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  1. I went for an audition at Rambert at the beginning of March. They were interested in me and would hopefully like me to start there in September 2016, as I am too young for this year. I have questions about the school. 1. How many people apply for the school and get accepted? 2. What is the likelihood of becoming a dancer in the future if I go to Rambert? 3. What is the background? How does the school work? 4. Are there any scholarships or ways I could have a reduction in my tution, as I am an overseas student?
  2. Hi there! I'm new here and joined with the purpose of asking this question I'm a male dancer, just turned 18 and am on a dance course with my local college where I study contemporary and ballet with a mixture of Jazz and more commercial dance styles, and the odd urban/street things (an all rounded course really). I was late getting into dance, at about 15 I joined my first Ballet class and that's where my passion lies...I can get into urban and street style dance if needed for college but I much rather doing contemporary or ballet specifically. I wanted to dance all my life, but finan
  3. While catching up with some old Dance Links, I came across this reference by Judith Mackrell (in relation to World Ballet Day): "A parallel project – live rather than screened – is the open week to be held by Rambert at its new base on the South Bank. Between 13-18 October, the public will be allowed in to watch daily class and rehearsal, offering the kind of intimate, exhilarating proximity to the dancers that was created during the wonderfully staged Rambert event earlier this summer." The article is at http://www.theguardian.com/stage/dance-blog/2014/sep/19/world-ballet-day-live-tv-
  4. Guest

    Rambert auditions

    I see on the Rambert site that all students complete a ballet class and contemporary session at the audition and that some are asked to do a solo, have an interview or have a physio check. Is there any anecdotal evidence to indicate what it means to be asked to do any of the extra sessions? Does anyone that doesn't do them actually get offered a place? It sounds to me as though it is a way of cutting people until they are left with the final few who have passed each round of selection! The site also implies that not all applicants are offered an audition - is that right? I gather t
  5. Hi my dd will be attending rambert for a week soon, could anyone tell me what hotels or apartments are near to stay, or walking distant
  6. Morning all! I know Central held their finals recently, and I believe Rambert are either auditioning soon or have done recently. Just wondering if anyone had heard of any results from either school yet? Thanks. :-)
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