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Found 200 results

  1. (I was originally going to post this back around April or so, but things got away from me. Better late than never) Later this week, Leanne Benjamin and Mara Galeazzi will be giving their final performances with the Royal Ballet at Covent Garden, both in Kenneth MacMillan's Mayerling, ironically a ballet which pretty much started both their careers with the company. So, within the space of less than a year, the Royal Ballet will have lost its three most instinctive female MacMillan interpreters - I'm including Tamara Rojo in the headcount here. Benjamin was fortunate enough to work with MacMillan early on in her career; Galeazzi just missed out, I think (and Rojo had no direct exposure to him at all). How is their loss going to affect the company, do you think? Do you see anyone in the lower ranks of the company with any indication of a similar level of understanding of MacMillan as yet? Is it possible that certain works might even drop out of the active repertory in the absence of dancers who can do them justice? (I know that my own wishlist of revivals over the last decade or so has included works I particularly wanted to see these dancers in, and I imagine that a number of those will now vanish from that list, for the time being, anyway.) Could this even be indicative of a start of a change of direction (or narrowing of range) of the company - whether temporary or permanent? Let's have your thoughts ...
  2. Here is the link to the list of big screens across the country which will be showing the live transmission of Mayerling on 13th June (already sold out): http://www.roh.org.uk/about/bp-big-screens The link also contains details of the Royal Opera performances of Tosca and La Rondine.
  3. Nobody seems to have mentioned this book and so I thought I'd start a new thread for comment and thoughts - its very rare for RB to document a bill in this way. Do post up your thoughts on the book and the idea behind it in this thread. I do though have another reason to post - I'm really pleased to say that six of Dave Morgan's pictures are in the book and feel so pleased for him. Huge congrats Dave and we look forward to seeing more in books! Christopher Wheeldon and Alastair Marriott’s Trespass with Yasmine Nagdhi and Melissa Hamilton. © Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr I'm inlcuding two of the six pictures in this post but you can see them all, and in versions that zoom up to very large size, on the following link (along with full details of the book itself): Book - Titian Metamorphosis - Art, Music, Dance. Full Details You can also see the gallery of all of Dave'e pictures of Titian Metamorphosis here: DanceTabs on Flickr: RB Titian Metamorphosis - 36 pictures Finally discussion on the performances last summer is here: http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/1505-metamorphosis-titian-2012/?hl=%2Btitian+%2Bmetamorphosis Federico Bonelli and Marianela Nuñez in Diana & Actaeon. © Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr
  4. Mara Galeazzi plans to retire in July, and Jonathan Watkins is leaving later this month to go freelance. Further detail via Dance Tabs: http://dancetabs.com/2013/02/changes-within-the-royal-ballet-company-mara-galeazzi-and-jonathan-watkins/ Nothing yet on the ROH site, it seems.
  5. With Christmas only a few days, the Royal Ballet starts ... a triple bill. Please discuss it here (did anyone see the general rehearsal, or wasn't it an open one?)
  6. Having monitored reaction on Twitter, I imagine we'll need a thread for this Bill - anyone likely to beat the Arts Desk with a first review?
