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Found 14 results

  1. Hi I am wondering how much studio time DC have each week and whether all are in associates/scholar's schemes? DS (11) currently dances at a BBO school and does 1.5hours Grade ballet plus 1 hour of boys ballet a week, plus 2 hours of Jazz/Modern and 1 hour of tap each week. He also attends BBO Scholars for 3 hours of ballet once a month and attends the Scholar's intensive weekend and will be attending Dance Days next week. After hearing about his unsuccessful final audition for Yr 7 at Elmhurst DS's ballet teacher has offered more ballet, but I don't know in what capacity - ideally she would put him in the class above and below him as she does this with some students - but I suspect after he does his grade 3 exam at the end of April they will begin working on a show and standard grade classes are put aside until after the show which will likely be in October. I don't know if this is enough if he is hoping to re-audition next year. His dance teacher is happy for him to audition for RBS associates and BBO scholars and I think she will support YDS but she has had students attend NB in the past and doesn't recommend it. She also doesn't like pushing them too much at this age as in her 50years of teaching she says she's seen to many children burn out and lose their love for dance. I cannot fault the standard of teaching, he gained a very high distinction in his last exam and most students in her school achieve at least a high-merit and I know she is highly thought of within the BBO but is what he is doing enough?
  2. Can anyone advise me how many hours of actual dance per week (as oppose to academic studies) upper school students have at Tring, Hammond, Laines, Ballet West, Rambert and KS Dance? Thanks!
  3. Our little girl is 8 years old and has recently started to train with the Royal Ballet junior associates. She is training with RBS for 2 hours most weeks. It is the training outside of this time that is worrying me. We removed her from a dance school that insisted that she should be doing RAD interfoundation syllabus at 7 and that she was nearly ready to go en pointe!!. Their attitude was do the classes or go. The dance school she is in now is quite low key and has only just opened and her training has gone down from 5 hours a week to 1 and a half a week. She thrived whilst doing the 5 hours a week and now going to class can seem bored!! She loves the RBS classes but says she spends time waiting around for the other children to catch up at her usual dance class. Advice please, should i move her again or not. Is the hour and a half a week enough for her to stay up to speed with the RBS class? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Morning all, Sorry could not think of an appropriate Topic title. I am interested to know how many hours other children are spending in the studio for those that attend a regular academic school. Especially teenagers around and about 14/15 years. With SS applications looming and then future Vocational school consideration I just wasn't too sure if there was such thing as an average. Either pure ballet or other genres. Not sure If my DD is 'up to speed' with her counterparts as we live in a very small community and get wrapped up within that close bubble of her friends either from her school or studio to compare with. Hope that all makes some kind of sense. Would love to hear from anyone either of that age and those that were successful at their auditions for vocational upper school. Schools appear to request certain RAD grades but no reference to the hours of training per week preferred Thank you
  5. My dd1, 13, has just had her schedule through for September. If she does every class she is eligible for (which she will) her hours at the studio, before group rehearsals/privates, will be almost 20hours a week. How does this compare with others? She is advanced foundation ballet, inter foundation modern and grade 6 tap, also does song and dance, contemporary, jazz, Greek and body conditioning.
  6. At the moment my dd is in year 5 at school (she is ten this month) and she loves dance, especially ballet. Next month she is doing her Grade 4 ISTD modern, last month she did her Grade 4 ISTD ballet and in September she is doing her Grade 4 ISTD tap and ISTD bronze jazz. Her weekly timetable looks like this for this half term (Summer 2nd) Monday: 4-5.15=Grade 5 ballet 5.15-6.15=Grade 4 modern 6.15-7.15=Grade 4 tap Tuesday: 5-6.15=Non-syllabus ballet 6.15-7=Musical Theatre 7-8=Bronze jazz Thursday: 4-5=Grade 5 ballet 5-6=Grade 4 modern 6.30-7.30=Grade 4 tap 7.30-8.30=Bronze jazz Saturday: 1-2=Grade 5 ballet 2-2.45=Grade 4 tap 2.45-3.30=Musical Theatre 3.30-4.15=Grade 4 modern 4.15-5=Bronze Jazz Do you think this is enough dance and good enough grades for my dd to get into a vocational ballet school for yr 7?
  7. Lilac


    Is there anywhere or anyone who will provide neutral advice to dance parents? We will be aiming for our DD to audition for vocational school in two years, and our not sure whether our local dance school offers all the best preparation. It is quite small so she only gets 3 - 4 hours a week there, whereas I am concerned that others get a lot more. The focus is very much on festivals and medal winners, whereas I would prefer a few more exams and more pointe work etc. just wondered if I could check this out anywhere as obviously the next 2 years are crucial and a time when we will need lots of help and advice! Thanks
  8. My DD is 12 and loves ballet!! (She would like to be a profession ballerina in the Royal ballet) but I am a bit worried as she has had two NOs from LCBs productions and a no from RBS JA class. I am not sure whether her training is affecting this. She does 1 grade 4 ballet class (1 hour) 1 grade 5 ballet class (1 hour) 1 extra ballet class (1 hour) which her school call intermediate scholarship 1 non-syllabus jazz class 1 grade 4 modern class 1 grade 3 tap class. - all these classes are with the imperial ISTD syllabus This means she is only doing 3 ballet classes a week! Is this enough of she wants to go to RBS WL in year 9?? We are also auditioning for LJB associates however if we receive a NO from the audition she will have not received any YESs and will still be doing only three ballet lessons a week? I am not sure what to do as 3 hours of ballet a week for a twelve year old doesn't seem like much, does anybody have any advice??
