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  1. Hello to all! I've done a bit of a read through old threads but didn't find an answer so hopefully I'm not asking something that has been asked a thousand times before. Apologies if I do! So, two questions... I have a 7 year-old DD (turns 8 in the summer) who has been dancing for around 3 years (modern) and 18 months for ballet. She's currently doing Cecchetti Standard 2. We've had some issues with timings for ballet classes and have had to move schools this year - finally found what seems like a fantastic class, but I haven't had a chance to get to know the teacher well and with evening sessions back to back it's not going to be easy. I was thinking of putting DD in for the JA auditions this year, but worried about whether I need to get permission from the new teacher (I don't want to look like 'that parent' being pushy about their child from the start). Can I apply without a reference - do RBS even contact the teacher? Is it a terrible idea to do a self-entry? My second question is about the medical section on the form. DD has been being seen for growth delay since she was 2 years old. She lacks a hormone called IGF-1 which is basically the ignition switch for the body to use growth hormone. Other than lacking this and having a 2+ year delayed bone age on x-ray she is 100% healthy and the hospital will monitor till her 20's but almost certainly never treat. Physically she is small for her age (10th centile), very slim, short body, long limbs, very high insteps and arches and has a fair degree of hyper-extension. Should I put any of this on the application form? One of my reasons for asking is that I come from a family of giants and I am the tiny one at 5ft 10". Both my father's cousins were at WL and both were asked to leave the Upper School as they grew too tall. I have no idea if height is a major issue these days, but I remember being devastated as a child when a ballet teacher told me that I may as well give up now after she met my 6ft 8" father at the end of class. I would hate the staff to take one look at me and feel that way when she's unlikely to make more than 5ft 5", but also don't want to add a load of stuff to the form if it's not relevant!
  2. Hello all, I am totally new to the forum and was hoping you may be able to help me... My daughter is 8 years old and has been dancing in a local ballet school since she was 3,5. Her teacher approached me some time ago and recommended that the auditions for JAs at RBS when she turns 8. She said that my daughter has the right physique to be successful - she is slim and long limbed. On the not so positive side, her feet arches are rather low and I am wondering what chances she has given how very competitive the auditions are. Does she stand a chance given how important feet are for ballet? Are there any mums out there whose girls have been successful at auditions despite low arches? I have read up on the topic and it doesn't seem like much can be done to correct low flexible arches so I am wondering if I might be setting her up for failure? Thank you!
  3. Does anyone know how many girls are called back to the final audition for RBS Upper school ? Thank you x
  4. Hello, it's my first post and I've loved reading the posts regarding junior associates at the RBS. I was wondering if anyone has any advice especially for a boy auditioning for a year 4 place. He's absolutely loves his ballet and is very focused on his training. We went to the insight day in London and he really enjoyed the class. I've told him how difficult it is to gain a place, especially at the London centre, but he is still keen to give it a go. Is there anything specific they look for in boys or any other advice for boys would be greatly appreciated. X
  5. Hello I very sorry if this already been made as a formula! Is there any really good ballet summer schools or Easter course that any of you recommend? Summer schools in England mainly round Birmingham but don't mind travelling to London or anywhere else . One last thing this isn't relevant to this subject but does anyone have any tips to stop a sickle foot (i do theraband stretches ) . Thank you sorry it's really long !
  6. Hello, I'm completely new to the forum! I have applied for the Royal Ballet School (the school of my deepest dreams!) for Senior Associates and White Lodge (I thought there was nothing to lose by ticking that box!). Apart from the anxieties I have about me not being good enough (I only started dancing at 12 and went en Pointe literally a few weeks ago- I'm now on the late side of 13- but I do work as hard as possible and practise everyday) I am currently stressed about what to wear. On the confirmation audition email, it just states a leotard. Could anyone advise a leotard that would suit certain physiques? I am very small and slim for my age, so anything that would make my lines longer would be great. I currently have 2 (standard strap) leotards. I really don't know whether to pick the classical in black choice or the dark magenta-pink one (which also comes with a waistband). I do want to draw attention of course, but for the right reasons! Secondly are the topic of shoes. I have three pairs: my usual class shoes (full sole and leather, but quite old now). My problem with these shoes is they make my arches seem flatter and the sole is in a really weird place that makes me look like I'm rolling in! My second pair is a satin split sole, very pretty in terms of foot definition, but a wee bit big for me. My third pair is my favourite pair which I use in festivals - my satin full soles with ribbons. I have a very narrow foot and ankle, so the ribbons fit the nicest. However, when I attended the Audition Insight Day (which was the best day of my life! I definitely recommend signing up!) only one dancer had ribbons. I wouldn't want them to fall out and look messy! What a stress! But it's all worth it on the way to becoming a dancer! With love, thanks and an arabesque P.S is anyone else going to be at the Manchester auditions 17/01/17 ?
