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  1. Does anyone know if MIDAS is running a summer school this year?
  2. Hello my name is Nicola Moriarty. I am the principal of Woodside Dance Retreat We have just released an exciting new International Summer School. Edward Watson, Mara Galeazzi, Sarah Wildor and David Yow are the tutors. There are only 12 places to maximise learning and attention. All food is prepared on site and is nutritionally balanced organic and where possible locally produced. As well as 6 days of classes we visit the theatre and have a photo shoot. This is just a brief guide. Kind regards Nicola Moriarty
  3. Is anyone going to this or has been in the past? My daughter is going, she is 14 and we would welcome any tips or info. Thanks
  4. Who is doing Opes first week please?
  5. Hi. I have been looking for a summer dance course for my 12 yr old. I have left it very late so all of the main well known schools are full. We live in the midlands and whilst a residential course is not out of the question we would prefer one that she could get to on a daily basis. She would like to attend one that does a range of dance styles and maybe even some musical theatre but would concider one that is just dedicated to ballet. One of the issues is dates, we need the workshop to be pref mid to late august because of our own holidays. It would be great if any of you experienced parents could recommend a good quality summer course. There are various local ones but to be honest whilst I am sure they are fun they are run by small dance schools and as lovely as they are the standard of teaching isnt great. my daughter wants to have fun but she also wants to be challenged and learn/improve her dance skills. Thanks in advance.
  6. ok may have left it late (!) but its been a whirlwind several months and tons of other things going on anyone know of any summer schools/classes (south east area) that may be running/have spaces (and don't cost the earth!) all looking for recommendations of schools/teachers for regular classes Sept onwards in the Eastbourne and surrounding areas thanks
  7. I was wondering if anyone knows the difficulty of the ybss audition and what you do?? Also do any of you know the odds of getting a scholarship?? Thanks in advance
  8. Lildancer96


    Is anyone doing the Salzberg International ballet summer school or done it before ?
  9. Hello everyone I've left it rather late to apply for Summer Schools this year, (RBS, Yorkshire) but I wondered if anyone had any recommendations that aren't full up? We are in the South East, and my daughter is 10. Any information would be gratefully received. Thank you!
  10. Boston Ballet will be running their wonderful 2-week intensive again this summer. It runs from August 1-12 at their beautiful 5 studio facility in Newton (just outside of Boston). Classes are taught by their expert adult faculty and include technique, variations, repertoire and workshops on specific aspects of technique. In addition, this year there will be a new conditioning program for adults, led by Peter Donohoe, a former Olympian who also works with Boston Ballet Company dancers. Plus a physical therapist will be available onsite. For more information, go to their website: www.bostonballet.org/school They also have their brochure online: https://issuu.com/bo...890441/30000297 You can sign up online too! A great chance to dance for 2 weeks and see a beautiful part of the USA!
  11. Has anyone heard of or been to the Cecchetti summer school that runs at Elmhurst? If so is it any good? My daughter only studies RAD but I thought it might be beneficial to learn from different techniques? Thank you ????
  12. Hi, I hope those that attended the very first Ballet Boost had an amazing time. I was thrilled with the fantastic students we had! Some graduates have even acquired work from it!! Summer Ballet Boost is the week of July 25th at Pineapple and times will be 11am - 5.30 to allow for cheaper travel and sleep! We have the pleasure of Thiago Soares for two full days and will be maintaing our small class sizes with a third group for younger students. Ages this time are 7 to 19. Join us for a happy confidence building environment where each student matters. Other teachers include Rashna Homji - jefferies, ex Royal and Hong Kong Ballet Mistress, Shannon and Peter Parker(Bitter Harvest), Senri Kou (soloist ENB), Kate Lyons (AMP) myself (Ballet Mistress Ballet Black) and others......... I am posting because i have a special offer of 10% off when booked before the end of April emmanorthmore@yahoo.com / 07958 725862 Facebook page - Ballet Boost 'To Inspire is why we teach'
  13. I've been asked by a member of the parallel ballet board in the US, Ballet Talk for Dancers, to let UK people know about a Summer Programme in Prague which she & her husband are organising. The link to the information is here: http://southmsballet.org/summer_program/prague_2016 The organisers tell me that: "it is a top notch program. The dancers that attended last year loved it. Excellent teachers, lots of classes per day, evening programs, a tour of both the Prague castle and another castle outside Prague. Cost of the program is $2,400 USD and includes tuition, housing, two meals per day, excursions on the weekend, and a dinner cruise after the final performance. It also includes transport to and from the airport or train stations, cards for the public transportation within Prague (amazingly efficient!). The rooms are like a suite. Two separate bedrooms, a small sitting room with closets and bathroom and shower. This intensive is for dancers that have studied ballet for a few years, Pointe would be great as we do a lot of pointe, partnering, and variations, but the may be taken in soft shoe. Classes are limited in size with an amazing pianist who plays all ballet technique classes." I think they only take about 15 students in each of the two classes, so there really would be individual tuition. I have no commercial connection to this programme. The main Administrator and Moderator of Ballet Talk for Dancers, Ms Victoria Leigh, suggested that I might put this information on Balletco (and the Mods here have OK'd). Ms Leigh is very supportive of the organisers of this programme, and she is a highly respected teacher and knows quality when she sees it. If you're interested, best to click through the link and contact the US organisers directly.