  9. Hi. I have posted here before (and on another forum) but it sometimes feels like everything changes but nothing changes... Short story: my daughter is 11 and would like to go to vocational dance school. Her dance teacher is supportive of this, but says she feels she isn't ready yet - specifically she feels she needs to work more on flexibility and to mature emotionally a bit more. Both reasonable points. So we are hoping to look for entry in Year 9, and to spend time preparing in the year and a half before auditions for that. However, the amount of ballet my daughter does fluctuates wildly. She actually dances (temporarily) at two schools - one of which is her academic school (2 lessons a week), and one her dance school (one ballet lesson a week). She will be leaving her academic school at the end of next month, and will not be carrying on lessons with that teacher, as her dance teacher prefers girls to commit to only one teacher, but made an exception because her other lessons were in school. So she will be down to one lesson a week with her dance teacher. Now, I have mentioned this is a concern to her teacher, who has previously offered her private lessons. Which is fine (apart form the cost!) except they keep being cancelled. I think she has had about 4 lessons altogether since they officially started in January. Either her teacher is ill (she has had serious health issues recently, bless her) or the school is preparing for festivals/exams etc and my daughter's private lesson is squeezed out. Even if it ran consistently, I don't feel 2 ballet lessons a week are really enough for her to reach the standard she will need. Now, the teacher has intimated that she may (after this round of exams at the beginning of July) be allowed to join extra classes taught in the school. However, I really wanted some advice about what to ask for in general. I know the plan is that her class are taking ISTD Grade 2 in July (they are very behind - mostly due to aforementioned ill health and stuff) and will go on to Grade 3 and take that by Christmas. Presumably while this happens they will have 2 lessons a week. (As it happens daughter will take her Grade 3 RAD in June with her academic school). As far as I can gather there is no Grade class directly above them - the Grade 4's and 5's are also taking their exams this July, so will become Grade 5 and 6. This means there will not be a Grade 4 class for my daughter to join as an extra class, she will have to either join a grade which is 2 above hers or the grade below hers. The teacher has also previously said that the body conditioning type classes are "for seniors" so I have my doubts about daughter being allowed to join them either. So I guess, what I am asking is, do you think it would be helpful for her to join lessons in a grade below her current grade? Or 2 grades above? Or to push for being allowed entry into the seniors (some of whom are only 1 year older) body conditioning class. How much ballet should she be doing? I am at the stage of becoming a little "you make an effort to offer what we want or we will find someone who does" about it, not least because the teacher at the academic school runs her own ballet only school and has offered my daughter free lessons in the short term and certainly as many lessons a week as she wants in the longer term. And yet, daughter has danced with her actual dance teacher for much MUCH longer, and she is a good teacher and we do feel some loyalty to her. So I would prefer to be able to ask for something reasonable from her current dance school than move her. Congratulations if you follow all that - I am not sure I do!
  10. I had such brilliant advice about summer schools, that I thought I'd post about another dance conundrum that's just come up. Again, I'm coming from a position of complete ignorance about ballet and dance in general. My dd is 6, and currently does 1.5 hours of Grade 1 each week. Her ballet teacher has suggested that she (and a few others from her Grade 1 class) should do a Grade 2 class as well. The idea is to make sure that they would be ready for auditions, if they progressed sufficiently, in a couple of years. I have no desire at all for her to be a professional ballerina (she has different ideas, but I think 6 is too young to know and anyway, I suspect genetics is not on her side), and I don't want her to over-strain herself. So I really don't care about being ready for auditions. On the other hand, she loves dancing and really wants to do the extra classes, just because it's more ballet. Would there be any downside for her (I can live with the cost and the logistical hassle for me) doing this?
  11. This is a question which has arisen from the thread on RAD exams and age. I would be interested for your opinions on how many hours of ballet a week would be the ideal minimum for a 12 year old starting IF and who wants to retain the option of vocational training in the future. I know the answer is as long as a piece of string! !
  12. I take a lot of dance per week (i do modern through my high school 4 days a week and i'm in a contemporary company that rehearses twice a week) but i only take one pure ballet class per week (it's 2 hours long if that matters). My ballet teacher wants me to start pointe this year (i'm 15, by the way, so older then most girls are when they start pointe) but i've heard you need at least 3 or 4 hours of ballet a week to do pointe safely and healthily. do you think my many hours per week of other similar types of dance count towards this? if absolutely necessary i could fit another ballet class into my schedule but it would be very tight and hard to do, especially considering i'm not planning on pursuing ballet as a career, i'm an actress.
  13. I know that at full-time vocational school the days are split between academic work and dance and I was wondering how much time is spent actually dancing over the week, and whether they do any in the evenings/weekends too (for years 10 & 11 in particular). Can anyone help?
  14. Can any one help, I have a 8 year old who is very serious about ballet, and was wondering how many ballet lessons a week she should be having? Thanks
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