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Found 50 results

  1. Just wanted to canvas opinion from those who have been through audition process, DD wants a special leotard for audition, but I did notice on the audition form for RBS it said to wear leotard with belt - is it important to wear a belt with a cotton leotard like they wear for grade lessons or does it not matter and she can choose something 'special' (her word!) Thanks
  2. Now we have got over the stress of waiting for the Royal email dragon to rouse itself etc etc etc, DD has started to ask - what will I have to do at the final auditions for Elmhurst and Tring? Can anyone who did these last year enlighten us?
  3. Hi all, I'm new to this so please excuse me if I'm overlooking something. My daughter is only 6 but she is ballet obsessed and proving talented at it so we will be applying for junior associate schemes next year for when she turns 8. We can afford the junior associate schemes but my concern is we wouldn't be able to afford standard fees if she was lucky enough to progress into full time vocational training most likely at Elmhurst (if possible) and I'm confused about who's eligible for what funding. Our household income is relatively low at around £33k per year. Looking on websites Seems we'd be eligible for funding (I fully appreciate this is only if she was lucky enough to get through auditions) but I'm confused about bursarys and DaDa eligibility etc etc. I know my question is well advanced considering her age currently but she is wanting to do extra ballet lessons and start Pilates to build up further skill and strength in preparation. So I guess what I'm saying is is it worth us putting all the extra money and time Into her dancing with a view of a future in it if we arnt going to be able to afford vocational training in the future. Thank you for any help xx
  4. Hi, Just wondered if any members could give my 10 year old daughter some desperately needed advice. Despite being a JA and a LJB associate , she has failed to get through to the Elmhurst finals for entry yr 7????I know this isn't the end of the world but to her it is. It was hideous telling her last night the result. It's not like we even expected she would make finals but it's hard when her JA friends have got through... Could anybody tell me what to do re her ballet? I guess we chalk this up to experience and plod on , all part of a being on the vocational roller coaster... But has anyone got any ballet advice to help her get a bit of confidence back( especially before her Tring and RBS auditions).
  5. Hi. My daughter is interested in auditioning for the legat school in Sussex. Can anyone provide information about this school? How many year 9 pupils are on role ; how hard is it to get a place and any scholarship information? Thanks
  6. DD is currently in year 8 but would love to audition for a year 10 place at a vocational schools though my husband and I aren't to sure whether this is a good idea yet. I seem to hear lots about the top vocational ballet schools in UK on this forum and less about others so I was wondering what other vocational schools are there in the UK that take from year 7? (Ballet only please)
  7. Quick question. I can't see anywhere on the Tring application for lower school where it says if the DC should have bare legs and feet or tights and shoes for the photos. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  8. Please can somebody tell me what actually happens on the audition day for Tring/RBS and Elmhurst. I found a time table of the whole day for Hammond but not the others. Are they as a class or solo? My dd would be auditioning for yr 9 btw. Any feedback would be greatly received.
  9. I am happy to tell you about a wonderful new opportunity in Clitheroe ( Lancashire ) . Moorlands boarding school now has a full vocational course for classical training . Taught by 2 of the best teachers I know the ballet programme started in Sept - last year. . It now boasts 10 full time students and many Saturday Associates . I have 2 of my pupils trying there and they love it - and are doing brilliantly - due to excellent teaching and small classes . Many people are seeing this as a great choice for full time training and I would urge you to take a look . Children can board , I think from yr 5 upwards. - and day pupils are also welcome .
  10. It all seems so real now! DD's audition date for the dance course has arrived. 3rd November. Now I am already feeling more stressed than I was before. Goodness knows how bad it will be on the actual audition day!
