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  1. Deal all, I am looking for affordable accommodation for my 15 year old daughter in London during Central Summer School from 27.7.2014 till 9.8.2014. Can anybody please give us tips or advice? I am also happy for her to stay with a "dancing" family. Thank you.
  2. may seem like a strange question but i have heard back from mds award regarding fees uniform etc heard from stardust but not heard a thing about boarding. i know my dd was a late acceptance and maybe im a bit impatient as trying to get organised which im not good at.
  3. Although this is not for a ballet course, I suspect the problem is the same ... My daughter has been offered a wonderful musical opportunity in Birmingham next week. Only problem is I am still in school for most of the week. She is 16, and a vocational school student, so fairly self reliant. I am wondering if it is possible for her to stay unaccompanied rather than travel 5+ hours per day. Has anyone solved this problem? I know she would have to be 18 to check into most hotels, and even if I checked her in I am not sure if she is allowed to stay on her own. Her brother lives less
  4. Hi all, My DD is due to start post16 at the Hammond in September and we are still looking for accommodation. Does anyone have any recommendations? TIA
  5. Hi ! Are any of you forum members either parents or friends of any of Tring Grad year ? My DS and 2 of his friends require a house or flat ( pref 3 bedroom ) from Sept . If anyone knows one coming up please PM me . Landlords seem reluctant to allow sharing students - I can't think why !!!!!! Many thanks Tutugirl
  6. A room for next year has become available in a Twickenham flat share with three current Rambert students. The flat is in a great area, 15/20 minutes walk from school and two minutes from the station, river and shops. Please contact me by private message for further information if you know of anyone who may be interested!
  7. This wonderful forum has helped me so much in the past so I was wandering if anyone has any tips for places to stay near LCB offices, Ladbroke Grove area of London. My DD is on the February tour and as we don't live in London I was thinking it would be best to stay up there for the tour rather than travel daily. Any recommendations or general hints or tips about the tour would be welcome! Thank you in advance.
  8. Hello, i have searched for info but cant find it so apologies if this post is in the wrong place. Does anyone have any experience of where the students live when they attend ENBS or Central. My DS wants to audition for both (almost out of time for central so need to get a move on!!) but i am concerned about living arrangements as he will only just be 16. Does anyone know anything. Thank you
  9. No matter how many times I do my sums , even with funding I simply cannot afford the accommodation fees for upper schools, I'm totally gutted and feel like I've let my DD down. I fact I have not even told her yet and we have already sent some upper school application forms off and have audition dates. How on earth am I going to tell her ? I feel like I've just been swept away with it all and buried my head for the past couple of years.
  10. Evening all! Audition Manchester (Royal) - anyone know where they are held (area) and does any one have any recommendations of hotels/b&b's in that local area Same again with Elmhurst - any recommendations of hotels / B&B close to Elmhurst needs to be fairly cheap and reasonable prices considering driving thank you muchly
  11. DD is performing in London Coliseum this Dec/Jan. We live too far away to travel to London on a daily basis. Struggling to sort accommodation. Tried Airbnb, various hotels & serviced apartments. Any advice or suggestions would be very welcome. ????
  12. Hey there my name is Daniel, I am 18 years old, and I am going to be training with Pacific Northwest Ballet in level VIII, in July. They did not provide me with housing, so if anyone can help me find a host family I can stay with please contact me. The summer program is from July 6th- August 7th. I have been dancing for almost 9 years, most of my time at Oregon Ballet Theatre, and a year at San Francisco Ballet. I am minimalist when it comes to belongings, and I am usually very quiet, and cleanly. I like to spend time with my friends, so usually I am not around. I will be spending all of my d
  13. Hi all, Please PM me if you are looking for landlady accommodation in Chester starting this Sept. DD and I are moving up there.....long story............. and I may be able to help. Trudi
  14. I'll be moving to London in september, and wonder what kind of different options there are according to accommodation. The school is in Battersea, but I do not mind traveling a bit.
  15. Hi my dd will be attending rambert for a week soon, could anyone tell me what hotels or apartments are near to stay, or walking distant
  16. I'm looking for some advice on this please. We were unable to attend the Central open day, and although a pack is coming, that will be in a little while. DD is 16 and living away from home for the first time - where do most of the Central students stay x
  17. I am looking for a host home for my DD from Sept whilst she attends Tring but doesn't live in. Can anyone help with contacts. Have exhausted the schools small list.
  18. Isaac who is a student at Ballet West is performing in Matthews Bourne's Lord of the Flies in Glasgow. He is desperately looking to stay somewhere for a couple of nights while in rehearsals. Can anyone help please. He is a lovely lad. Between 31st May to 15th June
  19. Hi all - My DD is attending this course in February. Due to work commitments I am unable to accompany her and so am looking for accommodation options. If anyone has a DD going who would like to share accommodation or if you are London based with a room available please send me a PM. Many thanks
  20. Apologies for asking your advice re a non-dancing DD, but I'm looking for safe and affordable accommodation in the N19 area of London (near Archway tube station) for half term week for an under 18 year old, and I know that some of you will have wrestled with this kind of problem for DDs attending courses. Lots of hostels don't allow under 18s on their own (understandably) and I can't really afford to take the whole family up to London for a week. If anyone has any ideas, I'd be very grateful! I have developed a huge respect for the resourcefulness and commonsense of Doing Dance parents, and I'
  21. Hi I would like to attend a 2 week summer school in London however it is non residential. I was wondering as mum and I would have to stay down there for the full 2 weeks if anybody has any suggestions for accommodation? Thanks.
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