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  1. There are so many summer school options, how do I know which are the best ones to apply for? My daughter is currently 8 so looking for next year.
  2. Little dd is following in her older sister's footsteps and developing a love of dance. I am looking for a summer dance course for her, can anyone recommend one please? She is 10, Year 5. She does ballet (probably her least favourite though!), tap, modern, jazz and hip-hop. Loves jazz best! She's not a very strong dancer but does enjoy it so I don't want something where it's too professional or she'll be out of her league. She doesn't want to board so has to be within easy reach of London/Herts. Any suggestions please?
  3. Good afternoon! DD decided she wanted to go to OPES, we sent forms off and as far as we know - it is all systems go. She is now worrying/panicing about what she will need to take with her dance wise. I've said I'm sure we'll get a 'kit list' in plenty of time, and as long as we have leotards/tights/shoes that will be fine! However, someone, somewhere has told her she will need to take a tutu and jazz trainers. ( She has the tutu but not jazz trainers as prefers to dance in foot thongs ) PLEASE! does anyone have a kit list from previous years that I can set DDs mind at rest with? ! THANK YOU!
  4. We received a nicely worded email from the Royal Ballet yesterday late afternoon inviting parents to audition their child for Summer School. It came from the Summer School email address not Auditions. Has anyone else received one yesterday afternoon? Not sure why we have one.X
  5. Hi. Could any of you advise please. My DD would like to apply for Elmhurst's lower summer school. We have the application form with the details about the photographs but I cant tell if the drawings are showing girls wearing tights and ballet shoes or bare legs and no shoes. Also any general advice you could give would be very much appreciated. She doesn't have a classic ballet body shape but she is hoping that the summer school wont be as strict and so wants the photographs to show her in her best light. We are doing the photographs ourselves as it isn't a major issue if she doesn't get in as She doesn't hold out much hope but wants to give it a try. Also are there any other residential summer schools that you would recommend not too far from Birmingham. She really wants to have the residential experience. Thank you in advance. Admin sorry if this subject is already covered (I couldn't find it)
  6. Summer School. Highbury. Hello dancers and parents of dancers. When it comes to holiday courses I am of course small fry compared to the 'BIG' schools!! But I am a former BRB dancer, teacher trained by RBS (PDTC) and have over 30 years of teaching and performing experience. I love love love my performance workshop weeks and any chance to perform is invaluable for young dancers! And so if you didn't get offered your dream summer school and are in need of inspiration for this summer then I am here and (I hope!) anyone who has experienced my workshops will tell you you won't regret it We work hard and have fun and parents get to see a wonderful performance at the end of each week. If you would like information about my course do get in touch. All best wishes Sarah x
  7. Help! having been very organised, and booked DD onto a dancing summer school as soon as possible ( and re arranged our holiday to accommodate it! ) I've just had an email to say it has been cancelled due to 'disappointing response' ... ( I have to say I haven't seen any adverts for it anywhere ) DD is going to be devastated, as it was her birthday & Christmas present. She is dancing currently and I am not looking forward to telling her, and so I want so alternatives already 'up my sleeve' Can anyone suggest any summer schools? I've looked at OPES, and I like what I see, but its all ballet although some contemporary. DD would like some musical theatre/jazz ( and tap would be wonderful! ) It would need to be residential too. I did look at ballet west, but sadly they are all before DD breaks up, and she is also away with school. thanks in advance x
  8. Hi Does anyone no what the difference is between the international summer school in prague'and the masterclasses in prague. I am a bit confussed
  9. Has anyone been to this before? 17 year old DS keen to apply. Accommodation appears to be in a hostel quite a way from where they will be dancing. I can ring the school but thought I'd ask on here first ????
  10. Hi, has anyone applied for this summer school? Does anyone have any info on chances of getting in and when they release the results. Thanks
  11. I thought I had decided on which summer school to do, until a kind member suggested OPES! Wow. It looks great to do up to 3 weeks of ballet! In weeks the English school system can do! So, could anybody tell me what OPES is like? RBS is my first choice of course, but I thought I had decided on Moorland. Can anybody tell me what Moorland SS is like too? I feel like I'm going to end up doing a week at Ballet West, a week Moorland and a week OPES, but I doubt my parents would agree! Thank you!