  7. I'm not sure if this is classed as doing dance, but it is certainly about dance. At the moment my dd (who's in year six) is trying to write a story about the Royal Ballet School. Basically the general plot is: The main character (Suki) auditions and gets into the Royal Ballet School and attends for two years until she is assessed out at the end of year eight because she had grown into the "Wrong Figure". Then she finds out about a new school (made up) that feeds into a company where they don't care too much about your body shape, just your technical ability and performance quality. When suki auditions for this school she gets in and loves it. So basically my daughter has asked me to help her find out about what happens at the Royal Ballet School (e.g. daily routine, meals, etc...) Thanks in advance
  8. Interesting to see they have extended the programme this year to four weeks in order to open up more spaces for applicants. Wl summer school now running for all of July pretty much which also gives much more choice for those children who are at state school and tied to those term dates. Definitely worth a punt with double the amount of spaces I reckon. Also, hasn't there been a much higher level of international students taking places in recent years? Perhaps this is an attempt by the new(ish) director to open more spaces up to UK students??
  9. Nestled nicely between the eating extravaganza of Christmas and the merriments of New Year. This course is designed to get you audition ready. Wake the muscles, regain strength and stamina before 2017 begins 28th/29th/30th December 2016 Fee’s £395.00pp (12 places ONLY) . Included in the fees are 2 nights accommodation, all locally sourced organic meals, drinks and snacks. 3 full days of classes with Nicola Moriarty and special guest Teacher Anita Young of the Royal Ballet School will be joining us for one afternoon. The course is designed to regain focus, alignment, strength and fitness so Guests can return to school/college ready to prepare for auditions and assessments and the year ahead. Email nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com for more details
  10. Just booked Leeds for my dd for Feb. Applications open today for Leeds and Birmingham if anyone is interested.
  11. Hi, my DD is auditioning for MAs on Sunday and we were wondering if the audition class includes any warm-up time, or if she should warm up on her own beforehand. If anyone knows, we would be grateful for any answers ... (I did email rbs but no reply)
  12. Hi, first time posting, although I have been following threads on here for a while. Please excuse my rambling..! My DD's ballet teacher suggested she might be suitable to apply for JAs a year ago; unfortunately we soon found out that she was too young (Year 2), but neither of us had any idea about it really. Went a bit mad finding out about all of it last year, esp what they 'apparently' look for, but that was of no consequence really as she couldn't apply. Really it just served to make me question whether it was the right thing to do, but I had a year to wait before she was eligible and would think about it seriously then... Have just sent off the application form for this year (didn't do much more thinking!), after many taking and re-taking of photographs and re-sizing them - which involved the ridiculous task of emailing them to my iPhone then sending from my iPhone in a smaller size to my Mac = massive headache and equally massive glass of wine required! ;-) Now in a panic, what if the ********** photos didn't actually upload?! Etc.. etc.. DD has done a JA experience lesson, which she loved and I know she is excited about the prospect of auditioning, but as her Mum there are a few questions I'm sure more experienced people might be able to answer... There are 4 audition days in London as opposed to max 2 elsewhere - obviously this is because more will apply in London, but do they actually offer more classes in London so similar chance of getting in? Any idea how many apply for how many places? I know this shouldn't be important...! Are they really just looking for a certain body type/ potential body type, despite ability? If you get in, do they actually assess every year and could potentially assess you out for whatever reason? (what reason?!) I suppose I just want to know as a Mum the potential pitfalls so I can be prepared as much as possible if we're extremely lucky and she even gets offered a place and equally if she doesn't. Thanks for reading if you got to the end haha!
  13. HI all, does anyone know which day you are supposed to arrive for the Covent Garden summer school? A friend of DS from the USA is attending and staying with us this weekend, she seems to have told DS she needs to arrive on Monday but my memory is that usually you arrive Sunday. As DS is getting ready to go to Benicassim and flies on Tues it would logistically be better if he took her up on Sunday... Anyone have insider info? The website just says the timing will be sent in the info packs... I know it would be logical (before anyone points this out) just ti ask her, but we are talking teenage communication - I could be waiting until I have grey hair to get the answer. And DS has several Monday appointments that need to be changed today if he's going to London Mon... Many thanks!