  7. Swan Lake Oct 8, 13M, Nov 10E Nunez/Soarez/Saunders Oct 10, 13E, 25 Rojo/Acosta/Avis Oct 11, 15 Lamb/Pennefather/Saunders Oct 12, 17E, 23 Yanowsky/Kish/Avis Oct 17M Takada*/McRae/Gartside* Oct 27, Nov 10M, 22 Cuthbertson/Bonelli/Pickering Nov 6, 24M Marquez/ McRae/Marriott Nov 15, 24E Cojocaru/Kobborg/Marriott Viscera, Infra, Fool's Paradise Nov 3 , 5M Morera*/Nunez*/Hirano Benjamin/Galeazzi.Nunez/Cuthberson/Hamilton/Choe/Watson/Hirano/Cervera/Underwood/Watkins/Kay Benjamin*/Lamb*/Cuthberson*/Bonelli*/Watson*/McRae* Nov 7, 8 Hinkis*/Morera*/Bonelli* Raine/Cowley*/Takada*/Lamb/Stix-Brunell*/Bracher*/Stepanek*/Dyer*/Maloney*/Trzensimiech*/Hay*/Ondiviela* Rojo*/Nunez*/Choe*/tbc/Underwood*/Maloney* Nov 12 Morera/Stock*/Kish* as Nov 3 as Nov 3 Nov 14 Morera/Stock/Kish as Nov 7 as Nov 7 Concerto, Las Hermanas, Requiem Nov 17, 27 Choe/McRae/Lamb/Hirano/Cuthbertson* Yanowsky*/Morera*/Hamilton*/Soares* Benjamin/Nunez/Pennefather/Acosta/Cervera Nov 21 Takada*/Campbell*/Nunez/Pennefather/Calvert* Cojocaru*/Mendizibal*/Stix-Brunell*/Whitehead* Choe*/Crawford*/Soares*/Watson*/Campbell* Nov 29, Dec 5 as Nov 21 as Nov 21 Cuthberson/Hamilton/Kish/Bonelli/McRae Nov 30 as Nov 17 as Nov 17 as Nov 21 Nutcracker Dec 8, 13 Marquez/McRae Dec 10, 14 Nunez/Soares Dec 11, 23M, Jan 2M Morera/Bonelli Dec 27M Hamilton/Trzensimiech Dec 27E, Jan 8 Choe/Hirano* Dec 28, Jan 1 5pm Kobayashi/Hristov Dec 31 5pm. Jan 5M Takada/McRae Jan 2E, Jan 12E Cojocaru/Kobborg Jan 12M, Jan 16 Lamb/Pennefather Jan 15 Cuthbertson/Kish Apologies for any errors/omissions
  8. The final rehearsal and first performance of this bill are today, so I've started this thread for discussion. I don't suppose anyone's found out the running time yet? I don't imagine it'll be terribly long.
  9. The ROH website is reporting that the new yearbook will be out next month: http://www.roh.org.uk/news/royal-ballet-yearbook-201213-soon-to-be-released
  10. John flagged this in Today's Links yesterday, but I thought it worth repeating here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2012/imagine-summer.html
  11. Titian is Monica Mason's parting triple bill made in collaboration with the National Gallery, seven choreographers, three composers, three designers. The three parts of Titian are Machina choreographed by Kim Brandstrup and Wayne McGregor, music by Nico Muhly, designed by Conrad Shawcross; Trespass by Alastair Marriott and Christopher Wheeldon, music by Mark-Anthony Turnage, designed by Mark Wallinger; Diana and Actaeon by Liam Scarlett, Will Tucket and Jonathan Watkins, music by Jonathan Dove, designed by Chris Ofili. Machina - Carlos Acosta and Leanne Benjamin. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr ©Dave Morgan. Trespass - Sarah Lamb and Steven McRae. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr ©Dave Morgan. Diana and Actaeon - Marianela Nuñez as Diana. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr ©Dave Morgan. More… Dave Morgan Metamorphosis: Titian 2012 - 36 photos Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr Discussion of this programme is here.
  12. I see there's a newish feature up on the ROH website to tie in with the Titian mixed bill: http://www.roh.org.uk/news/metamorphosis-titian-2012-an-introduction Perhaps we could put all the bits and pieces together here for ease of reference?
  13. Just realised we haven't got a thread started for the Royal Ballet's new triple bill (Birthday Offering/A Month in the Country/Les Noces), which had its first night tonight, so thoughts here, please.