  12. My first time on here! I keep try to find articles on your child wants to be a dancer? and nothing seems to help me. My daughter has been dancing for a few years and really loved jazz and contemporary and was told by her old MT school to take up ballet as this was the core of all dance. I am not a pushy mum and to be honest I am out of my comfort zone around ballet schools. Anyway she loved ballet after years of saying" no way" to classes to "I love it". She's a late starter (started at 11/12 at ballet) and is now 14. She is with a good school and other teachers say she has the potential to get into a small company? but I am now thinking really? I don't want her heartbroken and should she look at maybe a dancer rather than a ballet dancer? and even then she may not get into a full time vocational dance school at 16. She has been wanting to just concentrate on her ballet of late and get the strength and tech strong. I know she only wants this, and really lives for dance. Is it best to start up again other types of dance? or should I just let her do what she wants? Tips please as I am lost at this business!!
  13. I thought it would be great to get as much feedback as possible from all the different summer schools this year, all in one tidy thread! Dd is doing Hammond, York dance assembly, and NBT this year, but would love to try others next year so would be great to hear everyone’s experiences.
  14. Does anyone have any info on this? Asking for a friend who has students in Hong Kong who are looking at doing it. Thank you.
  15. Thinking of Yorkshire summer school, how hard is it to obtain a place ? My DD has only been dancing for two years she is year 6 , and a RBS ja ( hoping to go to vocational school this time around) she isn't as experienced as most but seems to be showing potential , will this be enough to get a place ?
  16. I think Paris Opera Ballet School are doing their first ever summer school from 8-18 July; see link below: http://www.operadeparis.fr/en/L_Opera/L_Ecole_de_Danse/Stage_ete_EcoleDanse/
  17. DD thinking of doing this ! Anyone else know anything about it ? thanks
  18. Can anyone tell me the timings of this course - I know it's 10th -13th April and non-residential, but wondered what times the days start & finish ? Would also appreciate any feedback from anyone having attended this course in the past. Many thanks.
  19. Hi, I was wondering if anyone else have booked their DC/s for the Young Dancers' Academy Easter course this coming April, or if anyone else have had experience of it in the previous years? How did they find it? Amy feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  20. Does anybody know any DC attending this years Easter course at Tring ? My DD is hoping to board but I'm not familiar with how many attend/board and ages etc. Any help will be greatly appreciated before I go ahead and book x
  21. Where on earth to start?! I've been looking through lots of posts but does anyone have any recommendations of courses for half term/Easter and summer please? I need inspiration as my DD is totally undecided! Ideally residential but would consider non of it was a very good course. Note to self....must be more organised next year!
  22. Can anyone recommend any masterclasses or summerschools in the Manchester area. My daughter is 10. Ballet is preferable but she likes all styles!
  23. Hi guys! Quick question... Does anybody have any experience of Central School of Ballet's holiday Intensives (especially the spring/Easter one)? 4 days at Central would cost about the same as 2 days of Dance Forward, so was wondering whether it was good quality. On that note, what about Dance Forward? Thank you
  24. Hello I very sorry if this already been made as a formula! Is there any really good ballet summer schools or Easter course that any of you recommend? Summer schools in England mainly round Birmingham but don't mind travelling to London or anywhere else . One last thing this isn't relevant to this subject but does anyone have any tips to stop a sickle foot (i do theraband stretches ) . Thank you sorry it's really long !
  25. After a break of two years we're delighted to announce that Three Counties Youth Ballet is back! We are relaunching under a slightly different format which will involve a two week summer school in July/August 2017 culminating with performances at Hertford Theatre on Saturday the 5th August. We are delighted to welcome Joseph Sissens, who is currently an Artist with the Royal Ballet Company, to our TCYB family! He will be on the audition panel and will be working closely with the students throughout the process right up to performances. Interested?? Auditions will take place on the 27th of November 2016 so please check out our website for all the details and an application form: www.threecountiesyouthballet.org Or contact us via email: tcyb.company@yahoo.com The closing date for applications is Thursday the 24th November 2016. If you cannot attend the audition on the 27th November 2016 then don't panic as we will be having a second audition on the 5th of February 2017. We look forward to hearing from you! From all of us at TCYB
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