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  1. Hello all, Does anyone know when the MA auditions results will be out? My nails are vanishing at a rate of knots as I wait for the postman! Does anyone remember when they were out last year or in other previous years? Thank you so much. I've never posted before but have read some very useful threads previoulsly, so thought I'd be brave!
  2. It's a selected waiting list for us
  3. Hello. I'm very new to all this - both this forum and the whole dance world in general, so please bear with me! My 8 year yr old daughter's ballet teacher has suggested that she auditions for RBS JAs. I'm hugely proud of her for this accolade alone but am also completely taken aback and a little scared by the whole thing! I didn't even know JAs existed until she mentioned it and nothing like this was ever on the agenda until now. Dd loves her ballet but it has always seen it very much as a fun hobby. She is excited by the prospect of auditioning and visiting Covent garden but realistic about the commitment involved if she were to be lucky enough to be offered a place. I've been doing lots of research and have read some really useful threads on here which have helped a lot but I'm still in two minds about the whole thing. It sounds like an amazing opportunity but also a huge commitment - both financially and time wise. We live a fair distance from London so it would involve a lot of travelling. Does anyone know what time the Covent garden lessons start as this would be a major factor for us? Also, does anyone know anything about bursaries and is there likely to be any consideration of travel costs? I know this all seems like I'm hugely jumping the gun but just need to be realistic. I'm thinking we might take her to the audition for the experience as that would be an experience in itself and we will always wonder if we don't but I still have so many questions. Thanks for reading and any insight anyone can give will be much appreciated!
  4. This is now available online on the RBS website.
  5. Heard that there are big changes taking place at White Lodge and that the ballet principal/head of ballet has been made redundant as of yesterday and won't be replaced. Have also heard that a lot of other staff are leaving, both ballet and academic and all of the pastoral care staff as well. Feel sorry for the parents/children there at the moment who must be feeling very unsettled at the scale of these changes.
  6. Could anyone please tell me the time of the year 5 class for the rbs JA class in Leeds.
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