  14. Unfortunately it's now full. I have put dd's name down on the reserve list. Does anyone know if places do become available based on previous years? Do people sometimes pull out due to other commitments? I think NYB is around the same time, have their results come out yet?
  15. Hi all, I will be teaching a non-residential ballet summer school at Rochelle The Dance School, in Hinckley, Leicestershire, from August 1st to 5th 2016, suitable for dancers working at grade 3+ standard. To register your interest, please email dancingdreams25@gmail.com Thank you! Sophie Richardson (Co-Director, Rochelle Summer School 2016)
  16. Anyone here (or offspring!) going? I hear that they're a bit light on numbers, so if you're thinking about it, others are crossing fingers, hoping it'll go ahead!
  17. I've booked it for my dd's (both of them now) in the summer and my younger dd has been asking what it's like, and what she'll be doing (as in what classes). Does anyone have any experience that I can pass on to her?
  18. Since on the Forum part about Performances and General discussions some forum member voted for the adoption of a badge to be spotted as fellows in the Performance audiences, I would suggest the same badge for Summer Intensives to meet other members-mom-dads. If you agree, please search the tread about this mentioned discussion on Performances seen & general discussions.
  19. Next summer we'll be in Chicago at the beginning of august. Surfing the web, I found the opportunity for my daughter to attend a weekly dance teen camp. They say they will do, for 5 days, 9:00am-12:30pm - Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary. I wonder if anybody here on the forum knows about the Joffrey Academy or has experience with their summer programs. Thanks in advance for your help.
  20. We've had a lot of interest in our Summer School this year, but many people are not available on the dates that we intend to run it. It seems there's a demand for something later in the holidays, so we're considering moving it to either the week of 15th August or the 22nd August. If you would be interested in attending and are available on either of those weeks, then please comment below or get in touch via our website www.catalystdance.co.uk. You can also find out more on our facebook page; Catalyst Dance. Aimed at dancers aged 9 and over, our Summer Session at Broomwood School, SW12, includes classes and workshops in classical ballet, contemporary and jazz dance. Working with our experienced faculty, students will gain a greater insight into these dance forms, including a taste of what to expect when auditioning and performing professionally. Whilst being extremely hard work, and sometimes challenging, our workshops have a friendly and supportive atmosphere. We have over 20 years' experience of training young dancers at both a pre-vocational and vocational level, and understand that an all round approach to a dance student's well being is essential. All our teachers are returning this year along with some more fantastic names: Sam Archer (Contemporary). Sam was chosen by Matthew Bourne to play the title role of Edward Scissorhands, and has worked extensively with his New Adventures company as well as choreographing his own work. Helen Rymer (Jazz Dance). Helen was associate choreographer on Elf the Musical this year in the West End and has numerous other West End and theatre credits to her name, including White Christmas. Andrew Wilson (Ballet). Andrew is Head of Ballet Department at Bird College and was a Principal dancer with Birmingham Royal Ballet. Lucie Pankhurst (Contemporary). Lucie has an extraordinary amount of TV, film, live performance and theatre credits as a choreographer including Horrible Histories, Bad Education (Channel 4) and The National Theatre. Steph Elstob (Ballet). Steph trained at Central School of Ballet and has appeared with Matthew Bourne's New Adventures, Michael Clark Company and has performed at Buckingham Palace with ROH. Nicky Griffiths (Jazz Dance). Nicky trained at Bird College and is currently playing the role of Lorraine in Jersey Boys at the Piccadilly Theatre.
  21. What is Elmhurst summer school like, the standard and how many people are in a class?
  22. Further to the recent events in Brussels, I would like to inform you that, we have made a decision to relocate Brussels D&D Summer Intensive Master-class to Barcelona (BADALONA). The dates (11-21 July) of the Summer Intensive have not changed. Fees of 10 day course will be €990 Ballet Class / Virtuosity / Character / Variations / Acting .... Approx. 4hrs per day. While we are working on updating our website you can always check our Facebook page for updates: http://www.facebook.com/ddstage For registration you can contact me here or send an email to: david@ddartprod.com Advantages: Studios are within minutes walk to the main beach where you can relax after hard work. Many hotels are located nearby. Location of the studios, and hotels as well as surroundings is very safe; on the promenade you will find variety of inexpensive restaurants.
  23. I thought I would mention DS is going to Prague masterclass for both weeks and will be staying with DH (who is/will be filming in and around Prague and thus has a flat there until November). I'm sure DH would be happy to be a local emergency contact if anyone's DK is going and will be there on their own, so do PM me if you would like details...
  24. My daughter is considering this option for summer school this year. She doesn't want a purely ballet focus, so would welcome any opinions/advice from anyone who has experience of this course. Thanks
  25. I've just come across this site and had some questions to ask about it as so far it seems perfect for DD! What age is juniors from? For the juniors, is the ballet class Pilates and rep all in 1 hour? Do you have to audition for the summer school or be part of the associates? Is the training good and worth the money as it seems quite cheap? When is the audition if there is one?How much does it cost a year? Can you chose to do one lesson and not the other? Any other info would be fab! Thanks
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