park on the Lower 6th dance course this coming September. I was fortunate enough to receive my DaDA in March time and since then I have been keen to get to know some new people who may be starting! I just wondered if anyone on here is starting this September? A few people originally from Tring Park in the lower school have created a group on Facebook. It currently consists of 42 members all going into Lower 6th this year, but they are still hoping to find some more newbies! This group allows us all to have a chat and it also allows the new pupils to ask questions if we have any!
  24. Does anyone know how many DD's are in a room as my DD going for first residential here so am hoping there are a few DD's together?! She is 12. Any idea what kit list is like too please? I had an email last week asking for DD food info which says info should follow soon but just wondered if anyone who's DD went last year would know? Being new to 'residential' world! any hints would be greatly received. Can they take a mobile just in case she wants to send me 'one' text - ha. I am starting to feel nervous - DD can't wait!! It may be the thought of Harry Potter world as well!
  25. I too am starting to think about next year for my dd - (even though we are not sure if dd would be better to wait till year 11!) there are lots of pages already about auditions at different schools but I was wondering about people's experiences at these schools that are current? My dd is very academic also and I guess I'm wondering whether there is much difference between the obvious schools available, do any focus more on dance than academics, any more on classical ballet than others? Anyone who has recently trawled around these schools I would greatly appreciate any advice, many thanks (dd would not be starting as a year 7)
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