  11. I tried to find an old thread but thought it's better to start a new one for new parents of DC starting Elmhurst in September. My DD received a letter from her guardian angel a couple of days ago. She is so excited! We all can't wait until the induction day. The lovely girl currently in Y7 sent a couple of little presents for my DD as well, and her mum's email address so I can contact her with all my questions. Such a lovely idea :-) At the moment my DD is growing like mad so not sure if I should buy her uniform on the induction day or wait until after summer. I'm looking forward to meeting the other balletco parents on 13th :-)
  12. Hi Does my DD need to be on pointe before she auditions for lower school ? Also do they have to have a certain level of RAD grades achieved ? Thanks
  13. Hi. I have posted here before (and on another forum) but it sometimes feels like everything changes but nothing changes... Short story: my daughter is 11 and would like to go to vocational dance school. Her dance teacher is supportive of this, but says she feels she isn't ready yet - specifically she feels she needs to work more on flexibility and to mature emotionally a bit more. Both reasonable points. So we are hoping to look for entry in Year 9, and to spend time preparing in the year and a half before auditions for that. However, the amount of ballet my daughter does fluctuates wildly. She actually dances (temporarily) at two schools - one of which is her academic school (2 lessons a week), and one her dance school (one ballet lesson a week). She will be leaving her academic school at the end of next month, and will not be carrying on lessons with that teacher, as her dance teacher prefers girls to commit to only one teacher, but made an exception because her other lessons were in school. So she will be down to one lesson a week with her dance teacher. Now, I have mentioned this is a concern to her teacher, who has previously offered her private lessons. Which is fine (apart form the cost!) except they keep being cancelled. I think she has had about 4 lessons altogether since they officially started in January. Either her teacher is ill (she has had serious health issues recently, bless her) or the school is preparing for festivals/exams etc and my daughter's private lesson is squeezed out. Even if it ran consistently, I don't feel 2 ballet lessons a week are really enough for her to reach the standard she will need. Now, the teacher has intimated that she may (after this round of exams at the beginning of July) be allowed to join extra classes taught in the school. However, I really wanted some advice about what to ask for in general. I know the plan is that her class are taking ISTD Grade 2 in July (they are very behind - mostly due to aforementioned ill health and stuff) and will go on to Grade 3 and take that by Christmas. Presumably while this happens they will have 2 lessons a week. (As it happens daughter will take her Grade 3 RAD in June with her academic school). As far as I can gather there is no Grade class directly above them - the Grade 4's and 5's are also taking their exams this July, so will become Grade 5 and 6. This means there will not be a Grade 4 class for my daughter to join as an extra class, she will have to either join a grade which is 2 above hers or the grade below hers. The teacher has also previously said that the body conditioning type classes are "for seniors" so I have my doubts about daughter being allowed to join them either. So I guess, what I am asking is, do you think it would be helpful for her to join lessons in a grade below her current grade? Or 2 grades above? Or to push for being allowed entry into the seniors (some of whom are only 1 year older) body conditioning class. How much ballet should she be doing? I am at the stage of becoming a little "you make an effort to offer what we want or we will find someone who does" about it, not least because the teacher at the academic school runs her own ballet only school and has offered my daughter free lessons in the short term and certainly as many lessons a week as she wants in the longer term. And yet, daughter has danced with her actual dance teacher for much MUCH longer, and she is a good teacher and we do feel some loyalty to her. So I would prefer to be able to ask for something reasonable from her current dance school than move her. Congratulations if you follow all that - I am not sure I do!
  14. Anyone in the forum know of boys starting Elmhurst Lower school in September?
  15. I too am starting to think about next year for my dd - (even though we are not sure if dd would be better to wait till year 11!) there are lots of pages already about auditions at different schools but I was wondering about people's experiences at these schools that are current? My dd is very academic also and I guess I'm wondering whether there is much difference between the obvious schools available, do any focus more on dance than academics, any more on classical ballet than others? Anyone who has recently trawled around these schools I would greatly appreciate any advice, many thanks (dd would not be starting as a year 7)
  16. DD has scholarship call backs on the 23rd. Not knowing anything whatsoever about this crazy world I would like a little bit of insight please! Does anyone know how many are usually called back to this stage? What is the scholarship/ bursary rates? I notice there is a musical theatre component (not DDs strongest at all!). Do they have to be an all rounder to get bursaries/scholarship?
  17. My DD has amazingly been offered final auditions for Tring and Elmhurst (still waiting to hear form RBS) - year 7. I just wondered if anyone knew what the second round auditions consisted of - are they much harder? Any help would be fantastic as I don't know anyone who has gone to ballet school before.
  18. DD has started talking about maybe looking at vocational school for her senior years. I've no idea where or when to look at this, with the exception of Tring - for which we are booked in for the open day in May. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  19. Hy everybody, I need your precious help please!! My DD applied for full time training audition at White Lodge for year 8. In the application form we asked for London venue, so I suppose the audition date will be the 18th of january, according to their website. Once I sent the application, I received a confirmation email saying that further information will be send two weeks prior the audition. As we are travelling from Italy, we need to book international flights and I'm afraid that a last minute booking can be much more expensive. So I would like to know from someone who auditioned in the past: do I have to arrive in London the day before? What about departure (from London)? When do auditions finish? Do I have to stay overnight on the 18th as well? Thanks for helping!....You all know that this will not be the first and last question, don't you?!!!
  20. DD auditioned for Hammond on Monday and we have had an offer of a place today. So pleased and can't believe how quickly we have heard!
  21. DD has a couple of junior auditions coming up. Any suggestions on what she should wear? She's desperate to wear tights but I'm not convinced. Should she wear a belt with her leotard? And assume a criss cross strap leotard not good either? Thanks!
  22. Not sure if this is the done thing but we have just accepted MDS offer for Hammond and wondering if any Year 7's would like to get in touch so the kids can link up before hand. Thought it would be beneficial for them - particularly if boarding.
  23. http://www.royalballetschool.org.uk/2014/06/congratulations-year-11-graduates/ RBS have just announced that 29 dancers have graduated this year with 20 of them continuing their training at RBS Upper School. This is many more than in recent years! The announcement also says that the others will continue their training at other prestigious establishments. Well done everyone!
  24. hi all, im new to all this as ive always been reluctant to allow my daughter to put herself through auditions. however, through the recommendation of her dance teacher, she auditioned for the hammond lower school on the 3rd of march. still awaiting the results and i must admit, my nerves are in bits, lol. anyone had the same audition and has received results? i'll add that i did email them yesterday and got a reply saying 'the results were sent out on 1st class posts on friday'. its tuesday now, my postman has been and theres nothing. not looking good i know
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