  14. The Royal Ballet's much-awaited, much-postponed The Prince of the Pagodas finally returns to the Royal Opera House tomorrow, so please use this thread to discuss it. Am I right in thinking that the general rehearsal isn't until tomorrow afternoon? There was some discussion of the Insight Evening for this here: http://www.balletcof...nsight-evening/, and some casting changes are discussed in later postings here: http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/89-royal-ballet-period-4-casting/
  15. Royal Ballet 2011/2012 Period 4 casting (m = matinée) Ballo della regina / La Sylphide May 21 - Jun 15 Ballo della regina Nuñez, Polunin (May 21, 24, 26; June 12) Cuthbertson, Bonelli (May 22, 26m; June 7, 15) La Sylphide Cojocaru, McRae (May 21) Marquez, McRae (May 24, 26) Rojo, Pennefather (May 22, 26m) Lamb, Polunin (June 7, 15) Cojocaru, Kobborg (June 12) The Prince of the Pagodas June 2-29 Nuñez*, Rojo*, Kish* (June 2, 6, 18) Cuthbertson*, Yanowsky*, Pennefather* (June 9, 21, 27) Lamb*, Morera*, Bonelli* (June 13, 29) Birthday Offering / A Month in the Country / Les Noces June 30 - July 9 Birthday Offering Rojo*,Bonelli* (June 30; July 4, 7) Nuñez*, Soares (July 3, 6) A Month in the Country Yanowsky, Pennefather (June 30; July 4, 7) Cojocaru*, Polunin* (July 3, 6) Les Noces Arestis, Hirano* (June 30; July 4, 7) McNally*, Hristov (July 3, 6) Titian 2012 July 14-20 (casting to be announced) *denotes a debut in the role
  16. Unfortunately, I got caught out by the unexpectedly high prices of the programmes last night and wasn't able to buy one: perhaps someone who did could give us a better idea of what and who we saw than I can, so we can get a discussion started?
  17. Fille starts a short run tomorrow with Nunez and Acosta, and also showing at cinemas around the world on May 16th with Marquez and McRae. Please discuss the performances here.
  18. Could any kind soul who was lucky enough to get a ticket post a brief summary of the evening for those of us who weren't so fortunate? Thanks
  19. Starting soon so this seems the place for ongoing comments. The link for ROH YouTube It's being heavily covered in the Guardian - this is a link to their search page with several articles. A reminder of the schedule: 10.30 Daily Class - including interviews with Jonathan Cope and Kristen McNally 11.35 Wayne McGregor interview 12.00 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland rehearsal 12.30 Dancers interview 13.05 Monica Mason interview 13:20 Prince of the Pagodas rehearsal 13.50 Marianela Nuñez interview 13.55 Barry Wordsworth and Rob Clark interview 14.00 Polyphonia rehearsal 14.30 Dancers interview 15.15 Street Stories - education project with East London dance students 16.10 Romeo and Juliet rehearsal 16.50 Dancers Interview 17.00 New Liam Scarlett ballet rehearsal 17.30 Liam Scarlett interview 18.30 Carbon Life - including interviews with Wayne McGregor and Mark Ronson (Insights Public Event)
  20. Looks as if we've been spared an increase in the cheaper tickets - can't comment on the posh ones! Flickr
  21. The Royal Ballet's current run of MacMillan's Romeo & Juliet starts tonight, so please discuss here.
  22. Just found this on the ROH Facebook page: http://www.roh.org.uk/news/monica-mason-to-receive-special-award-at-oliviers
  23. I've just checked the ROH website for the casting tomorrow night, and found that Lauren Cuthbertson and Rupert Pennefather (both supposedly injured on Thursday) have been replaced as Sugar Plum Fairy and Prince (or whatever he's called here) by Marianela Nunez and Nehemiah Kish in tomorrow night's early show.
  24. I know it's a bit early yet, as performances don't begin until the middle of next week, but I thought I'd start a thread in case anyone wants to comment on tonight's insight evening or anything else relevant. (Don't forget that we already have a thread for Period 2 casting, if anyone needs to post about cast changes: http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/35-rb-period-2-casting/).
  25. The Royal Ballet's performances of Sir Peter Wright's production of The Nutcracker are about to resume, so I thought I'd start a thread for discussing them. Unfortunately, we no longer appear to have a tree structure for splitting into different performances, so I guess we'll have to play it by ear and see what works best. Anyway, here's a link back to DaveM's photos taken at the dress rehearsal: http://www.ballet.co...racker_roh_1211 Unfortunately, I can't yet see how to insert one here in time-honoured fashion - I get an error message saying that I can't use that extension here, or something.
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