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Found 52 results

  1. Hello! So yesterday I bought a pair of pointe shoes after being fitted. They were ok in the store but posed a problem when i got home and the next morning. They are the Russian Pointe Luminas. While en pointe, they fit perfectly and my feet are beautiful. However, when on flat my big toe is very compressed (more than it should be) to the point where I can't even roll through demi. The drawstring/heel digs in slightly in plie or demi pointe too. Do I just need to break them in fully or does the compressed big toe while on flat (it's pushed against the platform causing it to curl slightly but good on the sides) mean they are too short? It's a 2 hour drive to the store so I don't want to go back if it's not really necessary.
  2. So DD has the show this week and her shoes (Gaynor Mindens) are a bit grotty with general ballet studio floor grime. What's a good way to get them looking vaguely presentable? We have various cleaning solvents at our disposal!!
  3. As a ballet wallet (so it seems!) I have a vested interest in finding out where are the best places to buy things like ballet tights, shoes and bags. eg. I need to get a Bloch ballet bag this week. Seems that going to Bloch's online shop is OK - with delivery for just under a fiver. Other places seem to charge less for delivery, but more for the bag! I could drop by the shop and pick it up, but for a fiver, it's not really worth it. Good sources for tough (leather?) split-sole shoes also wanted, as the girls are going through the canvas ones very quickly at the moment.
  4. Hi all my Dd feels most comfortable in split sole canvas shoes When auditioning for upper schools would this be frowned on ? Is it best for her to wear soft blocks ?
  5. DD has a big part on her canvas ballet shoes (Bloch zenith stretch) that I'm not sure how got there. It was a little sticky at first however now it has got worse and just gone grayish blackish???? Does anyone know how to get rid of it?? PS I can't find White Vinegar anywhere Edited for typo
  6. Hiya, so I've had my Grishko soft pointes for about 2 months now, they're still pretty hard and very noisy. They get pretty hot when I'm wearing them obviously and when I go to put them back on, all the glue has like stiffened and gone really hard so I have to kind of manipulate them around to get my feet back in.. sometimes they end up with dents in the front of the shoe where I guess the glue has dried strangely? I'm not really sure if this makes much sense but does anyone else have a similar problem and is there any way to avoid it...? It's like I have to re-break in the shoes every time I put them on.
  7. Hello I am new here I really need advice to buy new pointes. I am an amateur so I only practice 2 hours weekly. The choices for pointe shoes I can buy are grishko 2007, 2007 proflex and fouette proflex. Also sanchas. My last pair was a capezio, and I wore it for many years (makes me wonder how after reading pointe shoes last only for some months, I am afraid they are broken but they feel okay.) I have low arches and medium length toes. When I tried 2007 I felt the vamp was a bit long but idk if this would loosen up when I work my demi pointe with it. I am really confused, some months later I might find grishko triumph, would those be better? My feet are fairly strong I have been dancing for 10 years. Thanks in advance
  8. My dd uses grishkos they are hard back as she has strong feet. She has even tried the superhards and she goes through them in less than a month. She has tried gaynot mindons and she didnt get on with them she actually ended up with a bad toe in them. Can anyone advise a make or something to help it is costing a fortune.
  9. Our 11 year old daughter is getting excited about progressing to Pointe shoes. I've no doubt the dance school will take care of her but Mum (my wife) is naturally a little concerned about it and worried about our daughter's foot / ankle health and possible long-term damage. Are mum's concerns normal and is there anything we should be aware of or be doing in terms of our daughter's foot and ankle health once she does move to Pointe shoes? Any tips for particular good quality models or brands of shoe that we should look out for and any general tips / advice from parents who's children have moved onto Pointe shoes? Thanks, Dad
  10. hello! I am studying the design of pointe shoes in my design class. I would really appreciate if anyone could take a few minutes to answer a survey! https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/K9F3WZW THANK YOU!!!!!
  11. hiii! so I have grishko 2007 pointe shoes medium shank and they're now dead after 5 hours worth of pointe work. I really doubt my parents are going to be impressed if I have to get new pointe shoes that often (I previously had gaynors so lasted a lot longer), so I was wondering if anyone had any advice? would using like shellac or glue of some sort help? or a hard shank, as I tried super hard before and they died in the same length of time as the box went soft instead of the shank? so yeah sorry this is soo long but I was wondering. if anyone's picked up some tips? ☺️
  12. I have to admit I do keep going back to Grishko, purely for the fact they mold to my feet faster. But they're just so loud. Have any dance moms or dads found they prefer it when they're son or daughter go with a certain brand? (This is probably in the wrong place, should this be in general discussions?)
  13. Dd is 13 and has been doing pointe for a couple of years. Her most recent pair of shoes were Bloch European Balance pre-arched which she liked. However they started to hurt a bit at the toes and thought they were getting small. We went to Bloch at the weekend and she tried the same shoes in a half size bigger but the assistant said they were too big! She said if she was fitting dd from scratch she wouldn't recommend those shoes as they weren't a good fit for her narrow feet. So dd tried a different style - Amelie, which we eventually bought. Dd thought they felt a bit tight around the foot but thought it was because she wasn't used to them and they needed breaking in. Is Amelie a good shoe for narrow feet? Also are pointe shoes supposed to be comfortable from the start or not till they've broken in?