  14. Was anyone else at the open day today? What a lovely day! It was the first time I have gone and I really enjoyed the whole day in the beautiful surroundings. How lucky to be able to go to school there! I thoroughly enjoyed the fantastic dancing from JAs to Year 11... Tho think the Scottish was my favourite:) what fabulous dancing. I had a very tasty Dahl lunch, a fab cuppa, and a tour around the school. And the rain held off throughout:) Would definitely go again... And would recommend for a lovely day out.
  15. Just saw that RBS is starting a pilot Advanced Associates scheme for 16-17 year old students. From the RBS website: http://www.royalballetschool.org.uk/training/associates/newpilotassociates/ Advanced Associates We are excited to announce a new pilot programme – Advanced Associates – for dance students aged 16 to 17 years of age (by 31 August 2015). The programme is devised for students who aim to continue their dance training/studies at 18, with the intention of pursuing a career in dance. If you are currently in full-time training we must have written confirmation from your school that they are happy for you to attend additional training. The pilot programme will consist of 12 sessions between October and April 2015/16, with a view to starting a full programme of classes in the new academic year 2016/17. Classes will be held on Saturday afternoons at The Royal Ballet School, Covent Garden. Further details are on the RBS site. Applications need to be submitted by 31st July; the audition is on 2nd September.
  16. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and to the world of ballet. My dd is just 7 and started ballet in January. Her teacher keeps telling me that she has not had a student for years and years showing as much potential. One of the other dance mums was telling me about RBS associates scheme and that I should consider it for next year. Another mum then said but ... ( my dd ) has the wrong body type for RBS. What do you think she means? My dd is very petite, do you think she thinks she is too small? She also said you can't tell if someone has potential at her age as real ballet doesn't start until around age 8/10 and she is just doing movements at this stage. She is doing primary and grade 1 at the same time taking her first exam in June. I know it is just for fun at this age and if I asked her she would say she prefers gymnastics over ballet so is not that serious about it yet but would just like your opinions. Thanks in advance
  17. For those that are interested, the RBS 2016 Ninette de Valois Junior Choreographic Award:
  18. Hi all I know we have missed the deadline for this year for RBS MA but if we wanted next year(DD is turning 13 in May) would she be able to audition. I know the ages are 11-13 however I've seen a few people who are MA and are 14. Is it based on school years instead of ages so year 7- year 9?? Edited to add do they do pointe work in MA?
  19. DD is currently in year 8 but would love to audition for a year 10 place at a vocational schools though my husband and I aren't to sure whether this is a good idea yet. I seem to hear lots about the top vocational ballet schools in UK on this forum and less about others so I was wondering what other vocational schools are there in the UK that take from year 7? (Ballet only please)
  20. I can't find the link on Royals website for 2016 auditions or am I being a ding (as my son would call me)?
  21. Please can somebody tell me what actually happens on the audition day for Tring/RBS and Elmhurst. I found a time table of the whole day for Hammond but not the others. Are they as a class or solo? My dd would be auditioning for yr 9 btw. Any feedback would be greatly received.
  22. Hi is there anybody else with a DS doing Elmhurst Associates and then JA's in Birmingham?
  23. Hi Just wondered if there are any other parents on here that are about to start their child's new JA journey in Covent Garden in September? Would be lovely to know in advance!
  24. Hi Just wanted to know if anyone has knowledge of the chance of getting a place off swl - dd has swl for yr 6 London. I can't imagine places hardly ever become available which is fine, we are happy with swl and her current associates programme. But wondered if anyone knew realistically what the chances were. Thanks!
  25. It's the annual WL summer fair and open day on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Lauren Cuthbertson will be opening it. Further details at: http://www.royalballetschool.org.uk/2015/05/open-day-and-summer-fair-2/ It's always a very special day, rain or shine... but good to see that the weather forecast is currently predicting just a 10% chance of rain (down from 20% yesterday). It would would be nice to meet up with other Balletco-ers in one of the breaks.Hopefully this year they'll have an arrangement for allocating indoor seating tickets without people having to spend the breaks queuing....
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