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  1. Thank you everyone for your replies. It's really helped, looks like I won't be auditioning after all then because as some of you said 3 days is a lot. The problem is though all of the performances are too far from where I live so looks like I won't ever get a chance... But thank you all very much
  2. I want to audition for the English youth ballet in June. Of course, I haven't auditioned yet so I don't know if I will get in but if I did, I have the problem of the fact that I will be away for 3 of the 5 day rehearsals in August. Would that be allowed? Also, I was wondering for the 'casting and press photo' day, how do they pick the parts? Is it dependent on the audition or do they do another type of audition? Any help would be appreciated
  3. I think I good lesson would include things like sight reading maybe, I don't know if they expect site reading or not...?
  4. After researching I found it a very good associate scheme. Do you know if the audition is very serious? Is there a good chance of getting in? Any infomation would be very appreciated!
  5. I would love to take part! I cannot sing at all but there are places I am planning on auditioning to that require singing. This is such a good idea! 14+ would be good and I would say best time is in the summer term, July/June time because poeple go away for the summer and in september some places already start auditions..
  6. Going on pointe from a young age can damage the way that your bones grow. Professional ballerinas get broken bones sometimes because their bones aren't strong enough because they haven't finished growing yet. I would say 11/12 would be ok for pointe but only if your daughter is comfortable and does different exercises to strenthen the anckles first. It is so unbelievably easy to just bend your foot one way and break it while on pointe.
  7. I am not sure if this is answering your question. Exercises that help strengthen anckles for pointe will be useful. So pointe can only be useful in strenghtening ways. However, I think she should only go en pointe after visiting a physiotherapist, pointe may cause damage to the anckles as well, especially if you have problems with them. I know someone that has problems with her feet, she has been doing ballet from a young age and wants to go on pointe, he teacher has let her as well. But, her physiotherapist told her that going on pointe for her will not be possible because of the way her feet are built. She is very keen and still carries on going to the therapist to strengthen her anckles as she wants to go on pointe. She told me that she believes they are helping a lot, she may be ready to go on pointe soon after the sessions. Try exercises for strenthening rather than going on pointe. Take one of those thick elastics found at gyms, pull it against feet and try gentle pointing. I do not have problems with my feet but I believe this reallly helps with strenthening. I also think 10 may be a much too young age to go on pointe. Her body is still growing, damaging the anckles will be very easy. A profesional ballerina I know has recently broken her anckles from pointe work and she is 22! After visiting a physiotherapist, I suggest it is your daughter who decides what she would like to do and what she would feel comfortable with. I enjoy pointe classes very much, the most important t hing to remember is doing what you feel comfortable with! I'm not sure if I have answered your question but I hope I have helped in some way :-)
  8. I am very interested in performing. I have researched Regional Youth Ballet but there is not a lot of information. Two Left Feet, how did you find out about it?
  9. I was thinking about auditioning for Hammond next year. I only do ballet, 3 hours a week and I'm scared that I will be up against people who dance a lot more than me. I love dancing so much and I know I can be very good when I get the chance to show off about it. This has actually been proven by many dance shows. As I may not have as much experience in dance as other people I am scared I will be outlined. Is there anything hammond really like to look for in pupils?
  10. I will Thank you for all your help
  11. Thank you:) I have had a look at the website and all these different schemes look really good! I will have a proper look through them during my easter holidays and start applying. I would consider moving but her teaching technique is really good, better than other dance schools that I have been to. Thank you so much for caring! You have helped me soo much
  12. Thank you Spannerandpony. Yes I am in the UK, I will investigate the link that you have sent to me. I would maybe consider moving but I love the school so much and I am studying GCSEs therefore it will interupt my education by moving...
  13. Thank you Sophika9899:) I will defaintly do that! Thank you all of you for taking your time to help me
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