  14. Hi not been on here a while still read the post though... My dd wears grishko hard back pointe shoes. She is breaking them within 8 wks becoming very expensive. Can amyone suggest another make that might last a little longer or do you know if there is a tougher back than hard I know about gaynor mindens but her teacher doesnt like the girls wearing them as she says it doesnt teach them to use their feet properly or something like that and I dont know if they would last any longer anyway. Any suggestions welcome as at only 14 a new pair every 6-8weeks is getting expensive and she has a show in 8 weeks and im worried if I get some now they wont be ok for the show Sorry for waffling on.
  15. Hello, moderators - please let me know if this post is in the wrong place. I have added the website to my signature, hope I have done it the right way, open to corrections. My daughter has been using a customised pointe shoe pouch for over a year now. It has made a huge difference to her comfort. She had a lot of pain with pressure on her big toes and was almost at the stage of having to quit ballet rather than applying for vocational school. We were told about this relatively new product and decided to give it a try. We moved from Australia to the UK for her to start school in September. Just before leaving, I took the En Pointe fitter training course and am now qualified to fit dancers. It has taken me a few months to settle into our new home so I'm only just starting to spread the word about this. So, this post is simply to let people know that we are offering the pouches and have set up a website with contact information. I am most happy to answer questions on the forum or privately. The pouches are individually made on the dancer's foot and inside a new pointe shoe. They consist of a custom toe separator and material to even out the weight distribution of the body when en pointe. The material is a two part, soft putty which dries to a flexible consistency to allow the dancer to work through demi-pointe and feel the floor. The product was developed after extensive research and is medically approved for dancers. The pouches help the foot to remain in the optimal alignment position while dancing and allow even distribution of weight thereby preventing deformities. The link to the website in Australia is http://www.enpointeorthotics.com.au My daughter and I also make a range of ballet hair accessories and jewellery. This has been her little project to help pay for pointe shoes. My details are below. Thank you!
  16. DD had her pointe shoes on today - I think her feet have grown Where should her heel be in the shoe, on the satin or on the sole? Should she be square in the shoe or can the sole be more one side than the other? I will talk to her teacher tomorrow but I think we need new ones; so where can I go shopping reasonably easily from Norwich? I looked at Just Ballet on a map and it's 4 trains to get there!!!! So I'm afraid it's just that little bit too far from me I think she should move......
  17. My daughter is soon to take her RAD intermediate exam. She has been using Grishko soft pointes 2007 exam version. The most recent pair we bought are really hard, despite wearing them in and seriously bashing them. The glue has come apart and has become sharp as a result. I would welcome advice from the forum as to a nice 'soft' soft pointe which doesn't require too much breaking in. She has really narrow feet. Thank you!
  18. Hi, Does anybody know of any leather, split sole ballet shoes that come in a very narrow width and are also durable? My feet are extremely narrow and I find it hard to find shoes that fit without being overly expensive. Thanks in advance x
  19. I found this on the Freed website, thought it was a really nice idea. You can see a bit about the maker of your Freed pointe shoe if you wear a maker shoe http://www.freed-pointeshoes.com/meet-the-makers/4581997635
  20. Has anybody got any good ways to break in soft blocks to make them look flatter and quieter? My ones are Bloch ones and I find them so hard to break in. I put my old ones in the washing machine and they came out lovely, but my mum isn't keen on putting my new ones in for some reason:/
  21. Hi all Does anyone know how to make pointe shoes quieter? I have a new pair of Capezio Glisses, and although they have a lovely supportive box and wings, they are very noisy, even echappes and pique turns make a thudding sound! Is there any way I can quieten them without softening the box too much?! Thanks x
  22. I am in urgent need of a pair of Bloch aspiration pointe shoes by Saturday morning! The site I usually order them from is sold out and same dirct don't do the narrow fitting. Has anyone got any other suggestions:(
  23. Having spoken to Russian Pointe today, im considering stocking these shoes. Has anybody got any practical experience of wearing these shoes? All views welcome, PM me if you prefer Thank you! Sx
  24. I've got a pair of Grishko soft blocks after quite a few years of just using canvas shoes...I've had the same ones before and don't remember them being quite so hard to break in! In fact the ones I had have holes in them & completely worn out. I just cannot get these to soften, I can't bend at Demi pointe at as they slip off the heels (despite elastic) and dig in at the front...I tried on lots of pairs in the shop (length & width sizes around the ones I got) & they seemed fine, just new & stiff. I've been bending & massaging, bashing in the floor, steaming, warming in radiators & wearing, wearing inside thick warm socks, carefully putting water across the front where they'd bend on demi. In desperation I completely wet the left block, it got nice & soft & bendy - "yes!" I thought, squished it about, let it dry a bit & wore while still damp....that's my slightly smaller foot anyway but now it seems to have shrunk a lot and harder than ever! The right one that was all softened is harder than ever too! I can't even wear them to dance in yet! Any ideas before I give up & put them down to an expensive mistake?! I know Grishko shoes are hard but I've had a few pairs of soft blocks/pointes & never as bad as this! On the other hand if you keep wearing out shoes too quickly then give Grishkos a try as they just keep rehardening themselves!
  25. My eldest DD has very narrow feet and much to her dismay no natural arch to her feet- in her defence she does work hard to alter this! She has struggled over the years to find a pointe shoe that she likes....any fellow flat footers found any makes that work for them? She does a lot of pointe but due to her lack of arch takes a while to work them in and has found many makes too hard in the shank. She wasn't overly taken with the pro-flex when she tried them but that was a while ago. Would be interested if any one could come up with any combinations she hasn't tried yet. Thanks for any help you have to offer.
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